Title: This Kiss
Fandom: 7th Heaven
Pairing: Martin Brewer and Ruthie Camden
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own 7th Heaven

In this story Martin and Ruthie are already a couple. Sandy never existed. (I can wish)


Martin was practicing with the rest of his baseball team, when he caught sight of Ruthie walking across the field and going up the bleachers. The coach called a timeout to give all the players a chance to get some water.

Martin walked over to the bleachers. Ruthie walked down the bleachers to kiss Martin. "You look so cute in your uniform."

"Not as cute as you look in that dress."

"You want to wear it?" she joked.

"No thanks," he laughed.


Later that day Ruthie was talking to Mac when Martin walked up, "What's up you two?"

"Nothing much, see you later Ruthie. Later Martin."

"What was that all about?"

"Nothing, we were just talking. Is that the green eyed monster called jealousy I see?"

"Of course not, I trust you 100" he said as he gently kissed her.

"Good, cause I only have eyes for you."


Martin walked Ruthie up to her front door. He pulled her into in embrace and gently kissed her. "I love you Ruthie."

"I love you too Martin."


Ruthie and Martin sat on her porch watching the sunset together. It was something they did everyday and it always ended the same way. The sun would set and he would lean over and kiss her.

This time it was different though, she leaned over and kissed him first.


There was a rumor going around in school that her and Martin were having sex. She told all her friends that it wasn't true and Martin told all his friends it wasn't true.

Ruthie walked over to him as he was talking to his friends on the baseball diamond, she overheard him say, "I'm not sleeping with Ruthie. I respect her too much for that. We're both waiting till we get married before we have sex."

The other guys walked away from Martin and he turned and saw Ruthie. He smiled, "Are you having any luck convincing people?"

"No, but who cares what they think, we know we're not," she said as she kissed him.


Ruthie was sad, she had just had an argument with Martin and he storm out the door. She was sad because she was wrong and he was right. She got off her bed and walked downstairs to find Martin standing in her kitchen.

She walked toward him and he opened his arms for her. He gently kissed her as she was enclosed in his arms, "I'm sorry Ruthie, I shouldn't have walked out."

"I'm sorry too; I shouldn't have said what I did."


Ruthie sat with Martin having milk and cookies. She loved him so much and had for so long. She couldn't believe she was this happy.

Martin leaned over and kissed her gently.

"What was that for?"

"Just because, I love you."

"I love you too."