The (possible) beginning to a story about Jean Grey and Scott Summers, set in the not-too-distant future. Depending upon feedback, more to come -- and certainly more explanations... anyway, hope you enjoy it for what it's worth! Please r/r.

Just a Friend

Jean Grey smiled.

She smiled in a way she had smiled only a few times.

When she found a home with Charles Xavier and four of his other students. When she went shopping with Ororo Munroe for the first time. When Scott Summers kissed her for the first time as her husband.

When she conquered worlds, devouring galaxies and—


The redhead's eyes burst open as she focused on the man beside her – her husband… no, not her husband…

Just a friend now.

"Scott… I'm sorry. Just a bad dream."

"You don't have to explain yourself to me," he said as he sat on her bed next to her, throwing one of his arms around her shoulder. "Maybe just to Emma."

The two smiled at one another briefly.

"Well, my dear," Hank McCoy said with a large grin, "you appear to be perfectly normal."

Jean arched an eyebrow, removing the stethoscope from her chest and holding onto her good friend's (much larger, furrier) hand.

"…alright, fine. As normal as a woman who's had the power to bring entire civilizations to their knees, who's died more times than Will Smith's career and has recently inexplicably returned from the dead yet again can be."

"The real question is not the question of your health, Jean, and we both know that."

Grey chuckled. "I suppose I've never been terribly good at just asking for advice."

"Ahh," McCoy began, "the real truth. I do believe, Ms. Grey, that you've invented a reason to find yourself in my lab. Nightmares? Rubbish."

The original X-Men laughed.

"I'm fine, Hank. To be honest – and I still can't believe I'm saying this… but coming back… this time… has been so much harder."

"…The Ice Queen, as it were?"

"Charles. Rachel. The mutant population as a whole…"




"…Ororo's a continent away…"

"…your telepathy can hardly reach her, as I understand it…"

"…Scott and Emma…"


"I thought I would be fine with it, Hank. I just want him to be happy, but—"

"—you never really thought it would be without you."

There was a moment of silence. Hank reached for Jean's face, pulling it toward him so that their eyes would meet.

"Jean, from the moment I met you – and please, forgive the broken record syndrome – I knew there was passion within you that so few could tame… that so few could ever really understand. A power so compelling that you would find a way to survive anything thrown at you.

And I don't mean your telepathy or telekinesis. But you know that."

Hank smiled before continuing. "Things are different, yes… but if anyone knows about change, my dear Phoenix, it is you."

Jean Grey ran her fingers over 'EMMA FROST - HEADMISTRESS.'