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Story: My December

Plot: After a one night stand with the love of his life Harry runs from the spotlights for four years but what secrets did he take with him? Slight n/c, Lemon, m-preg, humor, angst, true love,...and one kick ass kid

Chapter 1: One Night Nothing More

In a tower far away from the rest of the celebrating students sat a boy. A simple green eyed boy with messy hair and a scar that made him not so simple. The scar made him desiriable by females and males alike. The scar had once made him a marked man now it meant he was a hero. The moment the dark lord fell he was free at least that's what he tried to convince himself. Harry wasn't free he could love who he choosed because the world would look down upon him. He didn't mind but he was never going to be married. Never have children. Even though this is the wizarding world they have yet to find a way to make males pregnant and how Harry wanted a child, but the only one he wanted a child with was out of his reach and after all Draco was male too.

The rain that fell outside the owlery window echoed Harry's mood perfectly. The lightening flashed outside sending light over the tear staind face of the world's savior. Harry continued to cry but refused to make a sound. It was his pain that meant his to bear alone. The war was over and the Malfoy's turned out to be spys for the Order so were therefore realised from punishment. Harry was happy for them really that meant Draco could get married and have the heir his father so despretely wants. Harry was alone his friends no longer cared. Ron was still pissed off at him for going to help Draco during the war. The red head had asked Harry what the hell was wrong with him for saving a muggle hating death eater. He never wanted to believe that the Malfoys were good that it was all an act to keep the Dark Lord guessing.

So now he sat alone friendless since Hermoine followed Ron like a lost puppy ever since he saved her from a death eater. He had gone so far as to call Harry and attention seeking backstabber. Sure he was the hero but he was also a murderer now. Harry knew by tommorow all would be okay again since he heard Hermoine talking to Ron about it. Ron had agreed but that tonight was for them only that tomorrow Harry, Hermoin and him would leave the school the way they came together. Harry sighed as more tears fell. The scar was a curse for him now it was just a reminder of everything he had lost. His parents, his godfather, his mentor, and Remus as well. So many more people were lost but he didn't want to think. This was meant to be a happy time, but why did he feel so horrible.

"Because I lived. Where so many others died." A sob tore from Harry as the tears fell faster down his bruised cheeks. He never heard the door open behind him nor did he hear the footsteps coming towards him, but he did feel when the person grabbed him from behind and push him into the wall. He paniced and tried to push the other away with no luck. Harry tried to be brave and fight but soon gave up completely. He slumped against the figure that held him and closed his eyes. He could feel the other's erection poking his clothed ass.

"Harry?" Harry's eyes snapped open.

"Draco?" The figure turned Harry to face him. Silver eyes looked down at him lust and something else echoing back. "Why aren't you downstairs with everyone else? Why aren't you down there with Pansy?" Draco shivered.

"I don't want to be down there. What I wants up here. So why aren't you down there with the other two parts of your little trio?" Harry sniffed.

"Tonight they wanted each other. Plus Ron's still mad at me protecting you." Draco smiled as he wiped away Harry's tears.

"Well maybe we should take a leaf out of their book. You know we can't be together but for right now we can be. While everyone is downstairs dancing, while my arranged future wife is being the slut she is, we can stay here like this if you like. Just for right now cause that's all we have is right now, or I can go back downstairs and pretend to enjoy the company of the two biggest whores this school will ever meet." Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's waist quickly.

"Please don't leave me yet. Please stay." Draco pulled Harry closer to him.

"For tonight then." Harry nodded though tears still welled up in his green eyes making them shine in the darkness of the room. Draco leaned down and kissed the others lips softly at first before pushing the kiss a little futher. Soon Harry had his arms wrapped around Draco's neck eyes closed tightly as the two fought for dominace Draco winning easily. Draco pulled back much to the dissappionment to the green eyed boy who let out a wimper which turned quickly into a moan as the other bit at his neck leaving a small mark.

Draco trailed kisses down the boy's neck back up to his ear. He bit his ear lightly before wispearing," How far do you want this to go, Harry?" The other closed his eyes and opened them slowly to look into silver eyes.

"I want all of you, Draco. I want you to be the first person I ever have sex with." 'And the last.' Harry thought.

"You know this will make it harder for us to walk away from each other." He placed a hand on Harry's cheek.

"I know but I want this afterall I'll never have another chance." Tears fell once again as he closed his eyes. He didn't want to see Draco that would make it seem more real. It would haunt him in his lonely nights to come. Memories of a face drawn up in pleasure would hurt him more then just the memory of what he felt. It would be for the best if he didn't see Draco at all.

"Harry look at me." Harry shook his head.

"I can't please, Dray. Please just do this." Draco sighed as he ran his hand over Harry's chest.

"Why won't you look at me?" Harry let out a sob.

"Because if I look at you then I'll remember what you looked like. It's better if I just have my own memory of how I felt then it won't hurt as much." Draco kissed the boy's tears off of his cheeks.

"Harry there'll be other people for you to sleep with and one day you might get married and have children. That's all this is about otherwise I would drop Pansy like a ton of rocks and be with you but I need an heir to take over everything when I'm gone. It's for the best one day you won't even remember me. You'll have someone who can always be there for you. Someone who can love you without problems." Harry merely nodded but still never opened his eyes. What Draco didn't know was that Harry would never love another and he would never marry or sleep with anyone he did not love.This was to be his first and only time he would let his body feel pleasure made by someone other then himself.

"Dray, I need you please. It's just for tonight afterall." Draco looked at the still closed eyes that continued to leak tears. He wispeared a spell that vanished the boys' clothes. Harry sighed and laid his head against Draco's shoulder while the other picked Harry up by the thighs. He wispeared another spell that covered his hand with lube. He traced around Harry's entrance before pushing the digit in to the second knuckle. "Draco!" Harry bit at the blonde's shoulder to keep his screams in. It hurt but he would bare any pain for this one chance.

"Does it hurt, Harry?" Harry nodded against his shoulder. "Do you want me to stop?" Harry shook his head quickly.

"I...I can handle it." Draco nodded as he pushed another finger in. Harry's grip on his back increased as he nerely cut into the skin. Draco sighed and pulled his finger out before pushing them back into the willing boy. Though Draco would never say it outloud he wanted nothing more then to make all the pain Harry ever felt go away. He knew he would only cause more and that's the only reason he was going to marry Pansy. Harry would find someone else who could love him. Someone Harry could have children with. Draco knew Harry wanted children more then anything. He wanted to raise a child. A child that he could hold and tell stories too. A child that could come to him at night when it was thundering outside.

Draco knew all this and that is why he had to let him go. Males couldn't have children or there would be no problem but a child was the one thing Draco couldn't give Harry and it broke his heart. He wanted to be with Harry no doubt but also wanted Harry to have everything he ever dreamed of, but tonight gave him the chance to be the first to ever love Harry. The first to ever take him in the most private ways. To show him pleasure he had never known before. This was for Draco and Draco only and this made him happy. Gave him the strength to let go even though his heart would hold on twice as hard.

Draco continued to streach Harry while the boy moaned into his ear. This made Draco happy. This is what he would give up everything for. To have Harry forever. To be able to love him but Harry had already given up to much due to the war. So Draco would settle for this. Soon Harry was begging for more. He wanted Draco not his fingers. "Draco, need you...ah...now." Draco smiled at the boy.

"Whatever you want." He pulled his fingers away and mummered the same spell he had used eariler and coated the lube onto himself. "Ready?" Harry nodded his head leaning back against the wall.

"Please Dray. Now!" Draco pushed in easily breeching the tight ring of muscles. Harry let out a long moan that Draco contributed to. "Gahh Draco. Move please." Draco smiled again at the boy. He pulled out slowly before ramming back into his one night lover. Harry cried out in passion as Draco stroked against his sweet spot. Harry was in his own little heaven though he didn't see anything the pleasure that ran through his veins would be enough for him. As long as he had his memories of this night he would never feel so alone. Harry listened to Draco's pants as he thrusted into him time and time again.

Harry true to his word kept his eyes shut but the sounds alone made him hard. "Harry are you...uh...okay?" Harry nodded and pulled Draco closer to him.

"Draco!" Harry kissed his lips as he came all over Draco's chest. Draco thrusted a few more times before coming deep inside of Harry. Harry laid his head on Draco's shoulder again as the two caught their breath. The two stayed like that for a few mintues or hours neither one knew and neither one cared. It wasn't until they heard movement downstairs indicating that the party was over. Voices called Draco's name and Harry sighed. He didn't want him to leave because when he did Harry would never have him again but nothing ever went Harry's way.

"You should go." He kept his eyes shut as Draco pulled out of him and returned their clothes. Tears started again in Harry's eyes as Draco set him down gently.

He kissed Harry for the last time and wispeared, "I love you." When Harry looked up Draco was gone. This was the end. Draco left and Harry cried. Harry stayed where he was falling asleep against the stone wall. No one looked for him until the next morning. Hermoine found Harry snoring lightly his head resting on the hard stone of the window ledge.

"Oh Harry. Harry wake up it's time for breakfast. Harry." She shook Harry lightly. The boy blink slowly before looking up at his bushy haired friend.

"Hermoine?" She nodded.

"Come on Harry. Breafast. We have to hurry we leave right after." Harry nodded and stood his joints popping as he stood. They walked quickly down the stairs and reached the Great Hall. They entered for the last time and sat beside Ron at the Gryfinndor table. The Headmistress spoke a few words but Harry didn't notice. He had to get out of there soon. Everyone stood and made their way towards the entrance. Harry walked with Ron and Hermoine.

"Uh oh here comes Malfoy." Harry kept his head down. "What do you want Malfoy?" Draco stopped before the group and sighed.

"I wanted to apologize to all of you but manily to Harry." Ron blinked as well as Hermoine but Harry continued to look at the ground.

"Harry?" Hermoine started. Harry sighed.

"We don't need your apologies Malfoy." Draco looked at Harry sadly who looked up and glared at him. Harry walked off bumping into Draco purposly. Hermoine and Ron followed closely behind him. Draco sighed saddly and watched as Harry walked away. Harry looked behind him tears in his eyes as Draco was pulled away by Pansy. He continued to look at Harry who looked at him. Harry looked at him saddly before turning away. Pain and regret swollowed his heart and he never saw Draco on the train or after they got off. As soon as Hermoine and Ron left with Molly Harr was alone but he didn't feel so alone anymore.

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