Hello! Here's another fan fiction on Kori and Richard…. I hope you like this cause this story will be my longest. Enjoy!


Richard Grayson owns a hotel called Grayson Hotel. He was engaged to Barbara Gordon who works with him but things started to change when he met a certain red head. When he thought things are going fine or worse, another problem started. Will Richard Grayson lose his hotel to his best friend and marry his true love, or will everything turn out the opposite?

Chapter 1:The frog dream

Once upon a time, there lived a happy family. Kori Anders, Kara Anders and Ryan Anders. One day, the three siblings decided to go out and play.

"Let's go to the beach!" the youngest of them suggested.

"Great idea, Ryan!" the oldest replied. However, a certain red head decided against it.

"Can't we steal money again?" she asked. However, her siblings ignored her and they went to the beach. While playing, Kori Anders spotted something.

"Hey sister dear, what is that?" she asked the oldest. Kara looked at what she pointed and smiled.

"It's your prince charming, dear!" she laughed.

"That frog?" Kori asked shocked.

"Hello, my name is Dick. I was once a prince, but I was turned into a frog. If you turn me back to my normal self, I'll give you anything you want, even money…." The frog said.

Kori Anders and her sister laughed at the frog but then Ryan went greedy.

"Give us a million dollars now and we will break the curse." He said. The frog agreed and granted his wish. Kori Anders eyes went huge and she smiled like crazy.

"Now for the deal…" the frog said.

"Deal? What deal?" Kori asked and kicked the frog away.

"Who would ever want to kiss a slimy frog like you!" she shouted as her family ran away.

The frog whose head was buried in the sand started crying. Then, he smiled and laughed evilly.

The next day, Kori and her siblings eat in luxury. They laughed at the frog all over and over again until a man interrupted them.

"Excuse me, who is Kori Anders?" the man asked. Kori Anders smiled and walked up to her.

"This frog here said that you kicked him in the sand while you broke an important deal. Is that correct?"

"I don't even know this frog officer…" Kori said innocently.

The frog told him that she was lying and the officer took out a scroll.

"If you do not complete this deal, all your belongings, including the money will vanish into thin air…." The officer said. Kara and Ryan ran up to her sister and told her to kiss him. They pushed her towards the frog who was waiting and before they kissed, Kori screamed.

"AAH!" Kori fell of her bed and looked around. There, on the floor, was a slimy fat toad looking at her. She screamed again.

"What happened?" Ryan asked.

"Toad!" Kori shouted. Ryan saw it and screamed like a girl.

"What happened?" Kara asked. "Toad!" she screamed. "Ryan get it away!"

"I'm not touching that slimy thing!" he shouted.

"Get it out of my room before I put Rachel in this!" Kori shouted.

"Goood, tell her to get the toad away!" Ryan suggested.

"Actually I was planning on making her kick your dick!" Kori shouted.

"No! I don't like that!" Ryan said remembering the torture Kori's friend gave him when he spied on them.

"Then….!" Kara shouted. Ryan sighed and reached for the toad. Kori and Kara smiled evilly and pushed Ryan onto the floor. Smack!

"EWW! That's disgusting!" Ryan shouted as he wiped his mouth. The girls fell on the ground laughing. The toad leaped away and Ryan was washing his mouth spitting saliva everywhere.

"You should have seen your face, Ryan!" Kara managed to say through her laughter. Kori however didn't say a word. Her stomach ache and she thought it would burst.

"Ok that's enough. As long as the toad out of the room, everything's fine…" Ryan said frowning.

"What are you gonna do?" Kori managed to say.

"I'm gonna brush my teeth again…" Ryan said and he walked out of the room fuming, Kara looked at her sister and left.

"Nice trick!" she giggled.

"Ya, just like what dad did to me before he died…." Kori said sadly. "Oh mum, I miss you so…"

"He's coming! Everyone, position!" A man with brown hair and green eyes shouted to get the workers attention. Everyone gasped and went into position. Just then, a limo stopped at the main door and everyone took a deep breath.

Garfield Logan opened the door and greeted his boss. "Good morning sir. How was your flight?"

A tall bald man with brown skin came out of the driver's seat and helped his boss come out. "Watch your step, sir." Victor Stone said. All the girls gasped as they saw who came out. Their feet began to shake, while their hearts began to pound.

"Good morning, sir Richard!" they all said. Richard Grayson looked at his workers. His was tall, muscular with black-jet hair. He was wearing a black suit and his cool shades. He was in the hotel followed by Garfield and Victor and stopped at the reception.

"How are you doing, Barbara?" Richard asked while taking off his shades to reveal those gorgeous blue eyes.

"Great, Richard. Your room's ready…" she said smiling. Richard smiled back and went serious.

"Get back to work…" he ordered. And everyone left him and Barbara alone.

"We need to move you up…" he said with a frown on his face.

"Move me when our wedding's over…" she said and went back to work. Richard smiled and walked to his office.

'Oh ya, the wedding…' he thought with a frown. 'I forgot…'

So how was it? I know it sounds boring at the first chapter but, I promise it will get interesting in the chapters to come…. What can I say? It is the intro after all….