Title: Fires of Unknown Origins

Author: Becomingwhaturmeantobe

Summary: When the demon first came to the Winchester family on November 2, 1983 it failed but it struck again eight years later. This story follows the Dean and Sam and their sister, Brianna.

A/N: My second attempt at a Supernatural story, and yes it's a sister fic, be gracious please. Hope you enjoy, please review and if I remember I will return the favor, why shouldn't I? One more thing just so your not confused: This story is told in Brianna's POV. And this has been beta read since the first time its been posted, thanks Charlie

Chapter 1: The Awakening

I walked down the long hallway into a room that looked vaguely familiar. I felt a sense of déjà vu coming over me. I entered a room that I recognized as mine from when I was a baby, A twelve year old Dean and an eight year old Sammy came to say goodnight and I saw my mother holding a baby, me. My father came in and Dean and Sammy ran over to him. He hugged them both and then went over to Mommy. He kissed her on the forehead and rubbed my cheek. Then she kissed me and put me to sleep in my crib. They went out; my mom looked in one more time, doing a quick scan of the room.. I followed her into Dean's room and then Sam's as she kissed them both goodnight with my dad by her side. Then they both went to bed.

I walked around the house, not quite sure why I was there. I wondered if I remembered any of it. I knew I didn't, but the house and everything in it looked so familiar Maybe I had seen pictures. I walked back upstairs and heard myself crying. I went into my bedroom wondering if I could calm myself down. The night-light flickered and my eyes widened. I ran to try to wake up Mommy and Daddy. Mommy woke up and came into my room. I followed her, begging, pleading for her to forget about me; I was fine. We both stopped short when we saw someone standing over my crib. My heart pounded in my ears. My mother stared at the demon as it turned around. "Get out of my house," she said forcefully.

"I told you I would be back," it said, and in a matter of seconds she was up against the wall. I screamed for her, tears flowing down my face. I went up to the demon and screamed at it, punched it, kicked it. She screamed as she moved up over the crib. Forcing myself to look, I saw her pained expression as she looked down. Blood dripped from a slash. on her stomach.

"No!" I screamed, trying to think of how to get her out of there. Just then, my dad came rushing in. He saw me in my crib and looked down, trying to figure out if I was okay. Then he noticed the blood on me that had down from my mother. We both looked up. Then, before he could react, she was enveloped in flames. I screamed just as he did. Then my brothers came charging in. Daddy scooped me up and looked at both of them quickly, urgently.

"Take your sister downstairs and don't look back. Go, now!" I watched as they scrambled down the steps out to the lawn and waited, watching flames and smoke come from the house. The heat was too much and the sound was deafening. A couple seconds later, I heard sirens. I saw my dad come out of the house. Sammy and Dean, who were still holding me, ran over to him. He looked like he was in shock. As I saw him I kind of had a flashback I saw in my mind what had just happened except that my father had gotten my mother out in time. I saw my mom and my dad running out of the house as it erupted in flames, all thanks to the anger the demon must have felt I saw my mom running over to Dean, embracing him and baby Sammy. I think I stopped breathing for a second. Mommy almost died a second time? What happened to me could have happened to Sammy? In a flash I was staring at my father again. He held onto my brothers desperately. I felt like I was going to throw up. I had never heard about any of this before. I mean I knew Mommy died in a fire and that she was in my nursery but Dad never really let out what had happened exactly. I felt tears run down my face and I shook uncontrollably. The image faded and blurred as tears filled my vision and rolled down my cheeks.

That's when I left the dream and I was staring up at my ceiling, gasping. I wiped my tears away and told myself it was a dream, nothing else. I blinked, let the tears come out, and rolled over. I was sweaty, really sweaty. Gross. I dragged myself out of my room, my head and heart pounding. Sammy looked up from reading and Dean looked up from the TV. Then he turned it off. I must have looked worse then I felt, because their faces softened; they looked worried. I wedged myself between on them on the couch, as I always did. Sam felt my forehead; I probably had a fever. No wonder I had been sweating, I could see his eyes meet Dean's. I knew they were going to tell me to go to sleep, but that wasn't going to happen. It was twelve in the afternoon and I was not going to sleep more. I was tired, probably because of how late I stayed up watching TV and surfing the web on Sam's laptop. So before they could say anything, I got up.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said.

I know Dean and Sam would protest. Dad had given them both orders to protect me, and that's what they did. I protected them, too. Ever since I was little, I would stay up late until Daddy, Sam and Dean came home. When they did come home, I would check over all their "booboos" and kiss them and make them feel better. That's how I got dubbed "the family protector." I would always protect my family; even if I didn't go on hunts, when they came home I was always very clingy and protective. I knew that they were worried as I walked toward the bathroom. I knew that I had a fever, and, (along with my dream) I felt like crap. When I was little and got fevers I used to hallucinate. When that happened, I would climb into Daddy's bed and sleep so he could protect me from the monsters. If Dad wasn't there I would sleep with Dean, and if Dean wasn't there I would sleep with Sam. Sometimes I got really bad hallucinations and I would scare the crap out of everyone by screaming at the top of my lungs that there was there were monsters in my room. One time, though, I really thought there was a monster in my room. I remember Daddy telling Sam and Dean to go get guns. Then he told me to go into the other room, lock the door and cover my ears; the sound was going to be loud. About a half hour and a lot of loud gunshots later I was allowed to come out. I wasn't allowed to look in my room. Dean and Sammy packed everything and we left. After that I wasn't allowed to stay anywhere by myself when I had a fever or anything. Dean and Sammy were to protect me that was an order. Sammy had always followed Dad's orders when it came to me. He bent the rules, but always followed orders. "Bending the rules," means that he would sneak me out sometimes, late, when we both knew that Dad wouldn't be home until much later, to go get ice cream. One time we came home and Dean was really upset. He and Sam yelled for a long time. I was told to go to bed but it had been early. In bed, I could hear their argument.

"She's just a kid, Sam."

"I know that, Dean, but she deserves to go out."

"I get that, Sam, I really do. But what if Dad had called while you were out and asked for either of you? What was I going to say, "She's in the bathroom?" "She's asleep and he's in the bathroom?" He would have figured it out, and if he does, there goes any chance of giving her normality.. She'll be cooped up the rest of her life." He sighed and his voice got softer. "Just next time, take me with you, or tell me where you're going."

"Okay, I'm sorry."

"I know."

After that, we all went to get ice cream together. It was a Winchester sibling tradition, one that Dad never knew about. We just told him the extra money was spent on gas.

As I got into the hot shower I felt awake. When I woke up I had been somewhat numb; now I felt all the emotional pain that that dream had left me with. I felt the tears roll down my face. I felt alone. I didn't want to tell anyone, because I knew we shouldn't be talking about it. A wave of' curiosity came over me as I wondered about what had happened with Sammy. Had it changed him? Had it changed me? How come they never talked about it? I smiled as I remembered one time I had sort of run away to go see him; of course I didn't know that it was called "running away" and I am still convinced to this day that I didn't run away. I had no reason to do that.

It was the year Sammy left for college and Christmas was quickly approaching. I hadn't heard from Sammy in a couple months and I hadn't seen him in longer. I was starting to get worried. So worried that my father noticed and even though the topic of Sammy wasn't a light one Dad told me that Sam was okay, he was a Winchester. I grinned and agreed, but of course, I was still upset. Dean told me that Sam was fine; that he knew how to protect himself and that he was extremely good at making salt lines. I was sort of convinced but that didn't stop me from wanting to speak to him and see him. I had money, a lot of it. Whenever Dean mowed lawns or did things that weren't too dangerous I went along with him and helped in any way I could. Dean would always give most of his money to Dad and I would try to but he would always tell me to save it. Well, I had saved a lot, and I knew what I wanted to do with most of it. I wanted to buy one bus ticket to California. I knew that Dean missed Sammy a lot too, so I asked if he wanted to go. I figured it would save me a lot of money to drive in the Impala, instead of the bus and I could chip in on gas. Dean shook his head and told me that there were too many things going on and California was too far. I knew another reason was that Dad wouldn't have liked it and that there were too many unsaid things that he wouldn't be able to control when he saw Sam. It was too confusing. So I agreed and went off to my room to count my money again. Later that day, when Daddy and Dean went hunting, I gathered a bag with some clothes and my money. I took a cab to the bus station.

The cab cost five dollars, it wasn't that much. The guy smiled at me nicely and I grinned back at him, giving him that famous grin that only us Winchesters could perfect. I got out and walked into the bus station. It wasn't big and I wondered if it was like the one that Sammy had been in. I shook the thought away and walked toward the line to get my ticket.

I waited on line with my hands in my pockets humming an AC/DC song. Earlier that day, after our talk about Sammy, Dean and I had gone driving around town looking at all the old Christmas decorations and got hot chocolate. He'd had AC/DC blaring so loud that it was a wonder I could still hear. The cab wouldn't drive away; it was starting to creep me out. I figured that he was just waiting for someone to come out and need a ride. I smiled at my conclusion, as it no longer bothered me. Finally it was my turn and I walked up to the ticket booth. I gave the woman my best smile. "Hi." I said. "Can I have a ticket to California, please?" Then I gave her another smile. The woman turned her head to the cabbie and motioned for him to leave. That confused me, but I focused on my task.

"Where in California?" she asked me nicely. I frowned; I hadn't thought about that. I tried to remember what the address was. "Wherever Stanford is?" I said sheepishly.

The woman gave me a smile, told me to "go sit over there" and pointed to some benches. Was this part of the ticket process, I wondered? About a half hour later the police came. I was annoyed, because the police asked me all kinds of questions and I told them that I wanted to see my brother in California. They asked me if I was running away and I shook my head and told them again that all I was trying to do was see my brother. They asked me where my Mommy or Daddy was and I told them that Daddy was at work and that my other brother Dean was at home. They asked me my name but I didn't tell them. It wasn't that I didn't like police officers, it was just some times they got really noisy and asked stupid questions. I ignored them until a half hour later.

That's when Daddy and Dean barged through the door. I had never seen such looks of complete worry and terror on their faces. Daddy's had a look of anger that had been pushed away, but also it was as shocking that he was scared. I had never really seen my daddy scared like that. Whatever had worried him had to have been bad if the look of worry and fear on his face was so noticeable. When they saw me, relief quickly washed away the terror, but the worry was still there. Daddy scooped me up and squeezed me, giving me a rough kiss on the cheek. Then, after a couple of moments, he gave me to Dean and went over to the police officer. I told Dean to put me down; I was ten, and I could stand. Dean didn't let go, he just held me tighter. Daddy went over to the police and explained to them that his younger son had just gone off to college and that I wanted to go visit him. They talked for a couple minutes longer, and Daddy nodded and looked relieved and worried at the same time. I know that his brain was going over the million what-ifs as the police told him their part of the story. Finally Dean put me down and we walked out, me wedged between Daddy and Dean and my hands tightly in theirs.

"I'm sorry, Daddy." I whispered.

He gave me a look and I closed my eyes, expecting him to yell at me. He didn't; he just sighed and brushed the hair away from my face.

"I know, baby."

"It's just-" My lip trembled. "I wanted to go see Sammy really badly." It was a family joke that I called him Sammy; he was eight years older then I.

"Shh," he said, and picked me up. He carried me all the way to the truck and then wedged me in between him and Dean. I had a feeling that this I would be there for a while.

I was right; I was there for a while, always with my dad and Dean, until the hunting trips were far away and Dean needed to go with Daddy. Then I would be dropped off with a babysitter. One time I got dropped off at Bobby's. I liked going to Bobby's he had a lot of books and I knew Daddy trusted him. He and Daddy were funny together. They always grumbled at each other and annoyed one another. This was the first time I was ever dropped off alone though. I was worried because that meant that I wasn't going to be able to kiss Daddy and Dean's booboos. Daddy knew this and said he'd call to check in a lot. I let them go and stayed with Bobby. He thought I was hysterical. When Daddy and Dean came back, Bobby told Daddy that he was "whipped just like the rest of them". Apparently, I was the only one in a while to get him to go out of the house for ice cream. Dad laughed at this, and Dean winked at me. Apparently Dean's lessons in persuasion were working.

I smiled at the memory as I got out of the shower. The pounding in my head had stopped mostly and I felt better. I felt comfortable now that I'd taken a shower. I looked at my reflection; I was no longer pale. I smiled, knowing that my fever had broken.

I dried off, slipped into shorts and a tank, and went outside. My brothers looked up; I could tell I looked better because they smiled at me. I sat down in an armchair by the window to the motel room. And stared at them. Dean flipped his cell phone open and closed.

"What?" I asked, wondering what was wrong. I could always tell when something was wrong. They had been fighting or something. I wondered how long I'd been in the shower.

"Sammy had a dream," Dean said, and I stared at him, my eyes wide. Before I could say anything, Sam continued for Dean, his voice firm. "And we're going hunting."