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Title: Glaring Dream
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Joey/Ryou
Spoilers: Nothing
Warnings: OOC, AU-ish.

I actually wrote this like 2 years ago. I took it down because I didn't like how it was turning out. So, I'm redoing the story.


Joey jogged down the streets of Domino trying to ignore the howling of the wind and the heavy rain that was currently pouring from the sky. He pulled his jacket closer to his body, slightly shivering. He made a face as a coppery taste touched his tongue. "Damn it, it hasn't stopped bleeding," he wiped his mouth. He sighed, thinking of some place to go at this late at night. He stopped jogging so he was now walking at a normal place. He continued looking ahead considering his options.

He could always go back home and get into another fight with his dad. Joey came home late, his dad was drunk and they got into a fight. The blonde got a black eye and a split lip from the altercation. He ended up knocking his dad out and decided to get out for the night because he didn't want to be there when his dad woke up.

"I could always go to Tristan's...," he sighed shaking his head. Tristan would probably yell at his friend for going into a fight without him to back him up.

There was always Tea... Then again she would probably give him some kind of friendship speech. Joey knew she meant well but he wasn't in the mood for one right now.

He couldn't go to Yugi's, He would get the poor guy upset. Then Yami would ask questions and his dads drinking problem would get out. The blonde worked to hard to keep that a secret and he wasn't going to let it slip out anytime soon.

He would skip about thinking to going to Kaiba for help. The brunette would probably make him wear a collar and make some smart ass remark about Joey finally realizing who his master is. Which Joey would have punched Kaiba for thus leaving Joey on the street once again.

Duke was on a business trip so that was definitely not an option.

After many failed attempts at trying to get Joey into his bed Malik would just slam the door in his face. Joey sighed, Malik did that once to him before.

If Joey went to Mai's home, she would just whack him upside the head then yell at him for interrupting her beauty sleep.

There was always Ryou... But the white haired boy's yami scared Joey shitless, though he would never admit to that. Joey then smiled as he remembered awhile ago he heard Ryou talking about that Bakura moved to Egypt with Marik a couple weeks ago. Ryou was probably his best option. True, he didn't know him that well but Ryou was quiet and he didn't ask to many questions. He probably wouldn't mind the company because he always seemed lonely. The blonde headed in the direction of the Bakura residence.


Ryou sighed, sleepily dragging his body across the living room to answer the door. "I'm coming, I'm coming." He yawned, rubbing the sleep from one of his eyes. He opened the door and his eyes widened at the sight of the blonde duelist. "Joey! Your soaking wet!" He stepped aside and ran into the bathroom to get a towel. He returned moments later and handed it to the other boy.

"Thanks." Joey took the towel trying to dry his hair best he could before wrapping it around his shoulders.

The white haired boy looked over at the clock. "What are you doing out so late Joey? And what happened to your face?" Ryou reached out and gently touched Joey's cheek that had the faint bruise on it.

"Well, you know." Joey slightly flinched away not used to anyone touching him so gently. "I got into another fight." He rubbed the back of his head and gave Ryou a grin, "I was hoping that I could probably crash here for the night. My old man wouldn't be happy if I went home like this."

Ryou looked at Joey skeptically before nodding, "Sure you can stay. Just wait here for a minute while I get you something to change into. I don't want you to catch a cold."

The taller of the two watched the other boy disappear down the hall, he took that moment to look around at his surroundings. Ryou's house seemed different then any other one he had ever been in. It had this warm and cozy feeling to it, like it was just waiting to invite you in. Joey smiled a little as he looked at the pictures on the wall. A confused expression ran across his face as he continued to look at them. In most of them there was a woman that seemed to look like Ryou, holding a little girl and holding a little boy's hand - whom he thought to be Ryou. 'That's weird...,' he thought, 'Ryou's never mentioned anything about his mom or even having a sister.' He shrugged it off, he never really paid attention to the soft spoken boy in the first place. 'I'll just ask him about it in the morning.' Joey whirled around hearing his name called.

Ryou handed Joey the clothes then yawned. "Follow me." He showed Joey where the bathroom was then yawned again. "You can get changed in here." He pointed down the hall. "You can sleep in the second room on the right. I'm in the one across from it." He smiled. "Night Joey."

Joey watched Ryou walk down the hall into his room. "Night." He disappeared into the bathroom.


I really didn't change anything drastically for this chapter, I really like how this one was. Just changed a few words and sentences around here and there. I'm working on redoing the next chapter now.
-Yami Sango