This takes place in the very current events of Civil War... it's my first Cap piece. Be gentle. R/R.


I've never been a fan of The Daily Bugle.

The editor's bias has always thrown me… and more recently, someone I'd called a friend gave me an 'insider's' point of view.

Funny, then, that now I read it more than ever… and that I'm not quite as sure about my one-time friend as I used to be.

Jameson can't help but sprout off his opinion on the Superhero Registration Act—those who are siding with the law, those who aren't…

Those that are now leading a so-called 'Secret Avengers' team.

Give me a break.

We're going to make more than headlines – we're going to make this right.

We have to.

I suppose it doesn't surprise me—how hard this, perhaps my hardest battle to date—really is.

I've faced the end of the world… and living with Clint Barton… but looking into my own reflection in Tony's armor, knowing what he sees?

An enemy?

That he, one of my most-trusted friends… my brother? … has truly become so misguided?

It's hard not to consider – to dwell upon – the ramifications of what is happening around me. Around us.

Enough people die every single day in the name of liberty. In the name of freedom. The name of justice. I never thought I would see people dying in the name of superheroes.

So do I take off the mask?

Does Steve Rogers suddenly become the front man, standing beside Tony Stark and Peter Parker; beside Reed Richards and Hank Pym? Carol Danvers?

I've fought too long – and too hard, rarely doubting what I was doing – to not be given the right to wear a mask. To sever ties between Captain America and Steve Rogers, need be – to…

God. I hope you're doubting yourself as much as I am, Tony.

Though even if you are… I know you're showing it even less than I am.

We're going to end this. We're the good guys.

Aren't we?

Yes. We are. Because we choose to be.

There's nothing wrong with training a hero – but to make that hero an enemy of the state simply because of a lack of signature?

If you take away free will, you take away liberty.

And if you take away liberty, you take away cause.

I won't let that happen.

Not for my country. Not for myself.

Not for Reed, not for Tony…

Not for Sue.

God… not for little Franklin.

I never thought I'd say it… but I almost miss living with Clint.

Heads up, Tony.

I'm coming.