Erik and Dreama has moved to Paris with their unborn child. Everything was perfect, but a fire changed all that. Dreama's death made Erik's life go completely down hill, but soon he discovers that Dreama has not died, but been kidnapped. Now after another discover that Christine De Chagney has been abducted as well Erik must go beyond to find them… even bring back the Phantom he tried so hard to get rid of.

Chapter 1: Are You Sure?

Paris, 1873

December 24

"Erik!" Shouted my wife Dreama.

I stopped pressing the piano keys and quickly stood.

"Yes? What is it? Is something wrong?" I asked scared to death that something was off beam.

Dreama then laughed, took my hand and pulled it to her swollen belly.

"It kicked," she said excitedly with fatigue. A warm smile came to my lips as I placed my ear to her belly, and then… I felt it. The small weak kick that my unborn baby created.

I looked at her with a full smile and gently kissed her lips. As I pulled away I took a better look at her. There were dark bags under her eyes signaling that she's tired, her long wavy black hair was messy around her shoulders. But what stood out most were her eyes and the wonderful baby growing in her stomach. The magnificent spark in her eyes I would figure being in pain most of the time would disappear but no, they were still there, brighter then ever. Her stomach was huge but in a gorgeous way, she was five months pregnant and she was already this vast.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Dreama moan in what sounded like pain. I quickly took her hand in mine.

"Is everything alright?" I asked with deep concern. She giggled, or at least tried.

"My dear Knight, you worry too much, it happens sometimes. It's perfectly normal, trust me," she said soft and gentle. I frowned.

"I still think we should have stayed in New Orleans with your family until the baby was born."

It's true; Dreama's reverie was to go to Paris, the one place I did not want to go. But I love her more then anything and so I went. We now live in a house almost close to being a mansion. When we arrived here two years ago The Phantom of the Opera was long forgotten, this was my chance. Dreama advised me to write as much music as possible and sell them to the new Opera Populair. I did as she asked and soon whenever I walked in the streets people would bid me good mourning or good evening. Everyone soon began to know my name, was this how good my music was? Now here we are, settled into the first class world. No one to bother me about my past, no one to remind me who I once was. I have a child coming into this world soon, and that was all that mattered.

"Honestly Erik I'm not that clumsy, I can take care of myself," she said trying to stand but failing miserably.

I gave a small chuckle. "Yes I can see that,"

And with that she gave a sensational laugh and asked me to help her upstairs. I gently wrapped my arms around her and began to help her walk to the bedroom.

"Are you feeling that tired?" I asked plainly.

"Why?" she asked.

"Tonight we have to go to the Opera where they will present one of my pieces,"

She then stopped and gasped.

"Oh Erik I completely forgot about that! I'm so sorry!" She said hysterically. I quickly kissed her cheek.

"No, don't be sorry darling; you're with child you need to rest."

"No," she said sternly. "You've been waiting for this for a long time and I know how much you want me to be there."

"I'm not going" I said simply. She grabbed my hand.


"I'm not going, I need to tend to you, I can't leave you hear alone, the servants have all gone home for Christmas vacation so I will do the same," I said pulling her as softly as possible into our chambers.

"No Erik! You need to go people expect you to be there!" she bellowed. Her heavenly country accent went all around the room as we made our way to the bed.

"Erik are you listening to me?"

"Not really" I said delicately.

She then slapped me on the arm causing me to look at her.

"Please Erik; I don't want you to miss this… I know how much you want to go." She never looked away from my eyes. "I'll be fine… please, you want me to be happy then do this for me." Damn, she always had to use the happiness thing against me. I heaved a sigh and looked away, glancing at the falling snow out side. She's right, I've been waiting for this event forever, and I have always wanted to hear this specific piece played. Here is the chance; can I really leave her alone?

"Trust me Erik, you won't regret this decision," she said lightly stroking my face. I looked at her eyes.

"Are you sure Dreama?" I asked firmly making sure I truly won't be regretting my decision. She grabbed both of my hands, placed a kiss on each palm then placed them on her abdomen where again I felt the little one inside kick.

"Yes Erik, we are both sure"

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