Coffin Cheater

Characters: Totosai, Inu no Taisho

Genre: Humor

Disclaimer: Don't own.

"Totosai, is it finished?" The fire demon jumped at the dog demon's unexpected voice. He turned swiftly to take in his white formal haori and heavily spiked armor. He breathed a sigh of relief and he bowed before the great demon.

"Is what finished m'lord?"
"My sword, Totosai?" Inutaisho sighed at the thin old man's innocent look. "Or isn't it finished yet? You told me a year, and here I am, well over a year later. I gave you leeway. Very well, I suppose I'll just have to kill you."
"Oh! I suppose you're thinking about this sword!" Totosai awkwardly rose to his feet and disappeared to the back of the dark carcass he called home. After a knocking a few swords over, he returned with a thin black sheath. "This one, m'lord?"
Inutaisho lifted a bushy eyebrow and gazed at the sheath. "There's no sword. That is the sheath I retrieved for it."
"Oh gosh, it is, isn't it?" Totosai gave a nervous chuckle and motioned to a sword leaning carefully against the wall. "That's your sword right there, Lord Inutaisho. Yep, the Coffin Cheater turned out beautifully."
"The Tenseiga," Inutaisho lifted the largest sword he saw. "She's beautiful!"
"Uh, my Lord..." Totosai lifted a hand to stop him. "That isn't--"
"Oh and she's sharp! What a fine sword!" The dog demon gave a practice slash and grinned. "Very shiny too. Totosai, you've outdone yourself. This was much more than I expected!"
"Inutaisho, my lord, that isn't your sword." Totosai jerked the large sword away from him and handed him a small, somewhat plain sword. "This is your Tenseiga."
"Yes, my lord?"
"And you expect me to compare this pathetic little sword to my grand Tetsusaiga and Sou'unga?"
"Yes, in fact," Totosai leaned forward as if sharing a secret. "I believe the Tenseiga is more powerful than both of them."
"Oh, I see," Inutaisho's golden eyes assessed the sword carefully. "Looks can be deceiving. I can't wait to try her out! Are there any demons worth killing around here?"
"That sword can't's as dull as Myoga!"
"It's as dull as Myoga," Totosai repeated. "It's not sharp."
"That's not what I meant. What do you mean it can't kill?"
"You asked me to make an all-powerful sword to protect Izayoi with, didn't you?"
"Yes, key word being 'All-Powerful'."
"So I made you a sword that can bring to dead back to life? Isn't that great?"
"Just precious..." Inutaisho sighed, sitting down. "And how do you expect me to be thought of as the greatest demon alive when I'm carrying this worthless piece of junk?"
"You're supposed to be protecting your wife from other demons, not showing off. Besides, the sword isn't that bad, is it?"
"I guess it is rather nice..." Inutaisho said begrudgingly, holding the sword at an armslength. He'd have to hide it later...