Just Married

Summary: It was supposed to be just your average alien celebration… only by morning John Sheppard will be waking up a married man to none other than Doctor Elizabeth Weir.

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Part One "At Least it Wasn't Rodney"

It seemed to be just your average alien celebration to the visitors from Atlantis. A huge bonfire on the beach was the attraction as everyone danced around it, drums and other instruments playing in the background. Fire works filled the air for the entire celebration from start to finish. It may have seemed to be just your average alien celebration, but the truth was it was nowhere near average. Even Doctor Elizabeth Weir found her self relaxing as she laughed with a few of the other women watching some of the men dance around the fire. She couldn't stop watching as Sheppard swayed to the music, grinning and laughing with Ronan and Rodney. The three men were showing some of the natives a few dance steps of their own which looked oddly familiar. "I must say Shatish, you're people certainly know how to throw a celebration," Elizabeth told her, shaking her head at the three men before her.

"I am glad you approve, Doctor Weir, since this celebration is in your honor. It was our hope that you're time here would be enjoyable." Shatish smiled kindly at Elizabeth, handing her a drink from the table, the cup in the shape of an oval. "Colonel Sheppard must be tired, give him this to quench his thirst."

"What is it?" she asked, eyeing the red liquid.

"A drink."

Elizabeth smiled, rolling her eyes as she walked over to the Colonel. John stopped his dance, noticing Elizabeth heading his way. "Some party, wouldn't you say?"

"Apparently it's in our honor. I think I may just enjoy having these people as allies," she joked as she handed him the drink.

"Oh thanks," John said as he drank from the cup.

Shatish smiled, watching the two with knowing eyes, before getting back to work in preparing the refreshments.

Finally the couple reached her. "Care to dance, Shatish?" John asked.

Elizabeth watched the native roll her eyes, and couldn't help but smile. "My friend, I have not danced in a very long time. And I would doubt my husband would be very happy with me dancing with some strange young man." Shatish was married to their people's leader Hish, the couple being married for almost thirty years. Both were pleasant people with good hearts, of that Elizabeth was sure, but what she liked most of the two was their sense of humor. Shatish seemed to enjoy teasing Colonel Sheppard, and had enjoyed doing so from day one.

John stuck out his bottom lip, giving her his best puppy dog look. "You wound me, Shatish!" John teased back, sharing a brief look with Elizabeth. "Oh well, I suppose I'll have to go for the next best thing. Elizabeth? Would you do me this honor?" he asked, surprising Elizabeth by offering his hand, bowing slightly like a gentlemen.

Elizabeth folded her arms. "Next best thing?" she reminded him, a questioning look in her eyes.

John grinned, drinking the rest of the red liquid Elizabeth had given him. "You Elizabeth are just plain evil," he muttered, walking back over to Ronan and Rodney. It was obvious that they'd all been drinking a little too much of the local brew, but none of them seemed to mind very much.

Shatish smirked, looking over at Elizabeth. "It seems like forever since I saw a love as unique as the feelings the two of you share," she told the Doctor.

"What? Oh no! We're friends, just friends. Colonel Sheppard is under my command, and I kind of have a rule against dating people under me… uh my command that is."

Shatish laughed at her suddenly nervous look. "You may calm yourself, dear friend. I must have observed wrong."

"Observed?" Elizabeth questioned.

"I can see much in the eyes of the people around me. The eyes to my people are considered windows to the inside of ones mind. They express the thoughts we do and do not share aloud. When you look at him, and he looks at you, it almost seems as if… never mind, you have told me I am mistaken."

Elizabeth frowned, her eyes slowly moving back to John. Shatish wasn't as mistaken as she thought. Quickly she looked back at Shatish. "Right… mistaken."

"Come Elizabeth, let us drink and enjoy ourselves. Tomorrow will be a new day soon to come."

Elizabeth nodded, joining Shatish as grabbed something to drink and joined in celebration. Why not? She could use a night where she could let her hair down a bit. It was time to join in on the fun.

THIS was not fun! Elizabeth groaned, unable to open her eyes. What the heck happened last night? She could barely remember a thing! Her head was pounding, and her mouth was as dry as the dessert, she'd obviously had quite a bit of fun to be in this much pain. When she tried to sit up she groaned once more, lying back down. Okay, she was apparently sore too. Legs, back, abdomen, arms… what the heck was she doing last night? Exercising or having fun celebrating? Slowly Elizabeth opened her eyes, and turned to her side to see the face of none other than Colonel John Sheppard. "Ahhhhhh!"

John's eyes snapped open and he quickly jumped back and away from her while keeping the blanket over his lower body. Oh my god. She didn't… she couldn't have! They'd be stuck on the planet for almost a week! Together! This couldn't be happening! "Elizabeth… what the hell happened last night?"

"I'm not exactly sure," she muttered, rubbing her head as the pain in her head grew in intensity.

John stared at Elizabeth, trying to get his bearings. "Uh… where are my clothes?"

"I was just about to ask you the same question."

"You wanna know where my clothes are?"

How could he joke around at a time like this! The man was clinically ill! She should have known, though, unlike him, Elizabeth never was one to sleep with people she'd just met. With Simon it'd taken almost three months before they'd taken the next step. It was just her way. Always the cautious one, although she hadn't always been that way. "Funny. You know what I meant."

John gave her a sly smile before he moved to stand up, taking his sheet with him, as he went around the room finding his clothes scattered on the floor among her own. Elizabeth blushed when John accidentally picked up her bra. "Ahem," John cleared his throat, handing the undergarment to her. This just could NOT get any worse. It was then that she noticed the room was neither hers nor John's. Where were they, exactly?

"Uh John… you have any idea why we're in this room?"

"Nope… it certainly isn't mine."

"Not mine either. We better get out there and figure all this out."

John nodded, getting dressed quickly. Elizabeth did the same and the two moved toward the door, grabbing the knob at the same time. John blushed, taking his hand from over hers. "You know we're gonna have to talk about whatever it is that happened between us, right?"

"I know," she assured him, turning the knob. As soon as the door opened they were greeted with the outdoors, and a small crowd.

Shatish grinned from the front of the crowd, hugging Elizabeth. "It is good to know my observations weren't as mistake as I'd believed! May the two of you have many laughs together!"

"What?" asked John.

"Together?" questioned Elizabeth.

"You do not remember?" Shatish sighed, shaking her head. "You were married at the celebration… a merging of two hearts before you finally retired to you're shared room. You will stay here for the remaining time that you are with us. Congratulations to you both!"

Elizabeth and John shared a shocked and rather disturbed look before focusing their attention back on Shatish. "What!"

"Shatish, we can't be married!" Elizabeth fought. "It's not right! I can't!"

"Is there a way to… uh… break off this marriage?" John asked.

"I do not understand. Once two souls are joined there is no way to break such a tie. It is a love to be shared forever," Shatish told them, frowning.

Elizabeth groaned, moving her hands to cover her face. So much for things not being able to be worse….

"Hey! And here the lucky couple comes now!" Rodney teased, folding his arms as John and Elizabeth walked over to the table.

"Shut up, Rodney," John snapped, glaring at McKay.

"What? I just want to congratulate you two on finally tying the knot!"

Elizabeth sat down, frowning. "This day just gets better and better…."

"Well, look at it this way, at least things could get any-"

"Don't even finish that comment!" Elizabeth interrupted McKay. "Every time someone says it, it gets worse!"

John suddenly went pale as he looked over at Elizabeth. "Wait a second, we're stuck here a week, Elizabeth! We just TOOK this planet's Stargate to fill Rodney's stupid quota! That means a week that we're stuck here married… in that room. Who knows what other stuff they have in store for us! I've been reading SG-1's old reports and Doctor Jackson got a surprise marriage of his own without saying the vows or anything like that. What if there's more!"

Elizabeth rubbed her eyes, still drowsy from lack of sleep. "He didn't even finish the comment and it's already gotten worse…."

"Well, look on the bright side, Elizabeth… if you had to be married to someone, at least it wasn't McKay," John joked, trying to make her smile. He seemed proud when he saw it had worked.

"Thanks a lot, John… you're really helping me here."

"Glad to be of service."

"What do you mean 'at least it wasn't McKay!' I'll have you know, she'd be lucky to have me as a husband! I'm not even that demanding," McKay fought.

"In what alternate universe?" John muttered, rolling his eyes.

Elizabeth sighed, covering her ears as the two fought once again. Oh yeah, this was turning out to be a great day. First she wakes up in bed with John Sheppard (okay… that wasn't too bad), then she finds out she's married to the man (at least it's just for a week…), and now her 'husband' was fighting with Rodney while she was still dealing with a splitting headache from the night before. And I didn't even get any presents, her mind added. The Doctor smiled at the thought before looking over at the two bickering before her. Just once it'd be nice to have a normal day… was that too much to ask?

To Be Contined…

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