Vandread 3rd Stage

It had only taken a month for Hibiki, Dita, Bert, and Duero to find fifty suitable candidates for the new program being instituted by the governments of Taraku and Mejere. One of the fifty was Duero's long time friend, known only as Wrath, who was the best fighter pilot on Taraku. The Transport ship arrived at the pirate base and the doors opened. Hibiki and Dita were the first to disembark. Dita's head was resting on Hibiki's shoulder making Hibiki blush profusely, "Dita, can you please cut it out, I can't walk with you laying on me." He said as they walked down the ramp. "Sorry Mr. Alien." said Dita smiling brightly and taking his hand in hers. Bert and Duero were the next to walk down the ramp fallowed by a mob of forty-nine men, all walking rather close together down the wide ramp. At the bottom they were met by the Captain, Goscogne and Meia.

When they reached the bottom of the ramp they were greeted first by Meia. "Welcome back." she said shaking Hibiki's hand and giving Dita a hug. "The roster says that there should be two vehicles and fifty men. Where are the other man and the other vehicle?" said Miss Goscogne. "He needs permission to land here." said Duero now holding onto Parfait. "Captain, there is a small fighter requesting permission to land next to the men's transport shuttle." came Barnette's voice over the intercom. "Let it land." said the Captain, "Everyone out of the way."

The small crowd of people moved underneath the hanger's overhanging command tower and waited for the fighter to land. After about a minute an old F-35B JSF landed on the pad next to them. "How old do you think that thing is?" asked Jura to Barnette, who had come down from the command tower. "I don't know, but it's so cool." said Barnette with stars in her eyes.

A ladder rose from the floor and rose up to the canopy. The canopy opened with a hiss as the air-tight seal was broken. It tilted up and a man wearing flight armor that resembled a mix between the Spartan armor in Halo and the Clone Commando armor climbed down the ladder and walked over to Duero and shook his hand. "Hey Duero, long time no see." he said. "Nice to see you, too, Wrath. I see you got the old bird flying again." Duero said gesturing up at the JSF. "She's a tuff old bird, but once you got her in a position were she'll listen to you, she'll be your best friend." said Wrath chuckling. Meia and Jura walked over to where the other men were and Barnette ran over to where the F-35 was parked.

"This thing is so cool!" said Barnette looking over the Joint Strike Fighter. "I see you have a passion for antique-style weapons." said a smooth deep voice behind her. Barnette turned around and found herself looking into the reflective T-shaped visor of Wrath's helmet. "Yeah." she said. "My name's Barnette." she held out her hand, "Nice to meet you, I'm Wrath." He said shaking her hand. "You've got a strong grip." said Wrath chuckling to himself.

Paiwai, who had snuck into the undercarriage of the front landing strut, was watching the two genders shaking hands. "Pai check!" she said clicking the shutter of her camera. Once she took the camera away from her face she found herself looking into the T-shaped visor of Wrath's helmet. She was lifted out of the undercarriage by her neck, and was hoisted above the ground. A long blade extended from the right gauntlet of Wrath's flight armor and Wrath pressed the blade against her neck. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he said pressing the blade closer still into her neck, still not cutting the skin. Barnette, who only a second before was shaking Wrath's hand, was surprised to see that he could move so fast. One second he was shaking her hand, the next he was about ready to kill Paiwai.

A beam of light flew past Wrath's helmet causing him to look in the direction that the shot had come from. "Hey, bucket-head, put her down." said Meia, pointing a fist at him, the same fist with the laser ring, which was primed and ready to fire. The long blade withdrew into Wrath's armor and he dropped Paiwai, who promptly kicked him in the shin, but was stopped by the shin plates of his flight armor. In one motion, Wrath had drawn his Raptor Magnum sidearm, and had it pointing at Meia's face. "So, are you supposed to be the best pilot around here?" he said, his arm not faltering. "Yes, and you for the men?" said Meia, the hand that held her ring ready to fire, also not wavering. "Well, there is only one way to settle this and find out who is the best pilot." said Wrath putting down his arm and holstering his firearm. "DOGFIGHT!" they said together.

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