Itachi lazily got up and pulled his yukata on. It looked good on him. Sasuke eyed his brother for couple of seconds. He looked so much like him, just a bit thinner. He felt that sudden desire to take Itachi here and now, to smite him off his feet, to pull up high his yukata, and to fuck him so hard that he will make all kinds of moans and noises. Younger man realized that he is getting excited again, and tried to dismiss the thought; he couldn't do it here and now, not with Naruto waiting impatiently in the other room.

Sasuke tied Itachi's hands behind his back, not that Itachi could do much with that necklace on, but just as an extra precaution. Older man didn't say anything but his face radiated a one clear message: a strong intention to kill something. He grabbed his Nii-san by the wrist and walked him out of the bedroom.

If there was anything that amused Itachi in the last couple of days, it was the scared face of that little fox brat when he saw him.

"- Wha-wha-what's this damn bastard Itachi doing here?"- Naruto yelled out pointing his finger at Itachi in disbelief.

"- Easy, dobe. I captured him couple of days ago; I beat him up but… I couldn't kill him"- said Sasuke, averting his gaze.

"- So what? You just decided to keep him instead? What the hell just turn the bastard in to Tsunade's interrogation squad?" –yelled out Naruto, finger still pointing at Itachi in disbelief.

"- Naruto, I… I need him to do something important first. Also, I rather interrogate and imprison him myself then let anyone else meddle in my family affairs, I… I hope you understand."

"- Huh? What possibly would you need that bastard for?"

Sasuke took a deep breath. "I need to impregnate him to continue my family line" Sasuke exhaled, that's it, he just said it out loud. Itachi looked at his little brother and he couldn't help but feel entertained, knowing how emotional that Naruto is, the shit should hit the fan just about now.

At this very moment, Naruto's face showed every possible negative emotion imaginable. "-Whaaaaaaat? You going to… fuck him? That's bullshit and fckin' gross! That bastard tried to kill me, for fucksake!" said blonde, tears evident in his eyes. "Do whatever you want, idiot, I'm leaving!" said Naruto before turning around and heading for the door.

"Naruto, wait!!" –said Sasuke. Blonde stopped and turned around, his hurt and angry gaze shifting from Sasuke to Itachi and back to Sasuke.

"- Naruto, stay, think about all the horrible things he wanted to do to you" –said Sasuke in almost a whispery voice. Younger Uchiha pulled Itachi in his embrace and kneeled on the floor. He forced Itachi to sitting position so that his back was resting on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke pulled Itachi's yukata up, exposing his brother's private parts. Itachi didn't like that, his first reaction was to pull his legs together but Sasuke grabbed his thighs and pulled them far apart, fully exposing Itachi's length and his pink, hairless entrance.

Naruto couldn't bring himself to turn around. The sight was too alluring, Itachi's large penis seemed partly erect and wanting to be touched and his entrance was a deep color of pink, it was evident that someone just played with his butt. Older Uchiha's face had a deep blush on it; he also looked angry and somewhat helpless.

Sasuke pulled Itachi's legs even further apart, which earned a gasp from his prisoner. "Come on, Naruto, now he is at your mercy, you can play with him all you want. Don't tell me you don't find him attractive, don't you just want to fuck him here and now?" with saying that, Sasuke firmly grabbed Itachi's manhood and stroked it, earning some gasps from now extremely blushing Itachi. He then pushed his two digits into Itachi, shoving them in and out and purposely hitting Itachi's special spot that always earned him loud moans and gasps.

Itachi was fully erect by now. He hated the whole situation and how that little Kiyubi brat, that he came to Konoha to capture, was now watching him being used like that. Being fucked by Sasuke was embarrassing enough but being offered to that little loudmouth was embarrassing as hell. But for some reason, being watched in such a personal moment made him instantly erect. Itachi couldn't even look at Naruto anymore; he knew that he was blushing and that he was moaning like on Sasuke's order and he knew that his penis was begging for release.

Naruto watched Sasuke's ministrations and how hot and seductive he made Itachi look. His gaze was fixed on Sasuke's fingers probing Itachi's swollen entrance and the movement of Itachi's hips which followed every time Sasuke hits a spot. Blonde felt his own member stiffen and he wanted to enter that sweet, red flower that Sasuke's fingers were readying for him, he wanted to squeeze Itachi's shaft and pump it so hard that it would spill its juices immediately. But then he remembered that it was Itachi lying in front of him. Suddenly it felt like his life is meaningless anymore; it was like being awoken from the sugary, happy dream to a horrible reality. No, he wouldn't do it; he couldn't, not with that criminal.

-" I'm not OK with that shit. Do whatever you want with him, but it's finished between us!" Naruto yelled out loud, and took a step back.

-"No, Naruto, wait, please!"

Naruto turned around and quickly ran to the door. He grabbed a handle and shot a last glance towards Sasuke "Bye!" and with that he was gone.

-" Naruto!" but it was too late, his lover was gone. Younger men hang his head low, he refused to believe what just transpired, and he couldn't accept that it was over between them just like that. Sasuke felt a wave of sadness wash over his heart.

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