Title: Crossroads
Author/Artist: Falconwolf3
Claim: Marissa Cooper and Lucas Scott
Theme: Go for the Kill
Theme Set: #2
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own One Tree Hill or The O.C.

Go for the Kill

Marissa waited at the airport for her dad's plane to arrive. Lucas sat next to her reading a magazine. She stood up and started pacing, "Where is he?"

"On a plane," said Lucas.

"Shut up," she popped him in the shoulder.




Marissa ran to hug her dad, "How did mom take it?"

"She had a cow," laughed Jimmy Cooper.


Lucas joined Marissa. Marissa turned, "Dad, this is Lucas, Lucas this is my dad."

"Nice to meet you sir."

"Nice to meet you too Lucas."

"So is it final yet? I mean did Sandy get you full custody?"

"Yes he did, he got me full custody. Believe it or not Caleb blocked your mom from contesting the case."

"So Caleb decided this situation to go for the kill?"

"Yes and I'm grateful that he did."

"Me too."


Marissa and Lucas were on the porch swing again. Jimmy was inside talking to Deb. Marissa leaned her head over on Lucas' shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you too."