Just Married

Summary: It was supposed to be just your average alien celebration… only by morning John Sheppard will be waking up a married man to none other than Doctor Elizabeth Weir.

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Part Fourteen "Let's Get Married… Again"

"What was it like… when your bond seemed to be breaking?" Haron asked as they lay out beneath a setting sun in the middle of the clearing both he and Elizabeth had come to love. She couldn't hear John's thoughts yet, but if he chose to speak to her she could hear him now. Neither had felt up to a talk after everything that'd happened.

Elizabeth shook her head, a shiver going down her back at the memory. "It was… horrible. It was like losing the best part of yourself… I didn't want to eat, or sleep, or leave my room for days. It was scary, Haron. I've never felt anything like it. I was crying every hour of every day. Is that what you went through when Rasha died?"

Haron nodded sadly. "What you faced was nothing compared to the darkness you may face if your mate dies. I felt… lost, as if I was underwater and was unsure of where to go to reach the surface. I was very close to drowning. You felt like you lost the best part of yourself, I felt like I'd lost all of myself. I didn't know who I was anymore. I was a familiar stranger, nothing more. The pain was unbearable… all I'd wanted was to end it."

Elizabeth frowned, almost scared by Haron's words. She was afraid. No matter how many times John seemed to get lucky, his luck wouldn't last forever. Although the bond was to be treasured, to Elizabeth it seemed more like a curse. "Shatish said most who would lose a mate killed themselves, why didn't you?"

Haron smiled, staring at the sky. "Before Rasha died she asked me to fight it. She knew what I'd be going through. She begged me to be strong." A tear ran down Haron's face. "I could not refuse her dying wish. I remember… I remember staring at a knife; it was as if it were taunting me. On the bad days I would hold the blade to my neck and cry… on the good ones I'd just hold the knife… as if it were more precious than anything else in this world. In the end I chose to live… for Rasha. I knew I just had to live, and so I ran… ran from the blade that taunted me. That's how I found this place… I was running when I realized I'd entered into the woods. I soon realized I was lost… while trying to return to the village I stumbled, and when I looked up, I saw this place. It was so beautiful. Here I remember why I'm still alive. Here I remember why Rasha wanted me to live in the first place."

Elizabeth smiled staring at Haron for a second before she looked at the sky once more.

"I know you and John are going through something, Elizabeth. Whatever is wrong, please, inspect the damage."

"What?" she asked in confusing. She wasn't sure what he meant.

"It's an old saying Rasha liked to use. 'Inspect the damage.' It means to learn what has been damaged in your heart by the problem between you, then you may make repairs."

Elizabeth shook her head. "Rasha was a very wise woman."

"Yes… she was."

She'd tried to stop her tears that night, but she couldn't stop. Suddenly everything was coming back to haunt her, every choice since the moment she and John had been on the planet. She found it strange just how crazy things could get in a very short amount of time.

'I'm so sorry, Elizabeth. I never meant to make you cry that day. I'm so sorry.'

'I know… I just lost it I guess. I'm sorry too.'

'No Elizabeth, you have nothing to be sorry for. I should have followed your orders. I know you care about Teyla just as much as I do. I was a jerk. After I thought the link was gone… I guess I was frustrated. It was hard losing you the way I did. I was angry, and I took it out on you. You didn't do or say anything I didn't deserve. I don't deserve this second chance.'

'We both did and said things we shouldn't have. Its okay, John, I think I understand. We were both having a hard time excepting we'd lost our link.

'I wish I could be there with you.'

'I know, John.'

Suddenly Elizabeth could feel arms wrap around her, but no one was with her. Elizabeth frowned, realizing it was her mind that was creating the sensation… or should it be John's? Either way, Elizabeth gave in to the sensation, real or not, at least she'd finally begun to inspect the damage. Perhaps her soul could be saved.

'I love you, Elizabeth.'

'I love you too, John.'

'Sleep, I'm here… right beside you.'

'I know.'

Elizabeth walked over to the bed and laid down, closing her eyes and surrendering to sleep while John soothed her with his thoughts.

"How long before the Daedalus arrives?" John asked Chuck, one of the technicians.

Chuck looked down at his console. "The Daedalus arrives in two hours."

"Great," John said as he left the gateroom.

'What are you planning, John? Our bond is getting stronger; you can't hide it from me forever.'

'You'll know all about it in a few hours, stop trying to be nosy. I want this to be a surprise… the last surprise I can give you before this bond returns completely!'

'Fine… I guess I can hang in there till we get back.'

John smiled, shaking his head before he began to block his thoughts once more.

Elizabeth could hear the door open and close, but had no idea what John was up to. She could feel his excitement, but she chose not to push. She'd known in a few seconds anyway. "Can I open them now?"

"Not yet."

His hands were over her closed eyes as he led her to where ever he was taking her. "Now?"

"Now," John whispered in her ear. His hands fell away just as she opened her eyes.

It was a large room, with windows all around that showed the ocean below. In the middle of the room was a table for two. The lighting was candlelight and Elizabeth could hardly breathe.

"Welcome back," he whispered to her before walking around to face her. John took a deep breath. "Look, I know our relationship has been a bit of a mess from the beginning, but I've always cared about you, Elizabeth. I love you, and I'm not letting go. This bond will be hard to live with. We'll get sick of each other sometimes. We'll get frustrated by the fact that we can't keep secrets and I know once or twice I'm make you angry and you'll be ready to kill me, but I also know I'd be an idiot not to see just how lucky I am to have this connection to you. I talked to General O'Neill while you were still away and he's willing to go to bat for us. I… told him about us. He wasn't too surprised. He wants to help."

Elizabeth frowned. "John-"

John got down to his knees. "No Elizabeth, I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I know I'm not all that great with relationships. And I know this is probably insane, but I need to do this." John pulled a small box from his pocket which Elizabeth immediately recognized. Slowly he opened it to reveal a beautiful ring. "Will you marry me."

Elizabeth's eyes widened. "I… I… don't know what to say. How in the world did you get that?" she asked in surprise.

John smiled. "It was my grandmother's. She wanted me to give it to someone special... someone I would love. My grandfather worked at a horrible job for seven years just to afford this. I never thought I'd find that kind of love. But Elizabeth, I'd work that job a million years if it meant you'd take this ring and let me be your husband… again."

Elizabeth laughed before getting down on her knees, their eyes parallel. "Elizabeth Sheppard… does have a nice ring to it doesn't it?" she said before giving him her hand.

John grinned as he slipped the ring on her finger. "Yeah… it really does."

With that John and Elizabeth kissed, the kind of kiss Elizabeth used to only read in fairytales. Elizabeth moved her arms around John and closed her eyes.

The ceremony took place ironically on the place where John and Elizabeth's little adventure began. The celebration was massive, with literally too many guests to even consider counting. General O'Neill happily gave her away before sitting next to his date, Colonel Samantha Carter. Ronan, Rodney, Doctor Jackson, and Colonel Mitchell all worse their matching tuxedos, all excited for the couple, even if Daniel Jackson complained just a bit about having to walk down the isle with Vala. Teyla, Katie Brown, Vala, and Laura Cadmen were in their own beautiful dresses as they stood to the side to watch the lovely couple get married. Shatish, of course, performed the ceremony, more than a little honored to be chosen. John and Elizabeth figured she was the best pick considering she'd done the last one… even if neither could actually remember it. Once the ceremony was over John and Elizabeth walked into their puddle jumper that had a sign saying "Just Married" on the back, and together they flew away from the planet that had given them so much. Rodney had graciously found a Stargate they could put in orbit of the planet and John immediately dialed the gate and went through.

But not without giving a gift of their own to the General that had helped make their wedding possible….

Shatish watched Jack O'Neill, Doctor Jackson, and Teal'c talking in the corner while Colonel Carter helped her with the food. Samantha was watching the General, but was obviously trying not to. Shatish grabbed the cup in a shape of an oval, with the red liquid inside. "General O'Neill must be tired my dear, give this too him to quench his thirst."

Sam frowned, looking at the liquid. "What is it?"

"Just a drink my dear, now go… enjoy this celebration."

Sam smiled, taking the cup before walking over to the General. "Thirsty?" she asked, holding the drink.

Jack nodded, but eyed the drink. "Uh… I think I'll just stick to rations," he told her.

"Oh come on sir, Shatish wouldn't dare! Just take it," she encouraged him.

Jack frowned, hesitating before finally giving in to Sam's request. "Yeah… you're probably right." Jack took the cup and drank.

Sam groaned, from the throbbing of her head. What in the world did she do last night? She tried to remember, but nothing came to mind. It was then that she noticed something was beside her as she felt the 'something' move. No… it wasn't possible. Sam frowned and slowly turned her head to see the groggy eyes of General Jack O'Neill. "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

"For cryin' out loud, not again!"

Sam and Jack turned when they heard a loud laugh from outside… Daniel… that was not good! "Look at it this way, Jack… at least she didn't marry McKay!" he shouted from outside.

"Why does everyone insist on saying that?!" asked the outraged scientist Daniel was talking about.

"Okay… where the heck are my clothes!" Sam shouted.

The End

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