Totally AU, Dean came and went in the pilot, and Sam and Jess stayed home, got hitched, grew normal. Doesn't mean the demon wasn't going to come.

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Dean, watching from the car parked on the dark street was literally twitching with the desire to do something. In an attempt to calm himself a Master of Puppets was being tapped fairly frantically against the steering wheel of the car. Usually music did something to calm his nerves, it had been his security blanket since his father had bought him a walkman and a cassette for his 7th birthday, but tonight all it was doing was threatening to wake the baby up, with absolutely no calming properties at all.

Jamie was still asleep in the backseat, restful and relaxed. Dean found it slightly disconcerting that the baby was in no way affected by the evil that he could feel like a tangible presence emitting from the house. He supposed it was better to have a sleeping baby than a screaming baby, but still, surely that baby would feel something this out-of-place and react?

Maybe not.

Dean had never been good at waiting. He knew that it was something that he had been bad at for almost his entire existence, because he had sketchy memories of his mother's musical voice laughingly telling him to wait before biting into a cookie because it was too hot. And then a few moments later the same voice comforting him because he had burnt his tongue. Several of the more exciting injuries on his seemingly inexhaustible list came from incidents involving his impatience and its consequences.

Sitting in the car, the way he was now, waiting with no word it reminded him of sitting in a hospital waiting room. Something he had done altogether too much in his life.

This seemed somehow worse though. The times he had sat in a waiting room, stomach churning, guilt weighing down on him, there was someone with him. He couldn't remember a time when both Sam and his father had been hurt so badly they needed to be operated on at the same time, so he had to wait alone. The feeling of total and utter helplessness that he so often cursed when he was needed at hospitals seemed to be a blessing to him right now. Because the feeling that there was something he could and should be doing right now weighed on him with a greater intensity.

If something did happen in that house, while he sat here in the car, safe and babysitting, he knew that there would be nothing that he could ever do that would enable him to forgive himself.

His stomach was performing not just flip flops but an entire gymnastics routine as he sat, changing to AC DC and tapping a rendition of back in black. Still the music had no effect.

What was going on in that house? Surely it shouldn't have taken this long? He wanted to check his watch again, but knew it must have been less than a minute since he last looked, and all that checking his watch was doing was getting him more and more agitated. Something he really didn't need right now.

He was staring at the house, boring his eyes into it, the tapping coming faster, and harder. When he did check his watch it had been 3 minutes more. He had decided he would let them have 15 minutes, no more, and then he would go in, no matter what they said, because there was no damn way he was going to sit in the car if there was any chance they were in trouble in the house.

From the outside there seemed to be no trouble, the lights hadn't flickered for several minutes, and he hadn't heard any screams of pain. However, he also hadn't heard the gunshot that he had been waiting for, and the celebration that he knew would follow the demons demise.

He checked his watch again. 12 minutes.

He turned to face Jamie, his desire to know what the hell was going on warring with his unsureness about what to do with his nephew. Was it safer to leave him in the car? Or should he take him in and hide him downstairs?

Was he willing to leave John and Sam to fend for themselves if it meant Jamie stayed safe?

He had promised Sam that he would take care of his son, and he intended to fight to his last breath to do that, but he had also promised years ago, as a smoky four year old sitting on a car bonnet, that he would take care of his father and brother.

Dean had always intended that he would be the first to go. His whole existence had been about protection, about holding the family together.

And that he wasn't inside that house, keeping them safe from the demon and their own grief stricken hearts, was tearing him apart.

He checked his watch again. 13 minutes.

He was just about to launch into a string of curses at the decision that he should be the one to stay in the car when the gun shot came from the house, cracking around the street like a whip. It had been so sudden he had leapt out of his seat, breath raggedly tearing from his body.

Now he stopped, barely breathing, waiting for the celebration that should have followed that shot.

Silence swallowed the street. The time that had been passing so slowly now seemed to fly…

10 seconds…

What was going on inside that house?

20 seconds…

Why weren't they shouting and screaming, a 20 year crusade finished forever?

30 seconds…

He grabbed his gun, the decision made to go and find out what was going on when flames exploded out of the windows on the houses top floor, smashing the silence into a thousand tiny pieces.

And with them came a haunting, chilling laugh that Dean had heard before…


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