The scouts watched from a distance as Serena glowed a blinding light. They were afraid for Serena. They tried to lend their powers to her but nothing happened. The scouts never regained their powers or their birthright to their planets. They were defenseless. Andrew and Elizabeth had lost their powers when they betrayed Serena for the second time. Everyone watched on as Alonis and Serena fought it out. They could hear Alonis' screams as the light took over everything.


Serena could hear Alonis' screams eminate from her mouth as Serena powered all her energy into killing Alonis along with herself. Alonis dissolved as Serena was left by herself. The last thing Serena would ever hear were yells that sounded like 'Serena'. Serena welcomed the darkness to wash over.


When the light faded the scouts saw Serena standing in the spot where both her and Alonis had been a few minutes ago. Serena began to fall to the ground as they yelled out her name. A fog began to roll in as they were 70 ft. away from Serena's body. They ran into an invisible barrier. A figure covered in a black cloak, hiding thier face, came into view. The cloaked figure glided into the barrier as if it wasn't even there to land next the fallen body of Serena.

The figure knelt down next to Serena and removed a piece of her hair out of her face. A hand came out and caressed Serena's face lovingly. This action resulted into encore of shouts to get away from her body. Those shouts fell on deaf ears. The cloaked figure got up and turned to them.

"I gave you all a second chance to right your wrongs against Serena. What do you do with that chance, you throw it right back in my face and betray her yet again. When she forgave you a second time, it looked like you learned but I was wrong and so was Serena. Are you happy?" The cloak figured hissed at her. Everyone looked on in shock at how much this person knew all about them.

"And who do you think you are?" Rei snapped at her in a hoarcley voice.

"Now I see you cry. Just like last time. You all just killed whatever peace that could have been achieved with a great leader." The figure hissed as they pulled down their hood of the cloak to reveal Queen Serenity. They all gasped and immediately knelt in respect.

"Get up. You've caused my daughter more pain than any person should ever have to deal with. I couldn't even stop her this time. But I'm glad I didn't." Queen Serenity stated as she turned her back to Serena.

"How can you say that? You're glad that Serena killed herself." Darien yelled. He was frustrated and striken with knowing they caused her this pain.

"At least I know she won't be bothered by you guys again. She will protect the Moon along with her ancestors and me." Queen Serenity stated in a calm voice as she picked Serena up. She got her daughter situated as she walked into the castle. The scouts followed quickly behind her. They wanted to know what would happen to their princess. Queen Serenity went passed the stairs and stopped in front of a painting.

Serenity muttered something that no one could understand and descend the stairs. They walked for an awfully long time until they met double marble doors. They opened automatically as the gate at the mansion opened for Serena and the others. As they walked in they past Marble tombs engraved with the royal moon symbol. Serenity finally stopped after the passed the 51st tomb. The one infront of them was already opened.

Inside the tomb was a silk bedding and pillow. Serenity layed Serena on the bedding. Queen Serenity waved her hand and Serena was in her Queen attire. The tomb was then closed as they watched it seal itself.

"What are they doing here, Serenity?" A ghost like appartition came to stand next to Queen Serenity.

"I was about to have them leave. Now if you will kindly let me do that mother." Queen Serenity hissed. "I need to talk to Serena. Now leave, you right to the kingdom has been revoked. You've lost your brithright's to your planets, the Court of Peace is demolished and there is no heir to the Moon Kingdom." Serenity stated as the scout, Darien, Andrew and Elizabeth were teleported out of the Palace.

They watched as the kingdom disappeared from view. Leaving them alone and striken with grief. The teleported back to Earth to go back to a life without their Serena. No Serena to brighten their day with her 1000 watt smile, no one to talk to or love as much as her. They were left to live their lives with knowing they ended the life of their princess, love, friend, and family member.


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