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Chapter Twelve

I didn't know where I was. The darkness, the abyss that was surrounding me was impenetrable, I couldn't escape. They say that when you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. But what if you just witnessed your brother's death? Is that the same? Standing here now, in the shadows, I can honestly say yes. Memory, beyond memory flooded through my mind.

Sammy was five, his first day of school. I remembered him being so scared, and timid. I held his hand firmly and squeezed it. He smiled at me; his lopsided goofy grin was present even at that young age. I remembered telling him that he would be okay because I was here. He believed me. Why? Why would I promise something I knew would be nearly impossible? Was I so vain, so full of my brotherly duties that I would make him a promise that ludicrous? Because in my mind I thought I could fulfill it.

But I didn't fulfill it. No, I let him die. Die… The word still didn't sound real. Nothing was real; this was a dream. I was dreaming. I had to be!

They also say a lot of people see their loved ones after they die. Why couldn't I see, Sam? Why was I alone? The black void around my mind was so cold that I was shivering. But was it from the cold, or from shock? I couldn't be sure. Maybe both.

Nothing seemed real anymore. My eyes wouldn't work, much less focus, all I could see was black. Something in my heart ached. My lips trembled. Again, was it the cold, or the realization that Sam was dead? What did it matter? Everything I loved was gone. Everything I had sworn to protect was no longer here.

I looked down at my hands; Sam was no longer there. Instead of my brother's still form in my grasp, was nothing. I outstretched my hands in the darkness. My hands were glowing with an ethereal like haze. The pale translucent skin was shining brightly, even in the blackness. As I stared, the color was turning, no longer the inhuman white, but a deep crimson. It started to cover my hands thickly.

Something in my head snapped. This wasn't my blood! No, this was Sam's! I was responsible for his early departure. The slick red that covered my hands was a constant reminder that…I had failed. I failed him, and myself. I had vowed to protect him, but didn't. He was gone.

The blood started to drip off of my hands, splashing into the oblivion. Drip, drip, drip, it echoed. The drops started to sound like my name. Dean it called. Dean. Dean. Why was the blood calling me? Had I finally lost it?

I could feel the tears in my eyes slide down my cheeks as I looked up. Sam was standing there, but he was far away. I stood up quickly, and started running towards him, stumbling a few times, my bloody arms outstretched to capture him.

"Sammy!" I yelled, elated.

"Dean," he whispered to me, his face was so serious, "go back."

"Back?" I asked him, my brow furrowed in confusion. Where would I go? "I'm not leaving you."

"You have to."

"No!" I screamed, outraged.

"Save me…please. Go back. Go back to me," Sam instructed me, his voice was calm. Why was he so relaxed?

He was fading. I didn't want to lose him, not yet. I just got him back. I growled in protest, but he didn't hear me. The light emanating from his body was blinding. I shielded my eyes against the brightness. The darkness surrounding me was being consumed. The black barrier in my mind was cracking, little slivers of white peaking through the shadows. A pallid light flooded through the void and jolted my senses.

There was something in my hands, warm to the touch. Hesitantly I looked down. My eyes widened in horror—Sam was not there! Instead, a set of small fingers was intertwined in my own. I followed the unfamiliar hands to their owner's face. Shock would be an understatement for the way my mind was processing the feeling. A tiny and innocent face was staring into my terror struck eyes—it was Tabby!

"Dean, you need to listen to me," she whispered delicately.

I snatched my hand back, holding it closely to my chest, as if her touch had burned the cold skin on my hands. My upper lip twitched into a snarl, and my eyes narrowed. "I have nothing to hear from you!"

"I know you're mad—"

"Mad? No, sweetheart, I'm furious. You…because of you Sam's dead. Because of you he was chosen, because of you…" My voice scared even me, and it was evident from the look on her face it was startling her, too. The venom that was held within my tone was frightening, but it was justified. "But most importantly…because I wasn't strong enough to save him from…you." My head fell down; I couldn't stare at her any longer. I could feel the tears starting to burn my eyes again, and it made me feel weak.

"Dean, you have to listen to me, please," her small voice whispered.

I looked up at her, eyes filled with hatred. In a low scruff voice, that nearly cracked when I spoke, I whispered, "No."

"This is very amusing, and quite honestly… old. Now that my master has awoken, it is time for you to join your brother."

I looked over. Katz! I had been so consumed by my own grief, I had forgotten about him. He was the cause of this pain in my body, as well. If it weren't for him…Sam would be alive. I needed to collect myself, reform my inner thoughts, and focus on one thing right now—revenge.

I stood up shakily and glared at the man. I bluntly accused him of his transaction. "You killed my brother."

"No, Dean, I didn't kill your brother." He smiled, and then walked over towards the bar. Picking up a white disc full of Sake, you may want to use saki so people know you mean alcohol he sipped. "Your brother was just a key, a… tool, if you may have it, towards bringing forth my master. Every person that was brought here and sacrificed…died. But, Sam, his aura, the dark energy in his body was enough to summon my master. So, as you can clearly see, I did not kill your brother."

"You bastard," I yelled, and without thinking I charged at him. My fists balled, and my mind cluttered, I aimed, but before I could hit him…I stopped. Sam was standing in front of me. I looked at my brother, puzzled. "Sam?"

"Save me," he whispered. "Dean, save me." Then he disappeared, faded without any warning.

Then it hit me, harder then a blow to the face, I had forgotten about Sam. Tabby had distracted me, and then Katz. I ran my hand through my spiked hair, and exhaled. I needed to find Sam. Where was his body?

"Where is my brother?" I demanded.

"Gone. The master took him. There is no hope for him, Dean. Why don't you just forget about him, and leave. We don't need you, and I have no quarrel with you. Go." Katz placed the cup down on the counter top and grinned at me humorously. "Well, unless you count this busted lip I have, but I am a forgiving man." He winked.

"Where is my brother?" I screamed. Katz walked casually out from behind the bar, but his gaze wasn't locked with mine, he was looking somewhere else, past me. I turned around and grinned maniacally, he was staring at Tabby, the bitch.

He walked past me and over towards her, ignoring me, as if my presence was nonexistent. "Tabitha, dear, were you aiding Dean?" He moved his index finger back and forth in a disapproving manner. "Tsk, tsk, my little angel. That is against the rules."

The small woman stood up quickly and backed away in fear. "But…you just said you were going to let him go. I didn't…" She backed up further, away from him.

He reached in behind his jacket and pulled out something—a gun. He pointed it at her. At this moment I had the opportunity stop him, stop him from killing her, but I didn't. I just stood there, and waited. I wanted him to pull that trigger. I wanted to see her blue eyes—they were an incandescent crystal blue—fade out, become nothing more then a dull flicker of azure. Her life, for Sam's. Fair, right? Wrong. After she died every one of these sons-of-bitches would die, too. That was justice.

Katz's finger rubbed the trigger for a moment, and then without warning, he pulled it back. A shot echoed out throughout the club, and then Tabby's body fell. Did I feel remorse for her death? No, I smiled instead. That bitch got what she deserved; I was just sorry I wasn't the one to deliver it.

Katz turned and stared at me again. This time I was sure that the next bullet that exited from that barrel was marked with my name. But the only thing that was going through my mind, as he lifted the gun and aimed it at me, was I would be with Sam. I closed my eyes and awaited my death. As morbid as it may have sounded at the time, I welcomed it, a release from the pain.

I waited there, but nothing happened. I slowly opened one of my eyes and then they both flew open when my mind processed what was happening, Katz was being lifted up off of the ground by his throat by the demon. The demon didn't look like your typical horned, black eyes, monster type. No, he looked almost human. He had long white hair, but the strange thing was the color of white was tinted with a light red, almost pink. He was smiling at me as he held the Asian man up, he had white pearly teeth, and red eyes, but his body was shaped like a man, all but his extremely long finger nails. His skin was pale, almost like translucent. He was wearing a red silk Chinese robe, the sleeves where lined with silver, accenting the red nicely. He wasn't ghastly like a demon should look; he was more human then anything.

"Did I tell you to kill Tabby, Katz?" the demon asked the man.

Katz tried to sake his head no, but his head wouldn't budge, it looked as if the demon's grasp was too tight. My forehead scrunched up as I caught a glimpse of something shiny around the demon's neck—it was the amulet! He was wearing it now, which could only mean he had seen Sam. I was trying to move behind him stealthily, so quietly maybe he wouldn't notice my sudden absence, but I stopped in horror at the site before me.

The demon's hand was inside of Katz's chest, imbedded so deeply I couldn't even see his fingers. I fought the bile that was rising as the blood started to pour freely from the wound. Then a slick noise erupted throughout the quiet room and Katz's body fell, but the demon held something red in his hands, still beating, it was Katz's heart. I almost lost my lunch there, but I fought to remain calm. The demon turned around and his red eyes pierced my hazel ones as he stared. He discarded the heart onto the ground, and walked towards me.

My eyes couldn't help but flicker back and forth from the demon, and then back to Katz's dead body. That man had caused me so much grief, now he was dead. Why wasn't I happy? The only thing on my mind was Sam, and where he could be. So, I thought I would do the only defiant thing, and probably stupidest thing someone could do in this situation—ask the big bad nasty.

"Where is my brother?" I asked the demon fearlessly, well; at least in my mind it was fearlessly.

"I can show you him, Dean." The demon grinned and then clapped his pale thin hands together.

I gasped as a set of suits brought out my brother. Silent tears threaten to fall as I noticed his chest was still unmoving—he was still dead. I had hoped by some miracle that maybe his death was an act, a show, but it wasn't. Sam was really dead. I rushed over towards my brother, each step I ran filled with the urgency of holding him. The men set Sam down on the floor, carefully. Thoughts, unwanted and wanted, filled my mind. The first thought was getting to Sam. The second was the situation, the oddity of it. Why would they be treating him with such caution, if in fact he were dead? Inside I chuckled, a scary laugh, because saying the word dead in association with my brother was becoming easier every time the word entered my mind.

Once by Sam's side, I reluctantly checked for a pulse, still hoping there would be a faint thud present. My head hung low when nothing moved, no pulse, no beat—nothing. I reached over and brushed the hair back on Sam's head. He looked so still, so quiet, so…dead. Anger filled my veins, and revenge was seeping through.

"He's dead, Dean," the demon said. He was standing only a few feet from me now.

"No, he can't…" I shook my head disbelief.

"His life was an exchange for my birth. Your brother's essence was strong enough to bring me forth. You should be happy. He lived his life fully, and it had purpose. Most mortals can't say that." He grinned as he looked at me. "Don't you agree, Dean?" His grin widened, only pissing me off more.

I stood up shakily, glaring at him the whole time, thinking in my head that this bastard had to die, and now was the time. "You, dude, are really starting to piss me off."

"Anger is not a good emotion, Dean. It would only lead to unnecessary vicious reciprocations."

I don't know what made my feet move, but they did. And as soon as I started running towards him, I couldn't stop. Things moved in a haze. Pain ignited in my side, but I couldn't look at it. It felt like I was floating, then suddenly I stopped, hitting something hard.

Leaning up against the side of the wall I noticed that my side was bleeding. My head ached, but I stood up again and charged. Inches from the demon now, things started to blur again. My cheek stung, my lip felt bruised, and my hands burned. Something was ripping through my arm, the flesh was on fire, and it wouldn't stop. Somewhere along the way of dying, it stopped. I looked up, and noticed the demon just standing there, his back turned to me.

No sound came from anyone, not even a whisper. It was then I noticed why the demon wasn't moving. Feet from him, was a bloodied Tabby, in her hand she held the amulet. Her other hand was cradling her injured side, while the other one held the necklace high in the air. She was screaming something, but I didn't understand what. I just wished that she would shut up and let the demon finally finish me off. I wanted to be with Sam, it was the only thing that made sense at the time.

Sound finally rushed into my ears and I heard her. "I may not have been able to save my brother, but I can save Sam."

"It is too late, Tabby." The demon sneered.

"No, you need his body to stay on the human plane, don't you? He is your connection…without him you are nothing!" she screamed, her body fumbling backwards from the blood loss, but she then quickly gained her footing.

"Cleaver girl. How on earth do you plan on getting rid of me? Sam's soul is already mine. He is mine!" the demon retaliated; his razor sharp nails brushing the sides of his robe.

"Like this," she whispered, but audible enough for me to hear. She took the amulet and threw onto the ground.

Everything else happened so fast. Light burst from the shattered stone in the symbol. Tabby screamed, and the demon screamed, both high pitched and filled with pain. A white mist swirled around the demon, entrapping him. I could hear Tabby's breathing become labored as she fell to her knees, clutching her chest. I got up unsteadily and crawled over towards Tabby. I hated her, but now my heart ached for her. She sacrificed everything to help me. The white light was still burning around us, like a flare that hadn't been extinguished yet.

I held the girl close in my arms. "What did you do?" I asked.

"Trying to set things right, Dean," she whispered, barely able to speak. She started coughing.

"I don't understand." I was confused. I stared into her eyes fixedly, the demons screams were still sounding in the background.

"Look at Sa…S…Sam." She managed to say through her blood filled mouth. I turned around and my eyes widened.

The white mist from the amulet was swirling around Sam. I continued to stare as the bright clouds entered his body. It seemed like hours had past, but it was only a few seconds. Then my heart jumped, electrified with something unknown as I watched. Sam's back arched, as he gasped for air. Little goose bumps tingled their way down my skin, my stomach flipped with joy; my tears no longer filled with sorrow.

I looked down at Tabby. She was already dead. I leaned down and whispered in her ear gently. "Thank you." And then I set her down.

The bright light behind me faded, and the demon was gone. I crawled the few feet it took to get to my brother. I lifted up Sam's head and placed it in my lap. I watched in amazement as his chest continued to move. Up and down it went, and with each movement my heartbeat quickened.

Sam shifted his head slightly, and then blinked a few times before fully opening his eyes. His hazel eyes stared at me in confusion. "Dean?"

I laughed, I honestly laughed. To hear him say my name again was like nothing I could describe. My heart skipped again as he said it again. "Dean?"

"Sam…" I didn't care how 'chick-flick' it was, I hugged him. I grabbed my lengthy brother in my arms and squeezed him tightly.

"Dean, do I have to ask?" Sam said, his voice struggling as I squeezed his body tighter.

"Just shut up for once." I smiled as I spoke. "Just don't do it again."

Sam looked at my arm, and then up at my face, his expression etched with worry. "You're bleeding."

"Yeah, but you died. I can handle a few wounds; it is all part of the Dean Winchester DNA."

"I died?" Sam asked, bewildered.

"Yeah, you don't remember going all ghost on me. Haunting me, telling me to save you?" I said, remembering the moments when Sam appeared to me.

"Dean, I didn't…"

"Whatever. Let's just get out of here. North Salem is officially going on my list of towns that suck." I laughed, and then released him. Sam sat up and looked at me. He smiled, a bright smile, one I thought I would never see again. The goose bumps returned as I stared.

We both stood up. I patted is back playfully. We walked towards the door, and I paused. I looked back at Tabby one last time. I smiled, knowing she was with her brother and her mother now. I walked out into the sun, and I welcomed the warmth that covered my body. The doors to the club closed, and I headed down to the steps. Standing next to Sam I smiled.

He was the first to speak. "No more hick towns in the middle of nowhere?"

I chuckled, and flashed him a smile. "Agreed."

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