A Series of Inconceivable Events


Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed



They told him not to do it. In doing it he would only cause trouble for himself. He couldn't resist. After all, she was a growing woman.

When he knelt down infront of her, Sesshoumaru watched.

When he made her giggle, Sesshoumaru stared.

When he caught up her hand, it took Sesshoumaru off guard.

When he touched her cheek, Sesshoumaru was upset.

When his fingers lifted her hair off of her neck, Sesshoumaru twitched.

When his breath blew across his Rin's neck, his nails drew blood from his fist.

When he looked into the girl's eyes and smiled, Sesshoumaru growled.

When he asked her to bear his children, Sesshoumaru was furious.

When a moment found the holy man pinned against a tree, Sesshoumaru's claws found his throat.

When the monk started to beg for his life, Sesshoumaru smirked.

When the monk heard the gutteral growled of "Mine", Sesshoumaru's hair swirled in his power.

And when the monk's frightened eyes met the dog demon's red ones, Sesshoumaru was pleased.

And when Inuyasha chuckled "Sesshoumaru never could take a joke", Sesshoumaru took out his frustration on his younger brother instead.