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Why she hadn't realized it earlier? These feelings. Hatred when she heard him hurt her. Heartache when she thinks she couldn't save her. Her eyes couldn't let go of the beauty she saw. Worshiping every inch of the sea goddess. These days, only her, she filled her lungs, her mind, and her skin always feels that burning sensations, right after Michiru touch her, on her neck, her arms, on her collarbone.

It wasn't that confusing anymore.

Right now she wanted to hold her tight, telling her that it was all right, because she will protect her, even when it meant her own death. She would sell her soul only to be with her. These were proven by her choice earlier that day. When she pushed Inokuma. When she decided to protect her even when she knew Inokuma was a yakuza. She chose Michiru.

It wasn't confusing like it was used to. When she didn't recognize these feeling. Just like a naive teenage girl. The blonde smiled. She loved her.

Now the woman she loves was there. Right in front of her, in her arms, Her cheeks burned with fever under her palms, crying. How her lower pink lips trembling,

and somehow inviting?

Hellooo are you nuts?? Don't thinking that way right now! Haruka mentally shook her head and nodded.

'It's not the time to think that way.'

The blonde wanted so much to kiss her. To showed her that she loves her, to let her knew that she did care for her.

Those eyelids were close once more. Her eyelashes was long, some tears accessorized it. Although her face was pale, and Michiru did look like she was ill, she always had that persona, some charm that enchanted Haruka in such way. Her shoulder shook terribly, all those pain, Haruka wanted to take all of it, and make her feel better.

'You're lovely Michiru, even when you cry, but.."

"You will look more beautiful when you smile." She voiced her thought out loud.


She had these longing, wanting for more comfort. She hadn't felt all those nice things for months. She was in the edge of hunger. Hunger for what the other woman gave her. She drank every soothing words that coming from her. She needed it. She wanted it. She liked it. She.. loved it.

It just felt too good when she put her palms around the smaller woman's face. Those warm palm. That concerned face. How her lips formed every word.

She knew that the taller woman care for her. So much. First time she saw her she knew there was something special about her, but that day she was a fool for not trusting her instinct. She didn't know she was this special.

But what was this special means?

Was it because her beautiful face? She looked right on the pale white skin, so smooth. With pale full lips, too pale, only a slight of pink. Her golden eyebrow, framed her eyes perfectly. She almost looks like porcelain.

No. Her mind echoed in her ears.

Okay, so was it her body? Her arms were strong, but somehow feminine at the same time, as well as her stomach, her neck, her legs, She could see her legs showed, because the yukata was a bit too small for the blonde. She was so tall. So dominant. She wished she could drown in her body.

Her breath became shallow.

No Michiru, it's not that. Again her mind scolded her.

But Michiru was too lost. Too lost in her thoughts. She closed her eyes, aware that the other woman's face was an inch close to her.

Too lost to realize that she had more feeling to the other woman from just wanting some comfort.

Haruka's breaths almost push her, to throw herself in those strong arms.


"This child will love you." Haruka stated. She wiped some tears that escaped from Michiru's eyes. Only to see it replaced again.

"And you'll love this child." She cooed. Leaning her forehead to the other woman's.

Michiru was afraid, so afraid, of everything. These moths, she hid under the shadow of Inokuma. Wanting so badly to escape from him, so badly wanted to be free again like she was used to. And how on earth she would bear the child that might have some similarity like him. She couldn't.

But these words, Haruka's words affect her so much. She started to believe. She wanted to believe.

Because of it was Haruka.

Michiru opened her eyes.

Haruka's forehead met with her own. Her breath met with her own breath. Again and again both mind told their owner, they were so close. Everything was so silent. There were only she and Michiru, just the two of them.

"Close your eyes Michiru." Haruka ordered. Michiru obeyed closing her burned eyes, accidentally letting two tears fell to her feverish cheeks.

As fast as she let herself closed her eyes she felt so sleepy.

Haruka knew she was so tired. She knew she needed some more rest. So she let her slipped to her chest. She caught her, again like so many times today.

The journalist admired the other woman. For her patient, waiting for months in nightmare. To satisfactory kept her sanity. Not many had this courage to continue if they were in Michiru's position.

"You don't have to cry anymore Michiru." She said. She carried Michiru to the waiting futon, leaned her gently.

She corrected the thick blanket. The priestess was so kind. She didn't question them. She just let them stay here, and Haruka had already promise that they will leave, as soon as Michiru recovered. Setsuna stated to the raven-haired woman, that they couldn't tell the reason why they needed the place. Hino san didn't comment anything. She just smile, and she said she gladly help anyone who needed her help, Haruka believed her.

When she was about to leave someone knocked her on her feet. She lost balance and fell head first to the tatami.

"Hey!" Haruka growled, lifting her head so she could see who was the attacker.

"Hi to you to." Setsuna stated sarcastically, she was standing beside her. Haruka couldn't read her face, but she was so sure it was better to do do anything reckless.

"What that was for?" She asked, picking herself up from the floor.

"I need to talk to you Tenou san."

"What is it?"

"Why are you decided to help us? Seriously." Her tone was interrogating. As the matter of fact, Haruka understand her. She was Michiru's best friend after all. She was the stranger here.

"I just want to." Haruka didn't know what else to say. She couldn't say that she loves her. What would Setsuna say about that? That Haruka fell in love for a woman she just met from two days ago? Yeah right.

Michiru sifted in her dreams. Both Setsuna and Haruka freeze at the moment. Then sighed in relieve as they saw her just turned her position and still asleep.

"We shouldn't talk here, maybe outside?" Haruka pointed to the garden.

Setsuna just nodded and walked before her.

They stood there, without saying anything. Haruka listened to the sound of leaves, waiting patiently for anything that Setsuna wants to talk about.

"Michiru is nice person." Setsuna break the ice. Haruka turned her attention from the night sky to her companion.

"I love her as a sister, from high school." Setsuna continued. She didn't face Haruka, she just staring blankly to the trees. The blonde kept silent.

"Her parents died in accident." Haruka gasped. "And she has been with my family ever since. My parents are her foster parent." Now Setsuna starred at the other woman. Her eyes were threatening, cold, piercing inside Haruka.

Setsuna waited for other reactions from Haruka but the blonde didn't say or do anything, so she continued. "I care for her, so much."

Then Setsuna pointed at her, her index finger almost touch Haruka's nose as she did so. "And you, I won't let anybody else hurt her again. If you had any ulterior motive I suggest you leave now!" Setsuna narrowed her eyes.

Then she shrugged, letting her hands fell to her side. "I never saw her eyes like that, when she looked at you." She bent her head down, looking at her foot, while Haruka shifted uncomfortably.

"Please don't let her down."

Suddenly Setsuna voice was almost pleaded. Her eyes looked tired.

Haruka nodded. "I promise I'll protect her."

The other woman bowed in front of her. "My name is Setsuna Meio, I hope we can get along well."

Haruka bowed back.

At least some tension between the two was gone. 'Hopefully' Haruka thought.


Not too far from the Hikawa temples.

"Inokuma San, I think I found their car." Someone spoke on the phone.


Everyone was already asleep.

But Michiru was awake. Her nightmares, They were still there. Michiru found out that it was 2 o'clock in the morning. Hell it was still that long for the morning to come. She was too afraid to sleep again. She didn't want her nightmares come back again.

Setsuna wasn't in the room, the door to the garden was left open, and the chill air came through it.

'It's cold.' Michiru tightened her blanket.

'What had happened?' she remembered that she was talking with Haruka, then what happened?

She needed more comfort, more than she wanted. Right here, right now.

'Where's Haruka?'

Then she saw her. The journalist was sleeping in the corner of the room. She was sleeping in sit position, curled in her coat.

Haruka Tenou. The recorder she found in the motel from yesterday was hers. It labeled by her name. Somehow she was very happy when she found out she was the 'Haruka Tenou'.

Michiru crawled to Haruka. Her nausea and throbbing head had gotten a lot better, but now she was suffering from the after nightmare. They were so real, so sad.

Haruka slipped to the tatami, fully asleep. The violinist hugged her, burying her face on the crook of the other woman's neck. Soon her nostrils flooded with Haruka scent. Her right hand rested in Haruka's revealed collarbone, while her left arm pillowed Haruka's head and steadied it the fixed position. Haruka was so soft. She liked it there.

"Mm.. Michiru?" Michiru felt the other woman's body stiffened. But was glad when Haruka didn't pull away.

"Ssh.. I just need this right now. Please don't go."

Michiru closed her eyes. She was right, she wasn't afraid anymore if she was close to Haruka. She was special indeed.


Haruka had a hard time sleeping. Part of her mind told her to kept awake, while the other ordered her to rest. Well she obeyed the two of them. First she patrolled for a awhile, and kept watching at sleeping figure in the middle of the room, and fell into a deep slumber right when her butt touch the tatami.

Next thing she knew, she felt a presence. Michiru's presence, too strong for her, and she knew Michiru was approaching her. She was too sleepy to think, when Michiru embrace her and rested her chin on her shoulder Haruka only managed to call her name.

Her hair caressed her blonde's face. Ocean. Smell of the ocean.

Her body pressed to Haruka's, every curves fit perfectly, like piece of puzzles stick together.

She heard the steady breath, the heartbeat.

The taller woman gulped hard as she felt Michiru's lips accidentally brushed her neck, and it stayed there! Every breath that touched her bare skin sent Haruka to the edge. She almost couldn't resist the temptation.

Her mind chanting, that she just needed comfort, nothing important, and scolded herself for thinking 'other things'.

"Ssh.. I just need this right now. Please don't go."


A loud bang filled the room.

Haruka instinctively tightened the embrace, but was too late when she felt Michiru being pulled roughly from her.

"Haruka!" Michiru voice full of horror.

Next thing, Haruka felt someone hit her in the stomach.

"We already got her! The other isn't important! Pull back! Pull back!" Someone ordered.

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