The Witch is laughing. Cackling, really. Fiercely. It frightens Liir. He has never heard her laughing like this. A cry of pain tints her laugh darkly, but there is more laughter following it immediately and Liir can stand it no longer. He makes his way up to the Witch's room and pounds on the door. The door swings wide and reveals the luminescent green Witch cackling madly at the sky, tears running down her face quickly and leaving fresh red blisters where they drip. Liir calls out to her, asks her to stop, and pleads, Auntie Witch don't do that. The Witch turns on her sharp heel and points a shaking finger at the door, still sputtering with laughter. Liir backs quickly out of the room, slams the door in front of him, and waits. There is a shattering noise, a chip of emerald glass skitters under the door and stops at Liir's bare feet. Part of a letter is still visible. "I" Liir cannot decide what the glass was originally. A sharp voice emanates from the Witch's room. She is no longer laughing, but singing, a sarcastic, bitter tone in her voice.

"The Wizard and I!"