The Ishvarlan Man and the Amestrian woman. (Side Story to Once a Cowgirl)

Chapter One: Introductions

"Riza!" My God-Father yelled up the stairs. It had been almost three months since Roy Mustang had left after he had studied under my God-Father, Timothy Hawkeye. Roy and I were almost inseparable while he was there and not studying. After he left, Timothy decided that it was time to sort out some business affairs in Ishval.

"Riza it's time to go! Now young lady!" He yelled once again towards the top of the stairs. I have never seen Ishval, I have been packed for weeks. I ran down stairs holding my dress above my knees so I wouldn't trip down the steep cherry wood steps. Timothy waited at the bottom of the stairs. Once we got to the car we drove for hours. It seemed that it took forever, to get there, but literally it was about 3 days to get there. When we had finally arrived in Ishval we were greeted by a man and his son. His son was about my age, and was asked to show me around and help me with the language.

"Hello Miss Hawkeye, I am Isaiah it is nice to meet you." He said as he bowed and kissed the back of my hand, Roy had never done that. I looked at him, he was very attractive, with his blond hair, reddish eyes, that currently matched his cheeks as I said that kissing my hand, was completely unnecessary.

"Riza, go with Isaiah, you should talk." Timothy winked as he said it. He was up to something, I just wish that I had known what he was up to then.

"Miss Hawkeye?" Isaiah asked as he motioned towards a busy street, where Timothy wanted us to go. Timothy had already gone into the building with Malachi, Isaiah's father.

"Oh, yes of course, and when we are no longer around my father, please call me Riza."

"As you wish Mi- Riza." He said with a smile. As we walked down the street, it felt a little awkward, as we both couldn't seem to start a conversation.

"What is that building?" I asked pointing to a large white marble structure that went high over the city.

"Oh, That is the Temple of Ishbala. Would you like to see it?" He asked, thoughI didn't feel right about it.

"No thank you,I shouldn't," It was then that he saw me fumbling with the golden cross necklace my mother left me. He mouthed an 'Oh' and left it at that. We continued to talk as we walked down the street. We ended up walking around in circles for about three hours straight. It was enjoyable just the same. By the time I finally got back to my hotel room he bowed and leaned into my ear and whispered

"When canI see you again?"

"Tomorrow,I do believe that sitting around in this room is not high on my to-be-done list." I said quietly knowing my God-Father would not approve about me walking around with a man that I had only met a mere six hours ago, though by the time we had finished talking it had seemed like we had known each other for a few lifetimes. He quickly kissed my cheek and walked away. I stood there long afterward and held my cheek, I couldn't believe it. Roy never did anything like that, but then again this wasn't a flirting boy, no he defiantly was not a boy. I whispered

"Until next time," and walked into my room. Waiting for it to be morn.