Pirates of the Caribbean

A man's secret


The movie Pirates of the Caribbean and its characters don't belong to me. I'm just playing with them…


T / PG-13


This fan fiction continues the storyline of the second movie (Dead men's chest), 'cause I was really frustrated with its end considering I've to wait till May next year to see the third

part ;-)


I changed chapter 1 – 3 a bit and thanks to my new beta, I hope there're no more mistakes in it grin.

Warning: Contains spoiler for

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men's Chest.

Chapter One – Prologue

Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs and the others looked speechlessly at the dark-haired, dirty-looking pirate in front of them. Barbossa just stood there, grinning and stroking his monkeys head.

"So… You know where we've to go?" Will finally managed to ask.


Sighing, Elizabeth rose to her feet, her eyes fixing on the laughing man on the stairs.

"Barbossa, why should we trust you? I mean it's possible you just want to get a ship with our help. It seems you don't give a damn about other people. Where's the point in helping us?"

"Aye," Gibbs agreed. "She's right. You'd never do this without getting somethin' outta it."

Still laughing, Barbossa stepped down the stairs.

"Well, I guess you don't have much of choice," he replied, again biting into the apple he was holding. "I'm the only one who has ever been there."

Will looked at him, quite puzzled about what the pirate was telling them.


"Aye. There!"

"So what's the course? What do we have to do?"

"You think I'll tell you? No, I am not Jack Sparrow, I don't wanna risk a mutiny. You have to decide. If you want that blackguard of a pirate Jack Sparrow back, come with me. We'll get ourselves a ship, so far. If not, well… then you're none of my business, folks."

Will, Elizabeth and Gibbs looked at each other, knowing this was their one and only chance in rescuing their Captain.

A few seconds later, the decision was made.

"Alright, Barbossa. Where do we find a ship?"

"I knew ye would do it," the pirate grinned, "To the boats, men."

Looking at Elizabeth, he added: "And women, of course."

"What boats? We only have the small one from the Pearl. No way can we make it to the next harbor," Will protested.

That just earned him a chuckle from Tia, who reassured him: "Ye don't 'ave to paddle all the way to Tortuga, if that was what ya meant… William. Even I possess a small ship. The space is confined, but… well, it's all ye need to reach your destination."

"So why are ye still standing here as if rooted to the spot? To the boat, everyone. I know where to find a ship in Tortuga," Barbossa ordered.

Sighing deeply, Elizabeth rose to her feet to follow the men as she got stopped by Tia.

"Wait a minute… Elizabeth."

"What? You're going to give me a bottle filled with dirt? I don't need such a thing."

"Are ya Jack Sparrow? Crazy people get crazy things… For you I've something really important."

With those words, Tia handed her…

Elizabeth looked down at her hand and gasped. That was…

Outside, they were already waiting for the two women. When they finally appeared in the doorway, Will helped Elizabeth into the boat – but not before Tia had whispered something into her ear.

"I know what happened on the Pearl…"

Noticing the other woman's shocked expression, the "witch" chuckled.

Finally, they were all sitting inside the small boat. Tia was escorting them to her ship from where she'd "go" back to her house.

Will thought the boat would sink to the ground any second, but to his surprise they reached their first destination without serious problems or events.

But then they saw the ship…

Mr. Gibbs began to laugh the instant he set eyes onto it.

"THAT is what you called a ship? If you turn blind both eyes, it would still be a almost sinking boat that you increased in size."

"This is the worst ship – boat – I've ever seen," Will agreed.

Tia was more than a bit annoyed because of the pirates' comments so she glared at them.

"You can thank your good old friend Jack if you get him back. He 'borrowed' my ship – guess ye can figure out the rest of the story by yourself…"

"Yeah, sure we can," Will sighed. "That's one of the reasons Jack always gets slapped if he's in Tortuga."

"Is it possible to reach Tortuga without drowning on the way," Elizabeth wondered.

Tia smiled at her. "Guess so. Jack made it back here without sinking…"

"Then we have ourselves a ship, folks. Let's go."

To be continued