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Chapter 23: You've got the magic, You're leaving me Breathless

The darkness surrounded Harry, but this was different from before. Warmth spred through his body. He was free. No more Ron, no more maddness. He was finally free of everything. "Daddy?" Harry opened his eyes. Before him stood his angel. Silver hair glowing around her pale face, her green eyes glistening like jewels. His Holly. She stood before him, small angelic wings extending from her back, an angel now in ever sense of the word.

"Holly?" She nodded.

"I've missed you." She touched his cheek softly. "I wish you could stay."

"Why can't I?" Harry whispered as he touched the small hand at his cheek. He missed her gental touch. He missed the way she'd scold him on table manners. He missed everything about her.

"Daddy needs you. Sophie needs you." Harry looked up to her face once more.

"What about you, Holly?" She shook her head and giggled.

"Hermoine is here. So is Grandpa and Grandma. I'm safe here. Nothing can hurt me. I can wait to see you again. You and Daddy. One day we'll meet again, but for now he's calling you." A small whisper flled the air around them. The words to soft to be heard.

"Holly?" She looked at him.

"Yes?" Harry sighed and pulled her to him.

"You would have been good enough a thousand times over. He would have loved everything about you. More then he does now. You would have been his everything." Holly snuggled deeper into Harry's arm. Small little tears fell on Harry's arms.

"I know. I'll miss you terribly." Harry placed his head ontop of Holly's.

"I'll think of you every second of the day. You always were my angel. I love you, Holly." Harry kissed the top of her head.

"I love you too, Daddy." A small breeze blew past them. "You have to go now. Tell him I love him. Please Daddy. And tell Ember I said hi." Harry nodded as he slowly let her go. Holly placed a small kiss to the side of his cheek. "Bye bye Daddy."

"Bye bye, Holly." Harry closed his eyes. The cold rushed through his body once more as life was pushed into him.

"Harry! Please Harry be ok." Tears fell softly on his cheeks. He felt weak from the magic he had released on Ron. He was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

"Shush now, Draco. Sleepy time for Harry." He mummbled. The sobs stopped.

"Harry?" Harry smiled as he opened his eyes. Draco looked down upon him. His eyes were bloodshot, and tears slid down his face. "Are you ok?"

"Sure. Wait..... no. Define ok for me really quick." Draco smiled as he touch Harry's face.

"You're alive." He whispered.

"Oh so that's what that breathing is. Thought I was a blow up doll for a moment." Draco snorted as a smirk spread slowly across his face.

"We should get you cleaned up." Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe I wanna stay dirty." He retorted.

"But you're going to a wedding." Draco whispered as he sat Harry's up against the wall.

Confusion spred across Harry's face. "Whose?" He whispered.

"Yours." Harry looked at him.

"But I'm not getting married. He's dead. I mean he is isn't he." Harry felt panic and anger rush through him.

"Yes. He's gone. You got him good." Draco whispered in a rush.

"Then who." Harry looked at Draco a small rush of hope spread through him.

"Harry?" Draco got onto one knee and pulled out a small box. He flicked it open and inside was a silver band with a dark green emerald in the center. Simple yet elegant. Harry looked up into Draco's eyes. "Will you marry me.?"

Harry felt his heart pounding in his ears as he flung his arms around Draco and pulled the blonde into a deep kiss. "Is that a yes?"

"A million times yes." Draco smiled and held him close. Their kiss grew deeper as a small cough interuptted them. Ember stood in the doorway a small smile on her face.

"So we're going to have a wedding after all. Was kinda concerned when the Groom went flying to the ground on fire." Harry blushed.

"Am I in trouble?" Ember shook her head.

"Their taking care of it. You're at no fault. Just don't make a habit of it. I hear you kill three mad men and you get a slap on the hand." Harry laughed.

"It's really over then?" Draco nodded to him.

"Time to finally live our lives as they should have been." Harry shook his head.

"No, not as they should have been. We'll live them to the best of our abilities. We'll love Sophie and any other child that may come, but it'll never be as it should have been." Draco nodded and kissed the top of Harry's head.

"To the best of our abilities then. Now let's go get married!" Draco lifted Harry in his arms and led him down the staircase. Harry felt his heart swell. The last time him and Draco had been in this tower Harry had left alone, but now he was where he always should have been. Where he always would be.

~5 years later~

Sophie ran up to Draco and sat on his lap. "Is she here yet?" Draco shook his head,

"Did Ember give you candy again?" The little girl shook her head no, then thinking better of it yes. "Good girl. And no not yet. She's coming though."

"Is she gonna be pretty?" Draco laughed.

"Almost as beautiful as you." Sophie giggled and kissed Draco's cheek softly.

"Mr. Malfoy?" Draco stood as the doctor walked into the room. "Congradulations. She fine. Harry's doing great. He's sleeping now but everything is fine. "Would you like to see her?" Draco nodded and followed the doctor. He held Sophie tightly in his arms as she began she giggle.

The lights were dimmed but Draco could see her. Blonde hair, pale skin, a Malfoy indeed. She cooed softly as she slept. Sophie looked down at her. "She's tiny." Draco nodded.

"Very tiny." Sophie touched the babies face.

"What's her name?" Draco smiled.

"She's Cesmína." Sophie giggled.

"Cesmina. Little tiny Cesmina. I'm Sophie. Welcome to the world." Draco smiled and walked over to the other bed. Harry slept soundly. His hair was a mess sweat still dripped down his face. Draco kissed his cheek softly.

"I love you, Harry." Harry mummbled then rolled over slightly. "Come on Sophie. Bedtime. The baby will still be here tommorrow." Sohpie whimpered but followed silently.

The house was quiet now, Ember noticed. Everything went nicely. No complications, nothing to hurt the baby before hand, this baby was choas free. Ember giggled as she walked from the house. She pulled something from her pocket and smiled. Snow fell gently around her as she left the estate.

She walked through the darkness and whistled a soft tune under her breath, She kept walking till she reached the small snow covered tombstone. She looked down at her hand and put the piece of Holly on the stone. "Happy Birthday, Holly. Welcome back to the world of the living."

Harry opened his eyes slowly. Dark. No signs of Draco or the docter. He sighed. He felt so lonely at least until a small sneeze caught his attention. He took a step out of the bed and walked towards the crib. He looked down and his breath caught. Looking up at him was an angel. "Hello there." He whispered. "Hello little Cesmina. My little angel. My December."


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