Title: Erased In a Moment

Author: Ryukotsusei

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Hiei/Kagome

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho. I merely borrow the characters for my own twisted amusement.

Summary: King Enma becomes interested in the destruction of the Shikon and Hiei is forced into becoming Kagome's jailer. As cruelties are revealed and plans begin to unfold, Hiei is forced into an action he would not otherwise take but will either of them survive?

Yes, I know... it's another fic, but this one is finished already! I'll post new chapters every few days as the mood strikes me. No it's not beta'd and yes it probably has some mistakes in it that I will eventually get around to correcting. But after working on this for nearly twenty four hours straight to get it out of my head I wanted to get it up and going so it'll leave me alone and I can go to sleep. And remember, reviews are always appreciated :)

Chapter One.

"You have no right!" The words came out as a hiss, Kagome's stormy blue eyes accentuating just how unacceptable she found the situation. The relative comfort of the room she had found herself in had done nothing to lessen the anger she felt at being told she was now a guest of the Reikai for however long it took for King Enma to find a way to destroy the Shikon no Tama. Frankly she didn't give a damn what this so called God had decreed, all she wanted was to go home to her family.

"I'm afraid neither of us has a choice in the matter Miss. Higurashi." Koenma sighed, completely understanding why she was upset with the situation. Truth be told he wasn't any happier but his father's word was law. His protests had made little impact aside from improving the accommodation's the miko in question had found herself in. Had it been left up to his father the woman would have been shackled to a wall in the jail. He only wished that there was something more that he could do for her. ""Look I understand why you're upset, I would be as well but my father has decreed that the Shikon is too dangerous to allow outside of the Reikai. If there was a way to keep it untainted while out of your possession I'm almost certain he would allow you to return home."

Silence fell between them as she glared daggers at him. If there had been a way to keep it purified without her Kagome would have gladly handed the artifact over and said good riddance. 'It would figure I'm not that damned lucky.' God only knew how much trouble the jewel had caused, now it seemed hellbent on further destroying her life and that of her family's. "Frankly I don't care what your father says. You can't just keep me here! I have a life and my family is probably already worried sick since my little vanishing act. Take me home." Worried would be an understatement she knew, as soon as she vanished Inuyasha was likely to have assumed the worst and went to her time to see if she had been dragged there. Once he realized that she wasn't anywhere to be found all hell was likely to break loose.

Koenma stared at the ground, it was times like this he was ashamed to admit he held the position that he did. Of course his father wouldn't have come down here to explain things to the girl, he'd delegated the distasteful chore. Now he found himself at a loss for words, unsure of just how to tell her how efficient the Reikai was when it came to these matters. "About your family Miss Higurashi... You don't have to worry about them, their memories have been altered. It's as if you never existed to them. I'm sorry."

Despair crashed through her as his words sunk in. 'It's not true! They'd never forget me!' The very idea was inconceivable, she'd never heard of anyone with that ability. Surely if it existed she would have run across it in her travels. "You're lying!" Tears welled up in her eyes but she held them back by sheer willpower alone. She wouldn't cry in front of this Godling, nor the silent observer that leaned against the far wall. In response to her distress her aura picked up, seeking to eliminate the source and bring peace to the girl once more.

"You must calm down!" Koenma knew he was in no danger of purification from the girl but the other occupants of the palace were another matter entirely. If this girl's power lashed out it could easily decimate over half the population. Ogres had no such immunity to holy energy and while they were difficult to deal with on occasion Koenma had no desire to deal with the body count that could potentially pile up.

"Calm down? Calm down!" In response to her anger her hands now glowed with holy energy. Kagome wasn't sure if she could kill a God but at this point she was willing to chance it, she had nothing to lose. "You self righteous, arrogant bastard! You kidnap me, take away my family and imprison me saying it's for the better and you expect me to calm down? You're going to be lucky if I don't kill you!"

Slowly backing up from the enraged priestess, Koenma cast a look to the demon who had remained silent through the entire conversation. He hadn't missed the disapproval in those cold eyes but there wasn't any skirting around this issue. They both had a job to do and with a sigh he nodded, giving the signal to subdue the girl.

Wordlessly Hiei reached up to the ward covering the Jagan and pulled it free. He didn't agree with any of this and frankly he believed the girl had the right idea. If it had happened to him there was no doubt heads would be rolling. However he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, like it or not Koenma still held the strings of his life in his hands. Just because he had been granted leave to return to the Makai didn't mean that Koenma had relinquished all of his power over his life. While the miko was advancing on the demigod he allowed the Jagan to open. A pulse of violet light caught the girl's attention and for one long moment she stood entranced by it's power before falling to the floor. "It's done."

Koenma breathed a sigh of relief and knelt down, picking Kagome up carefully and carrying her over to the bed. Laying her down gently he then turned to the apparition and nodded. "I'll get to work strengthening the barrier around the room, it should subdue her powers completely though with the Shikon in her possession we cannot count on it. You are to remain in the Reikai until further notice, until she accepts the situation we are likely to have a repeat of this outburst." The demigod couldn't say he was pleased with that little development either but Hiei was the only one strong enough to over power the girl. That had already been proven when they initially took custody of her. More than one ogre had given his life to the cause.

'You play a dangerous game Koenma. You won't be able to keep her forever you know." Somehow Hiei had known that his role in this wouldn't end with getting her into that cell. He refused to call it anything else, the door would be locked and access was restricted to only those with clearance. No matter how pretty King Enma dressed it up, it was still a prison. There was a time not so long ago his sister had been subjected to the same scenario, the only difference being in what her jailer wanted. No doubt the priestess would go through similar horrors in the Reikai's quest to destroy the artifact for good.

Koenma couldn't help but shake his head as he looked down at the sleeping girl. The effects of the Jagan would last a couple of hours, hopefully long enough for him to resolve some of the current issues. No one had expected her to be so powerful, even with the Shikon no Tama. The fact that Kagome had the ability to tap into it's powers had come as a complete surprise to him and now he would have to scramble to compensate for that oversight."We do the best we can Hiei, I don't know what else we can do." Reaching into his pocket the demigod pulled out a silver pendant and extended it towards the apparition.

Warily Hiei stared at it while making no move to take the object. Few things in this accursed realm were as they seemed and to be blunt he didn't completely trust Koenma. Very few people had earned that from him and neither of those two were even in the Spirit World at the moment. "What is that?"

"Protection of sorts. While it won't completely nullify the girl's energy it will deflect most of it should she attempt to purify you. I'm not going to lie and say it wouldn't be painful, you'll probably be begging to die but it won't kill you." Koenma thrust the pendant into the apparition's hand and watched as he put it on. Now at least one of his top employees could be around the girl and not have to worry about dying instantly. It was a pity though that he didn't have more of them. "I don't have much time to get the rest of this sorted out so as to your accommodations, I'll be brief. You are to stay in this wing at all times. The room next to this one is your sleeping quarters, you're free to do as you wish so long as you remain in the area. If she becomes too difficult you are to restrain her by any means necessary short of killing her. Do you have any questions?"

"What you said about her family... Is it true?" The idea that the Reikai could erase anyone from existence in such a fashion was disturbing. What was to stop them from doing it to any one of the team if they deemed it necessary. Now that he knew it was possible, Hiei had to contend with the idea that his team mates lives could be destroyed should King Enma decide to take action.

Walking to the door, Koenma glanced to the apparition and nodded. "It is true but realize that it's not something that is often done. The resources required to erase specific memories from everyone that has come in contact with the subject is astounding, not to mention eliminating all physical evidence that they ever existed. For what it's worth Hiei good luck and be careful. Perhaps you can calm her down where I have failed." With that he walked out the door, shutting it quietly behind him. It was up to Hiei to decide if he wanted to be there when Kagome woke or not.

Hiei scoffed at the demigods words, at the moment he seriously doubted there was anything he could possibly say to reassure the girl. What was more ridiculous was the thought that he could be reassuring in the first place. Just how the hell was he supposed to calm her down? Sighing heavily he took a seat at a nearby table and contemplated the problem. For that matter why couldn't the Reikai just leave him the hell alone? Knowing there was no reasonable answer for this except that he was foolish enough to get caught by the Detective, he settled back to consider the problem at hand. If he were to leave now and return once she was conscious it would only give her time to dwell on what had happened yet he found the idea of waiting around on her to be distasteful. Who would have ever thought he would have been reduced to a babysitter?

That irked him most of all, he was by far the worse choice of the team for this sort of duty. Unfortunately none of the others had the ability to control minds at their disposal so it left him as the only available option. He could only hope this was resolved quickly, before she found a way to purify him despite the protection the godling gave or he went insane from boredom. Sighing in irritation Hiei propped his feet up on a nearby chair and settled in for a long wait, there was no telling just how long it would take for the Jagan's effect to wear off since he had never used it on a miko before.

Her head throbbed in time to her heartbeat and Kagome couldn't help but wish that instead of inflicting such a cruel torture on her that he should have just killed her instead. Moaning softly she tried to bury her face deeper into the pillow, wishing for the darkness would claim her once more. Anything to relieve the pain she was now feeling. Slowly she tried to recollect what had happened while trying to disappear into the bed. She recalled the conversation with Koenma and then threatening him. After that it was a pulse of light coming from the Godling's friend. Somehow she was certain that he was the one responsible for her head trying to implode at this very moment. "Remind me never to piss him off."

Slowly Hiei's crimson eyes opened and slowly adjusted to the darkness. Night had long since fallen and since there was nothing else for him to do he had fallen into a light doze. Now that he knew the girl was awake, he couldn't help but smirk at hearing her muttering. Maybe things wouldn't be quite as bad as he imagined, if she already feared what he could do then it should make her easier to deal with. "It's good to know that you are not lacking in common sense girl."

Kagome tensed at hearing his deep voice, inwardly cursing at herself for not having sensed the presence of anyone else around her. Leave it to her fickle senses to decide they were taking a vacation. She was lucky she'd managed to survive for this long at the rate she was going. Warily she opened her eyes, trying not to wince when the light was suddenly switched on. Her vision blurred and for several long moments she had to pray that whoever was in the room with her would have the courtesy not to attack until she regained her eyesight.

Allowing his hand to drop back to his side, Hiei stared at the girl with indifference. It would seem she was suffering from a massive headache but no serious side effects which made him relax slightly. Even if Koenma had given the order he wouldn't have put it past the godling to blame him should any damage come to the girl from knocking her out. It was said that shit always rolled down hill when something went wrong and he had no intentions in being covered in it.

Slowly the black blur resolved into a solid shape as her vision cleared and to Kagome's dismay she realized just who the mysterious person was. Pushing herself up into a sitting position she quickly repositioned herself against the wall, never taking her eyes off of him. He'd already demonstrated he could render her defenseless with merely a look, she wasn't about to take a chance on what else he could do. However that didn't stop her from questioning him, if nothing else maybe he could give her some answers and she could figure a way out of this hellhole. "Who are you and why are you here?"

Silently Hiei regarded her, debating on whether or not to answer her. Normally she'd be lucky if he even told her his name but for better or worse they were stuck together until the Reikai figured the problem of the jewel out. Giving her a slight bit of information might make things more bearable between them though he wasn't exactly hopeful on that possibility. Had the roles been reversed he'd have already been making another attempt on her life. "My name is Hiei and I am here because I have been assigned to look after you while you are here."

"Great, just what I need. A babysitter." Kagome crossed her arms over her chest as she contemplated her surroundings. 'I guess it could be worse, they could have thrown me in chains with only rats to keep me company.' Her gaze went to the small window just over the apparition's head and sighed. Wards hung from the glass, there was no doubt they were meant just for her. She'd almost be willing to chance them if she knew just how to get home from here. But since she didn't know where 'here' was aside from Koenma's explanation of the three realms, she had no way of knowing just how to get back to the Ningenkai.

His scowl deepened upon hearing her assessment. Just because he had been thinking the same thing earlier didn't mean he wanted to hear it voiced. It was degrading enough that he had been reduced to this position in the first place however he let the comment go as he continued to observe her. As her gaze trained to the wall just over his head he didn't have to look to know what she was thinking. "I wouldn't try it. Assuming you made it past the wards you have no way to get back to the human realm short of kidnapping one of the ferry girl's."

"So I really am stuck here then." Allowing her head to rest against the wall she closed her eyes. For the moment Hiei didn't seem to be threatening, in fact he gave every impression of not wanting to be there at all. That thought brought her some small comfort, if she was going to be forced to be miserable then someone else could share in it as well. Bitterness threatened to overwhelm her as she thought about everyone she had come to care for. Hell, she knew life wasn't fair but didn't she at least deserve some sort of break here and there? "Why now?" She opened her eyes to glare at the apparition, wishing there was some way to make him feel all the pain that threatened to consume her. "Dammit why now? If the jewel was so damned important to everyone here then why didn't you guys take it before any of this started? Or does your boss just not care whose lives he destroys as long as he gets what he wants?"

Impassively he listened to her continue with her ranting, knowing that there was nothing he could really do to stop it. So long as she didn't get violent he'd let her vent. Bottling ones emotions up was something he was extremely familiar with and he didn't care to experience what would happen when it exploded with all the power of the Shikon no Tama behind it. "I do not claim to understand what goes on in the fool King's head but I can tell you this. If he believes it is for the good of the three realms there is no amount of pain or suffering he will not hesitate to inflict. The harder you fight against him the more drastic his measures will become."

If Hiei thought she was just going to curl up and die because of the possibility of pain he was sadly mistaken. She'd been through too much in her life to just roll over because some bastard she had never met had told her to. "Look buddy, one way or another I am going home and this King will not stop me. If it means I have to purify a God then so be it. I refuse to let him take my life and my family from me!" Kagome wasn't sure if her powers would even work but she did have the completed jewel. If push came to shove she would use it and gain her freedom. Figuring out how to undo what had happened to her family would come later, after she'd managed to escape.

A smirk crossed his face, for some reason he was glad that the fire in her eyes only intensified. Despite what Koenma had told him about her travels to the past he was almost certain she'd be like every other human female he had run across. Most of them had some backbone but when threatened with bodily harm they'd fall into submission without a struggle. This girl however was proving most entertaining, it would be interesting to watch if that spark died out when Enma began experimenting on her with ways to destroy the jewel. "We shall see how your resolve holds up then. Personally I do not care what you do outside of this room, just do not inconvenience me. I've been ordered to keep you calm, I'd rather not have to keep you unconscious for the duration of your stay."

Kagome stared at him for a long moment before chuckling. It would seem Hiei was just as unhappy about the circumstances as she was. Aside from his tendency to call her girl she thought she might just be able to get along with this strange demon. If nothing else the idea of being asleep constantly was not appealing, nor was the thought of being cursed with a headache every time he used that third eye. Outside of this room however was another story, already she was making plans to give these Reikai idiots hell. They'd regret the day they even thought about taking her away from her family.