Chapter Eight. Ways to piss people off.

It had been three days since I told Isaiah I thought I was pregnant. He almost had a heart attack but happy just the same. I failed to tell him about Roy. I didn't know how he would respond to the fact I was happy to see a man who I loved like a brother, though I doubt he would take it like that, Akira showed up a few days later to see me. However she was rather upset I didn't tell Isaiah.

"How could you not tell him? I mean you love your husband more that life itself so why are you worried? He loves you just like you love him."

"Akira, I really don't have time for this," I said rather exasperated I had been cleaning house because Isaiah's brother is coming for a visit, him. I wasn't looking forward to meeting them, it just meant more work for me.

"Do you want my help? My husband won't be back for at least six more hours. I want to help. I need something to do! Hey we are two pregnant wives, if we work together we might get it done faster." She was trying to sound convincing though it wasn't working. She just wanted something to do, she kept a cleaner house than I did, thus, she had more free time. While we were working, Isaiah came home early, he was rather surprised that Akira was helping me clean the house, but he knew she could cook better than I so, he wasn't upset. Typical man. Akira beamed as she looked at me blush when he said I look pretty. I knew she wanted something like I had. She wanted a loving relationship with her husband.

"Akira, are you staying for dinner?" Isaiah asked hoping she would cook I still couldn't get down the art of cooking, I probably never would. After this friendly conversation, and Akira cooked dinner, she headed home, leaving me and Isaiah alone.

"Isaiah I have to tell ask you something, you haven't seen a man with black hair and black eyes and Amestrian skin tone have you? The Amestrian military is looking for him."

"I have only seen one," he responded, "and he is a soldier who has a liking for alcohol, in fact I met him this afternoon."

"Must be Roy," I mumbled, he asked me what I had said.

"I said it must have been Roy, he trained under my god-father, learning the alchemical (AN I love that word, especially being a Alchemist myself muhahaha on w/ the drama, sort of) arts. Hes a dear friend," Isaiah mouthed the word "Oh" and picked up his plate, placed it in the sink and went to work on paperwork. Great now I pissed him off.

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