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Zell's 12 Days Of Christmas

Zell's POV

Zell Dincht walked down the street to his favorite open-twenty-four-hours-a-day-seven-days-a-week bar during the first few hours of December the thirteenth. His boots crunched in the snow as he moved down the nearly deserted streets. They weren't usually this bare, but not many people take the time to walk down normally busy roads at two in the morning.

It was freezing outside, but he ignored it, even as the cold nipped at his cheeks and exposed fingers. Zell was pretty glad that no one was there to see him. He looked like a living hell, dressed entirely in black, with dark rings around his eyes and his normally spikey hair, damp from falling snow, was plastered against the sides of his face.

There was a somewhat valid reason for this change in attire. He was morbidly depressed. Everyone else he knew was spending christmas with their special someone. Even his own mother had met a man down at the festival and asked him if he would mind if they spent Christmas alone together. Of course he said they could, his Ma deserved to have someone special again. But even thinking that , he still found himself mopey and sad.

Why am I so sad! Christmas is just a few days during my break, before I no it it'll be over and I'll be able to find someone to spend it with next year. He thought to himself as he walked through the doors of the pub.

Because this is the first one you've ever had to spend alone. You never show it, but your friends are all that you have. Without them you fell alone and lost. A voice answered softly in his head.

The bartender, Mac looked up and smiled. "Back again Zell? The usual for you I suppose?"

Zell couldn't help but give a little smile back. "Sure, just... times it by ten."

The young man's face fell a little. "Did you have a bad day or somethin' ?"

"You could say that." Zell answered, digging into his wallet for some cash.

Mac took it and put it in the register, not bothering to count it. He trusted Zell to give him the right amount. Afterall he was a regular there. Reaching into a shelf he pulled out ten bottles and placed them in front of Zell.

Zell drank each one slowly, only finishing of the last of them as a little bit of light started show through the windows. He looked to the clock hanging on the wall, but his drunken world was blurred and swaying almost like he was on a boat, making it impossible for his eyes to decipher the numbers. Getting up, he staggered over to another table to ask the guy sitting there if he could tell him the time. Finding that it was about five in the morning, he got up to say goodbye to Mac and staggered out the door. Never noticing the pair of eyes watching him from the corner of the room.

Seifer's POV

He watched from the shadows as Zell staggered out of the building with the man he had been talking to a few minutes previous following shortly after. First he thought nothing of it, knowing that Zell could fend for himself if he got into trouble. But as it was, he found himself feeling a little bit nervous. Zell had had a lot to drink , and looked admittedly dreadful ... so he decided to follow after him just in case.

Getting up after leaving a tip on his table, he left in pursuit of Zell and his supposed stalker. Hearing a scream he dashed off in that direction. As he neared what sounded to be a fight, he decided to stick to the shadows, only to come out if he was actually needed. As he turned a corner he saw a sight that in the future, when he looked back on it, would scare him to death.

Two men were attacking Zell, neither of which looked to be the guy from the bar. One had a crowbar and the other was just mercilessly punching and kicking him, after he had ripped the shirt off him. Zell was struggling, but he was just too intoxicated to put up much of a fight.

The one with the crowbar lifted it to strike Zell's head, and Seifer leaped out to stop him. He used his hands to absorb most of the force, but the end still collided with Zell's skull, sending him crashing into the snow-covered sidewalk after being knocked out.

Seifer ripped the crowbar out of the man's hands and struck him hard in the ribs, making him gasp for air as he fell to the ground, clutching his side. He looked back to the second man, who stared at him in shock before scrambling to his feet and sprinting away. Seifer, watched him flee for a second before turning and running over to Zell. Finding immense irony in that the man who he had originally thought might hurt Zell, indirectly ended up saving his life.

He lifted Zell's head, finding that the snow had been turned red underneath it from the wound. He didn't have enough light to assess the damage yet though, so he grabbed the torn shirt and pressed it to the gash to slow the bleeding a bit. With that he took off his long jacket and wrapped it around Zell's shoulders before he bent down, and careful to avoid the many bruises, lifted him into his arms.

As he walked to his appartment, he could feel warm blood seeping through his shirt, and noticed how cold Zell felt. Knowing that loosing lots of blood and freezing to death aren't very pleasant things to do, he sought out to fix what he could, cursing himself for not bringing any potions or junctioning a restore type Guardian Force.


Yes Master?

Can you .. warm me up ... quite alot, but without killing me please?


Seifer gasped slightly as he felt heat flood through his veins, stopping for a moment until he got used to the feeling. Picking up his pace again, he chuckled lightly as he felt Zell unconciously snuggle into the heat.

When he finally got into his appartment, it was about noon. He placed Zell on his bed, while he went to find his firstaid kit, again cursing himself for his lack of curing items. When he found it he walked back and crawled onto the bed beside him, gently lifting Zell's head into his lap. He turned it slightly to examine the gash. It wasn't too deep, and the bleeding had slowed to a small stream. Nevertheless he got out some ointment and gauze and wrapped it, before looking at Zell's bruises to make sure none of them needed tending to. Finding none, he reached for the comforter at the foot of the bed and wrapped it around Zell, making sure to keep him as warm as possible, before pulling up a chair beside him.

There was nothing left to do but wait for him to wake up.



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