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December 20th

Seifer woke, feeling as if he had been mauled by freight train. His head throbbed as he winced his way into a sitting position and opened his eyes. It was only then that he noticed the weight on his thigh. Looking down, he noticed the blond fighter curled at his side, with his head on Seifer's lap. He smiled and brought a hand up to trace the black tattoo with his fingertips. He noticed that Zell wasn't wearing a shirt, preferring to sleep in just pajama bottoms, and the impressive muscles were displayed openly before him.

He let his hand drop down move along the taut abs, gently running his nails over a few ticklish spots. He smiled as Zell shifted on his lap at the touch and opened bright blue eyes to look up at him.

"Hey! Your finally awake!" Zell said, groaning as he sat up. "How are you feeling?"

"Like you used me as a punching bag." Zell snorted as he rolled off the bed and searched for a shirt.

"Well, that's to be expected, though the worst of your bruises have started to heal a bit thanks to the potion you took, and you have been asleep since yesterday." He pulled on a black shirt with a silhouette of Griever on the front in white.

"You still probably have a concussion from hitting that tree, but it should go away in a few days. I had a doctor come over last night and check you out, he said you would be fine." He walked over to Seifer and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm going to go make us some breakfast", he glanced at the clock, "..Er..lunch...anyways, there are fresh towels in that bathroom in case you want to shower, you do smell pretty rancid."

"Thanks for being so blunt love, I'll remember that next time you're unconscious for a day and a half." Seifer groaned as he struggled to stand with stiff muscles. All he heard in answer was Zell laughing down the hallway.

Seifer smiled as he walked to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and inspected his bruises while he waited for the water to heat up. There was a large one on his ribs from where he had been hit, and his back was covered in smaller ones, from when he hit the tree, but it seemed they were healing pretty well, some of them had turned the ''healing-bruises-yellow'' color.

After shedding the remainder of his clothing, he walked beneath the warm stream of the shower, sighing as it soothed his stiff muscles. It felt good to get rid of all the dirt and grit from his skin. When he was done, he stepped out and dried himself. He grabbed a pair of loose jeans and pulled them on, not bothering with any underwear. He doubted his clothing would stay on for very long anyway, giving how happy-in-the-pants he was feeling now that he was awake.

He walked to the kitchen, finding Zell making a couple of sandwiches with some soup boiling on the stove. He moved up behind him and slowly wrapped his arms around the fighter's waist, laughing as he jumped. He felt, rather than heard, the growl that made it's way out of Zell, as said man turned around with an accusatory glare.

"Sneak." He said with a frown.

Seifer smiled, "Just a little payback for what you did to me yesterday." When the frown didn't dissipate, he leaned down and pressed his lips against the blond's, who responded by kissing back for a few moments, but Seifer sensed something was wrong. He broke off and looked at the fighter quizzically.

"What's the matter Zell?" He asked, winding his arms more strongly around his waist. He looked into the bright blue eyes and searched for an answer.

"You scared me..." He said, face turning away from Seifer's.

"Just now? Cmon Zell, that's hardly-"

"No, not now, yesterday. I was so scared when you got hurt, but I couldn't do anything! Before the doctor came and said you were alright, I thought I was going to go insane with all my worry! You are the only good thing that's happened to me in years, and the thought of losing you now...I just...can't stand the thought of you gone." His voice broke a bit at the end, and Seifer reached to pull his chin up so that he could look him in the eyes. The moment he saw they were filled with tears, his heart melted a little.

"Oh Zell. I'm sorry I scared you, but you have to understand that I love you, and no matter what, I will always love you." Zell just nodded and wiped tears from his face with the back of his hand. He smiled and whispered a thank you, before pressing his lips firmly to the knight's.

Seifer smiled against the demanding lips and kissed back. He nibbled lightly on his bottom lip, and was quickly granted entrance to the fighter's mouth. He felt a hand drop down to his waistline, and broke off.

"As much as I want to continue this now, I'm starving Zell." Seifer said moving to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. He turned around to see Zell smiling with a positively predatory gaze. He felt a shiver run down his back.

"Zell... at least let me eat my sandwich?" His answer came in the form of a plate with a sandwich on it pushed into his hands.

Seifer smirked and sat down at the counter. He literally wolfed down his sandwich, and watched Zell do the same. By the time their dishes were in the sink, they were all over one another.

Zell turned to him and pounced, kissing him hard on the mouth. The fighter's hands tangled in his hair with an almost painful grip as he attacked Seifer's lips with a vengeance. Seifer groaned as the sensations went straight to his groin. This was exactly the way he liked it, a proper battle for dominance, with a hint of violence, and he'd be damned if Zell wasn't one to deliver.

Seifer broke from the kiss and began nipping his way down the open expanse of neck. He growled with impatience when he realized Zell still had a shirt on. Zell seemed to realize this and threw the shirt off so Seifer could have more skin to explore. The knight smirked and yanked the unsuspecting fighter to the floor, re-engaging their kiss. Slowly, he let a hand down to stroke Zell through his pants, and his smirk grew as a loud moan was pulled from the spiky blond.

"Fuck...Seif please." Zell moaned as Seifer unzipped his jeans and started to jack him off. Zell tried to return the favor, but his hands were caught and pulled above his head. He started panting as Seifer stroked faster, and moaned loudly when a set of teeth bit into his neck.

"Not so fast Zell, you just have to take what I give you." Seifer whispered against his ear. He pulled off the fighter's jeans and boxers, tossing them aside. He let his mouth trail down Zell's body, leaving bites and hickeys randomly on his way down. When he finally reached his target he heard Zell's breath hitch. He licked up the whole underside of Zell's cock, before taking the head into his mouth and sucking hard. Zell moaned loudly and panted faster as he was sucked off.

Seifer used his free hand to pull his own pants down enough to free his cock, and grab the small bottle of lube he had stashed in his pocket earlier. He snapped open the cap and put a generous amount on his fingers. He let Zell fall from his mouth as he pushed the fighter's legs apart with his knee. Zell quickly obliged him, spreading his legs and bending one knee. Seifer moaned at the image of Zell spread and ready for him, and placed his slicked fingers at the blond's entrance.

Zell grunted as the first finger penetrated him, but it quickly grew into a moan as he adjusted to the feeling. Seifer leaned up and kissed him gently as he added another finger, scissoring the two. Zell hissed in pain for a split second before crying out as they brushed across his prostate.

"Fuck Seif!" He moaned as he broke from the kiss, closing his eyes against the onslaught of sensation. He barely registered the third finger sliding into him as he bucked his hips up and fucked himself on Seifer's fingers.

Seifer was having a worse time, he was physically shaking with restraint as the beautiful man writhed beneath him. He finally removed his fingers, ignoring the disappointed groan from Zell, and lubed up his cock. He released Zell's hands and kissed him lovingly as he positioned himself and began to push in. Zell moaned loudly against his lips as inch after delicious inch slid into the warm passage. When he was fully sheathed in Zell, Seifer waited for him to adjust, bracing himself on shaky arms as he waited for the go ahead. It took all of his control not to just fuck him hard into the floor as the walls rippled along his length.

Zell moaned as he prostate was stroked hard by Seifers cock. He opened his eyes and saw the sweat on Seifer's forehead from holding back. Wrapping his arms around the strong neck, he licked the bruised lips gently.

"Cmon Seif, fuck me like you want to." Zell said as he placed a quick kiss on his lips before moving his head into the crook of Seifer's shoulder. Seifer immediately complied, pistoning his hips at a fast pace right off the bat. Zell moaned and bit lightly on the strong shoulder as ecstasy shot through his veins from the rougher treatment. Thrust after thrust the pressure built, and Zell began moaning Seifer's name like a mantra.

Seifer was in heaven. He was finding absolute bliss in this body, with this man.

He almost came when Zell bit harshly on his ear and whispered, "Fuck, I need you so bad Seif, let me ride you..." Zell's breath came out in a loud moan as Seifer yanked him hard against his hips and pulled him up so he could roll them both over to reverse their positions. He pulled himself into a kneeling position and held Zell straddled over his thighs.

Zell began to ride him hard as he tried desperately to come. Seifer moaned and wrapped a hand around Zell's cock, stroking it quickly, trying to match the time of his thrusts. Zell's moans became considerably louder at the dual pleasure, but somehow, he needed more.

"Fuck...Seif...it's not enough!" He moaned as he all out slammed himself onto the swordsman. Seifer agreed wholeheartedly, and put his hand behind his knees before dropping to his back. It instantly sent him deeper, and Zell screamed as he came from indescribable pleasure. Seifer came with a growl as the muscles along his length contracted and spasmed.

He felt Zell pitch forward onto his chest, and gently pulled the man into his arms while moving them into a more comfortable position. The momentarily exhausted blond smiled at him.

"I'm quickly become addicted to you Seifer Almasy." He whispered in the afterglow as he snuggled closer into the broad chest.

"In that case, I'm glad to be your fix Zell Dincht." Seifer smiled. He pulled the tired blond into his arms and carried him to their bedroom. He placed him under the covers and joined him for a good catnap.


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