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By Silvain Star


Black Sorting

"Black, Regulus."

Regulus stepped up to the Sorting Hat, glancing at his brother at the Gryffindor table before the hat fell over his eyes. It spoke to him a bit, then called out "Slytherin!". Regulus glanced at his brother again, and his face fell at Sirius' look of disgust. He went to sit by his cousins, Narcissa and Bellatrix. They were sitting across from a boy with greasy black hair and a pale face.

"Thank God, Regulus. You didn't turn out like your brother too much at least," Bellatrix said as he sat down.

"Shut up, Bella. You know he looks up to that arse," Narcissa said.

"Hi, I'm Regulus Black. Who are you?" Regulus asked the pale boy beside him, deciding to ignore his cousins' comments.

"Severus Snape," the boy said angrily. "Though your brother and his friends call me Snivellus… I suppose you will as well?"

"No. I think that's kind of mean, actually," Regulus said. "Are you a second year, like my… like Sirius?"

"Yes," Severus said.

"Umm… I don't know many of the first years, and Sirius looked like he wasn't gonna talk to me anymore, so I was hoping we could be friends. I'll try to get Sirius to stop calling you Snivellus," Regulus offered.

Severus' eyebrows raised slightly, and a hint of a smile touched his lips. "Really?" he asked. Regulus nodded. "Sounds like a good idea. Friends?" He held out his hand for Regulus to shake hands with him.

"Friends," Regulus said, shaking his hand.