Modern Family

I never meant to be this person. To end up here.

Never. It was never part of the plan. He was never part of the plan. The day I talked to the lawyers I packed my bags. I had my eight mil. so I could go anywhere. No more being Kendall Casablancas. There was nothing holding me down. Time to be free. That was the plan.

I went back to the house to pick up the last of my things. I went up the stairs and walked past Beavers room. The door was open and there he was. Curled up on the kids bed and crying. This shocked me. I had never seen any real emotion in him.

I don't know why I was shocked, after everything that had happened with his brother. It still makes me laugh though. Beaver was the best conn man I had ever met. I never saw anything off about him. I should have, I am one of the best around and I was still fooled by that kid. But then again he fooled everyone. It's always the quiet ones.

So, anyway I was standing there watching him cry and suddenly I was cradling him in my arms and saying pointless phrases into his hair.

Even now, I still can't figure out why I care about him.

I could have left him there. I had never had a problem leaving anyone before. But this time, I couldn't. I knew what it was like to have people look at you like you were a monster just because of your family. I knew what it was like to be completely alone. I knew what it was like to love someone even though they were a monster. Maybe that's why I did what I did next.

It still shocks me when I think of what I did.

I dragged him out of that house. I brought him to the private jet I had waiting for me. He didn't say a thing the entire time, not even to ask where we were going. A tear rolled down his cheek as he watched Neptune below us. I grabbed his hand and he squeezed mine in return. It was the first sign of life I had seen in him since I found him.

We talked about anything and everything. Everything but Neptune and the kid.It was the first real conversation I had ever had with him. A first of many. We traveled a lot for the first year, neither of us ready to settle into a normal routine. We ended up in Australia and found we liked it. I found that I really had talent as an artist and he decided to go to college, even though he didn't know what he wanted to do. So here we are. Two years later and we're happy. So, that's how we came to be what we are. A modern family. We spend the weekends at the beach, I tan as he hits on random girls. I paint during the day and he goes to his classes so he can become an architect. That threw me for a loop. Who would have thought he would want a real job, right? But then again who would have thought that we would ever become a real family? I sure as hell didn't.

I never meant to be this person. To end up here.

But I'm glad I did.