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sunshine in a bag

CHAPTER o1 : roommate

The obsessive act of opening and closing a refrigerator door in
an attempt to catch it before the automatic light comes on.
-- "Sniglets", Rich Hall & Friends

It was 2:02. 2:02 in the fuckin' morning. Why the hell did I wake up then?

I lay there, staring up at the dark ceiling and listening to my alarm clock tick away on my beside table until my question was quite conveniently answered by my stomach. So I rolled off my bed-literally rolled off it-and hit the floor. My legs felt like jello. Speaking of which... my stomach gave another loud rumble. I swear, it was probably enough to wake my roommate.

I wobbled to my feet and stumbled my way into the kitchen-tripping over a discarded couch cushion on my way there-and opened the fridge. Then closed it and opened it again, watching the light flicker on and off for a moment.

Hmm. No jello. Oh, hey, coke. I grabbed the soda, not quite caring that it was probably unhealthy to drink it in the middle of the night and I found myself wondering if I would still be able to make it to my bed. I was still half-asleep. If not, I could just crash on the couch.

So I did that. I had just plopped down on the couch and made myself comfortable when I heard my roommate's door creak open. I looked up and found him staring at me from the darkness. No, scratch that. Glaring. With those big eyes shining like blue venom. He was pretty intimidating for a kid, I can tell you that much. And this is coming from me. Me. Fucking Axel.

Okay, well, I'll be honest with you. You can never know what mess you'll get into when you put an ad in the paper for a roommate. You can never know who will answer your call of distress and help you pay the rent that just can't seem to get paid. And I had no idea what was in store for me when this short, blonde little teenager sauntered up to my door, bags by his feet, and asked how soon he could move in. And... I'll admit it (even though I don't want to), but I was suckered in the moment I saw him. He looked a little lost, maybe slightly confused, and the caring side of me that I rarely showed flared up.

It's only been a week and I've patted down the basics. He's seventeen, I think, only a year younger than me. His name is Roxas and he has terrible anger issues. And he's my friend's brother. Went AWOL on the family, or something after a blow up, and guess who's feeling the after-effects? Yup. Me. And yes, for some odd reason, I'm actually putting up with the mental abuse.

At the moment I half-expected him to say "Hey," or "Hi," or "What the hell are you doing up at like two in the goddamn morning?"

Instead, he simply said, ''What are you doing up?'' I off by nine words. Well, at least he wasn't in a bad mood. Which was like, always. So never mind then.

"I could ask you the same," I scoffed, feeling a smirk slowly stretching across my face.

He shot me a look, one that sent shivers of anxiety rushing up my spine, and stalked past me into the kitchen. "I was thirsty," he snapped. I flinched in response and averted my gaze from him.

The fridge door opened, flooding the floor with light, and I could just make out Roxas letting out a frustrated sigh over its hum. "Did you take the last soda?"

"Uh... I... might've..." I replied somewhat sheepishly. I seriously didn't know it was the last soda. I mean. So? I was fucking thirsty too. And it's my damn soda. Still, I secretly hoped that Roxas wouldn't verbally chop my head off. And he didn't. Much to my surprise, he sat down on the couch next to me with a pensive look on his face and lapsed into silence. I liked watching him when he wasn't fuming and scowling all over the place, and actually looked pretty normal instead. It was only time I could be around him and feel semi-relaxed.

I glanced at my half-finished soda and then handed it to him.

Once again, I half-expected him to say something like "Huh?" or "Yeah, I see the can," or "Ew, I'm not drinking your backwash."

He didn't say anything and surprised me again by taking the can from me and downing a swig. "I'm going back to bed," he finally said, suddenly standing up. He sounded a little less ticked off than before but his tone still made me flinch. Gaia, what was up with this kid? I didn't need this sort of behavior. I was my apartment to begin with anyway, dammit! I let him in out of the pure goodness of my heart (sorta). But if I lashed out, Roxas would probably break my neck. I wanted to make peace with him, not make both of us murderers.

Despite my better judgment to just leave him alone, I found myself calling out to him. I hated being near someone who I was in constant conflict with... I don't respond so well to awkwardness, y'know? "Hey, Roxas, wait!"

I saw him freeze halfway from his room, silhouette illuminated from the streetlamps outside of the window. "What?"

Now that was the tone that made me want to throw the TV at him. I sucked in a breath and refrained myself from doing so. Even though I wanted to. Badly. Must. Resist. Temptation. If I we were going to live together, then I at least wanted to be on good terms with the kid before kicking him straight out the door.

"Tomorrow," I started, before pausing in thought. Technically, it already was tomorrow. "Uh, later today, I'm going out with a few friends. Do you.. wanna come?"

Even though I couldn't see them, I could feel his eyes boring into me with deadly bluntness. "Why?"

I frowned and cocked my head to the side. Ever since the first day, there had been an air of seclusion around him, the kind that oozes I-just-want-to-be-alone. I guess whatever happened between him and his family really got him. And I... sort of hated seeing people stuck inside their own shell. It made me want to help them. Without really meaning to, I made a secret oath to myself that I would get Roxas to loosen up a bit and maybe even smile. Plus, I didn't want to live with a bitchy roommate."To, y'know, hang out."

"Why are you asking me?"

Um, 'cause you need to get a life.

"I dunno. I figured you probably have nothing better to do so..." I quickly trailed off, thinking that that was probably the wrong thing to say. But it was true. He spent most of his time locked up in his room.

Roxas only shrugged and crossed the rest of the way to his bedroom door. "Whatever."

I felt myself grinning triumphantly. "I take that as a yes?"

"Take it however you like," Roxas grumbled back with a shake of his head. He kicked the door shut and I ran up to it, shouting through the wood, "Okay, at twelve o'clock sharp, we're leaving. Got it memorized?"

The door suddenly swung open (to my unfortunate surprise) and I stumbled forward, coming face to face with a very pissed-off looking Roxas. Literally. Our noses were like, practically touching. Sapphire blue eyes narrowed angrily as Roxas suddenly realized how close our faces were, and backed up a bit. I, personally, didn't mind the closeness, but that was just me.

"Yeah, ok, can I go to sleep now?" he snapped, pressing his hand against my chest and shoving me back a few more paces.

I smirked unabashedly and brushed myself off. Was he blushing? "Be my guest."

He thanked me by slamming the door in my face.


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