What if Beast hadbeen given the opportunity to speak with Mystique in X3? Just a little thought... a little what-if... r/r, hope you enjoy it!

- Tie -

"It's been years, McCoy."

"Don't be so blue, Raven."


Raven Darkholme, known to more as Mystique, shifted in her chair. Her yellow eyes glared at the man before her as she stood. "It wasn't bad enough, running with Xavier and his crew?"

Her eyes ran over his tie and jacket. "At least they're mutants."

"I can do much more good where I am, Mystique – much more than prancing around in leather or running around following a man in a helmet." Hank tugged at his tie – it was uncomfortable.

"I can certainly do much more good for you."

"Don't be a fool. If you knew what was really coming you'd—"

"Raven, I need information on Magneto."

The shapeshifter looked away.

"Your sentence, with your cooperation, will be—"

"Do you really think I'll be here long enough for a sentence?"

"Seeing as how you'll barely let me finish any of mine, I—"

"Keep hiding behind that idiot in the office, McCoy—behind your suit and your tie—but don't think that they won't turn on you just as quickly. People like us—"

"—I am nothing like you."

Darkholme curled her lips.

There was an awkward silence before Hank cleared his throat. "Let me help you, Raven. You're not stupid—but no means are you a stupid woman. This doesn't have to go any fartherthan this room. You're wanted on a national level—second, by priority, only to Magneto himself. Let me—"

"You're as foolish now as you were the last time we met." Raven glared into his eyes—she could see McCoy's sweat. "I'm going to get out of here and it's going to be soon. And Erik and I are going to show all of you what it really means to be a mutant.

They may have given you an office. You may have left the leather behind. But if you stand with them – with every moron who's ever oppressed you for being who you are – you're the one who will pay the hardest."

"Bold words, Mystique," Hank said as he turned toward the word. "Especially for a woman in chains – a woman who's self-proclaimed savior has done very little to 'rescue' you." Though I've no doubt, McCoy thought, that he very well may already be on his way.

"Bold words."

The Secretary of Mutant Affairs closed the door behind him as Mystique's eyes flashed yellow a final time. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror as he moved toward his office amongst his colleagues in the crowded hall.

He couldn't help but gawk…

And fix his tie.