Title: One Big Happy Family

Author: Faker of Innocence (miraraykai88 at yahoo dot com dot my)

Summary: Sasuke refused to change and the others can't see why.

A/N: Written for the lovedeeper challenge: The Challenge of the End.

Warning: A bit of confusing, I think. And I'm sorry for any mistake on any of the Jyuuyuushi names (been trying my best to remember each and one of them, but failing miserably).

Disclaimer: Even after the manga finished, I can never, ever own it.


"Do I have to wear those?" the young ninja asked in annoyance to the group of people in front of him.

A sickeningly cheerful "Yes" was the only reply he got from the leader of the Sanada family.

"What if I say no?" Sasuke asked, looking for a reaction from the rest of the occupants in the room.

"But Sasuke! You look cute in them!"

"Jinpachi! I'm not wearing them if you say I'm cute one more time."

"But it's true, you brat! …Though I never thought I would actually admit it myself," Saizou chirped in, knowing that the silver-haired youth loathed it when he said something that will earn Yukimura's agreement.

"Why must I wear these? Why can't I just wear what I'm wearing right now?" he asked again, looking down at his clothes. The clothes might be a little small for him now, but he felt comfortable in them.

Unno smiled gently at the boy's remark. "Sasuke-kun, today is a special day for you and for us. I know you feel more comfortable in your old clothes, but you do know that Kosuke had sacrificed a lot of her time to prepare you these clothes, right?" he said, reminding the golden-eyed boy.

"And Sasuke-kun, think about Kamanosuke and Mochizuki who went to search for the best material to make sure that you will feel comfortable when you wear them," Kakei added.

"You'll be more ready to face the world after this, Sasu-chan, and this is one way to show that we'll support you all the way!" the Miyoshi brothers remarked.

Sasuke kept quiet after that. He knew they were right and he had no reason to say no to them. They had done so many things for him (especially for today), and the only way he knew how to thank them was by doing what they wanted him to do.

Noticing Sasuke's silence, Yukimura walked to the young shinobi, knelt down in front of him and said quietly, "Sasuke, today is your Genpuku ceremony. You'll be an adult after today. Isn't that what you have been wanting all this time? To be recognised as an adult?" Receiving a nod, he continued, "All this preparation is to show you that all of us have already recognized you as one. We want you to know that." With that, he gave his youngest subordinate a bright smile.

Looking up, Sasuke gave a smile to his master before turning to give the same smile to his comrades. "Thank you, everyone."

Kosuke clapped her hands in excitement soon after that. "Does this mean we get to see Sasuke in his new clothes?" she happily asked.

Sasuke's loud groan was quickly followed by a loud burst of laughter from the Sanada household.

And although he never admitted it, he would always love the clothes they provided for him even until now.


Genpuku, as what has been mentioned above, is an ancient coming-of-age ritual (practiced during Heian-jidai to Muromachi). Young boys from age 12 to 16 were taken to a shrine where they will get their first adult clothes. Their hairstyle will also change. In this story, Yukimura was the one who took Sasuke to the shrine, since he was his master.


That is my theory on Sasuke's new clothing and hairstyle. Bad theory, I know.

I wrote this as if December (Sasuke's birthday!) is on its way now.
Angelique Starlight: Whatever mistake left is because of my own stupid eyes, so I'll take the responsibility for that.