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Misunderstandings, Truth, and Lies by sdikanimefanatic

Chapter One: Misunderstandings of the Deepest

Rain was beating down in heavy sheets of water on her back as she tried to get to the battle taking place deep within the park between the monsters and her comrades. She wasn't late due to sleeping, playing or eating, but a whole different reason – but the others wouldn't find it that way they never did. When she got there, the primarily offensive-oriented Scouts, Venus, Uranus, and Mars were all on the ground holding their respective wounds along with the only male of their team, Tuxedo Mask. Only when Mars yelled at her to get it done and kill it bringing Sailor Moon out of her shock at the sight of her comrades and beloved covered in bruises and blood.

"Annihilation!" Screamed the Scout in blue and red as she lashed out to defend them with the magical attack.

"Where the hell were you, Sailor Moon! We've been here fighting for twenty minutes when we called you! Where were you!" Screamed Sailor Mars as she rose to her feet, glaring at the tired blonde princess before her.

"No wait, don't tell us – you were sleeping?" Asked Sailor Venus with a derisive snort as she carefully pushed herself up, cradling her side.

"Or were you playing your Sailor V Games?" Interjected the normally calm and collected Sailor Neptune, her voice cold as she assisted a swaying Uranus to her feet.

"You sure as hell weren't studying were you?" Sailor Mercury snapped bitterly, her Mercury Computer out as she surveyed the collective injures of her comrades.

"Will you ju-" Serena tried to explain, fatigue and pain beginning to overwhelm her.

"No! We have had enough of you being late to fights, not doing anything in the battles except flinging your arms around waiting for Tuxedo Mask," yelled the normally soft-spoken Sailor Saturn.

"You are just a lazy, clumsy, self-righteous, whining, stupid excuse of a Sailor Soldier and Moon Princess," Mars told the petite blonde.

"I don't even know how you became like this, you were so graceful and intelligent in the Silver Millennium!" Sailor Jupiter added, comparing the reincarnated Princess to her previous self before turning to Pluto in frustration, "What happened?"

"I honestly don't know," replied Pluto with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

"Serena, I don't think you could ever live up to your old life, you should just hand over the disguise pen, communicator, and broach," Luna told her as she and Artemis trotted up from their hiding place in the shrubbery, standing before the assembled Scouts who were looking at the reincarnated Princess with various looks of distain and disgust in their eyes.

"No!" Serena exclaimed, reflexively clutching the broach on her bow as she took an involuntary step away from them. She couldn't believe it, it was to heart-wrenching to be true – her supposed 'friends' were turning there backs on her and they wouldn't let her explain why she was late.

"Serena, just hand it over along with the crystal, will find a more suitable princess to wield it. I believe Mars would be the rightful person, since she has always acted like the leader." Artemis spoke up, adding his opinion.

"Agreed!" The undisputed response came from all nine remaining Scouts, feline advisor, and her ex-love, driving the betrayal deep into the small blonde's heart.

When she didn't think it could get any worse, Rini walked closer to her and after looking the battered Sailor of the Moon over, announced disdainfully, "I can't believe you of all people are my mother! It must be some sort of mistake, there's just no way it's possible that I'm even related to someone as worthless as you!"

That just crushed her right then and there, the weight of it making her feel like she was about to break apart. Even her future daughter thought she was weak and pathetic. Well, if that's how they wanted it then that's what they'll get.

"Fine I'll leave…" the normally vivacious Princess spoke with a voice devoid of warmth, of joy and life. "But you aren't not taking my Crystal away from me – I am the Moon Princess and this is the Silver Crystal of the Moon Kingdom."

"Give it to me right now -- it's mine by birthright as well!" Rini commanded her future mother, doing her best to look down her nose at the young woman before her; all she ended up doing was looking like a petty, snobbish brat in the eyes of her disillusioned future mother.

"I don't think so. It's only yours if you're my daughter, but considering I just broke up with your dad means you won't be mine," Serena informed her before giving her former friends and beloved a mocking bow. "Now if you'll excuse me..."

"I will get the crystal, Serena, just you wait!" Replied Rini, who stomped her foot in annoyance.

"Bring it on, munchkin, you won't get it away from me and neither will any of you," Serena declared coldly. They watched as she brought out the crystal from the broach, and as Rini reached out for it in an attempt to snatch it away, Serena absorbed it into her body with a flash of white light.

She allowed the transformation that changed her into the Scout of the Moon to fade away as she began turning her back to them; the sound of their gasp when they saw what state she was in seemed to echo loudly. Serena's school uniform was shredded, barely keeping her underwear hidden; the shirt was holding onto her shoulders by mere threads and soaked in blood. Her legs were bruised and peppered with numerous small lacerations. A large black bruise was visible around her neck, as were trickles of blood, indicating her neck was bleeding, and when she had fully turned around and began to walk away they saw she had no back of her shirt and her bra barely holding together.

Immediately they began to yell for her to come back and tried to approach her, but were held back by a force field. Venus turned to see Mercury typing furious on her computer; through its detailed scan, the blue-haired girl saw the Princess's shoulder was popped out of its socket and dangling uselessly at her side, two fingers broken, and her right ankle badly sprained due to her obvious limp.

Foiled in their attempts by the force field that had mysteriously sprung up, then vanished when the reincarnated Princess was gone, they all retreated back to the shrine to talk in private.

"Guys, I'm starting to feel a little guilty over the things we said," Hotaru said, wringing her pale hands.

"Same here -- I just hope she'll forgive us and tell us what happened. I never meant to say anything like that, I was just so frustrated," Raye replied, raking a hand through her long dark hair.

"We all are, but all we can hope for is to pray she'll forgive us," Darien said logically.

Serena came to the Arcade because Andrew -- they thought of each other as brother and sister, and he always told her to come in case she ever got to hurt, which was probably the reason her feet took her there automatically, seeking a safe haven from the pain of her wounds and the betrayal that shattered her heart. She knocked on the door, and heard footsteps approaching from inside the closed business. When the door opened, she finally collapsed in her brother's arms.

"Serena! Oh dear God!" Andrew's shocked scream alerted Elizabeth to the crisis that had just arrived…


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