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Joey tossed and turned in the bed while mumbling something in his sleep about being attacked by giant pizzas further entangling himself in the blanket. Then suddenly he fell to the floor with a loud thump and opened his eyes slowly, blinking trying to figure out where he was. "This isn't my room... Oh yea, I'm at Ryou's house." He yawned attempting to get up before he noticed the blanket was snuggly wrapped around him. He groaned, banging his head on the ground before finally managing to wiggle his way out of the cocoon he was trapped in. Joey stood up and winced at the pain that traveled down his back, he then put his hands on his lower back and tilted backwards making his back crack. "Much better..." He yawned wanting to crawl back into bed before he heard someone call his name.

"What is it?" Joey yawned again rubbing one of his eyes stumbling into the kitchen where Ryou was putting food on the table.

"Lunch is ready," Ryou said smiling.


"Yes Lunch. I couldn't get you up for breakfast. I swear you would sleep if a train hit you." Ryou sat in a chair across from the plate he put down for Joey.

The blonde laughed nervously and sat down. "I get told that all the time." Joey looked at the food then started to eat. "Mow! Mmwfou did you really mffake this? Its really mmood!"

A pink tinge colored Ryou's facre and he nodded. "You shouldn't talk with food in your mouth Joey. Plus you need to slow down before you choke."

Joey just grinned and finished his food. "So Ryou where are your parents?"

"...My dads off on a dig." Ryou looked down at his plate and frowned a little.

"And your mom?" Joey asked not sensing the other boys discomfort.

"She died..."

Joey winced feeling a pang of guilt because he brought something up that upset Ryou. "I'm sorry."

The other teen smiled sadly and looked back at Joey, once again smiling brightly. "Its okay... So, what do you want to do today?" He wanted to get the subject off his family.

"I was going to go to the arcade with Yugi and the gang." He felt another surge of guilt swell through him at the sad look in the other boys eyes. "You are invited too of course," he quickly added.

Ryou smiled sadly. "Oh... no its okay. I really need to go shopping and clean the house." He picked up the plates putting them in the sink then turned back to Joey. "I cleaned your clothes and put them in the bathroom for you... I really need to get going. I guess I'll see you on Monday..." He looked more sad if it was even possible but still kept smiling, "Bye Joey." He went to get his jacket and left.

Joey slapped his hand against his forehead and groaned. "I am so stupid..."


Joey groaned at the game in front of him and lightly kicked the machine before stuffing his hands in the pocket of his jeans, flashing on the screen was 'Game Over!'. He tried to ignore Tristan's bragging about how much better he was then him. "Tris, I swear if you don't shut your trap I'm going to staple it shut."

The brunette raised an eye brow. "What's with you today? Did some girl turn you down?"

"No! Nothing like that!" Joey backed away from his friend slowly when this smile that he could only describe as feral crept on his face.

Tristan however caught him before he could get to far and put him into a head lock. "My little Joey is growing up before my eyes," he said dramatically and pretended to cry, wiping one of his eyes. "Maybe I should set you up on a date to get your mind off her."

"Ow! Damn it! Let go!" Joey was struggling to get out of his friends hold but was failing miserably. "Its nothing that that!" Joey finally settled for pinching the other boys arm hard to try and get him to let him go.

Tristan yelped and rubbed his arm. "You moron! That hurt..." He pouted slightly. "Seriously what's up with you today?"

"I'm just cranky. I didn't get enough sleep." He leaned against one of the walls of the arcade closing his eyes.

The brunette stood next to him and crossed his arms over his chest. "I called your house this morning to make sure you were coming. You dad said you weren't home. Where were ya?"

Joey opened one of his eyes looking at Tristan. "I slept over a friends house."

The other boy raised an eye brow. "At Yugi's house? He said he didn't know where you were."

Joey shook his head, his bangs slowly swaying with the motion. "I didn't sleep over Yugi's house, you dork."

"Then where the hell were you? You sure the hell weren't at my house and Téa's parents would have a shit fit if a guy slept over." Tristan visibly shuttered, recalling the memory when his girlfriend tried to sneak him into the house for the night. He thought her mom was bad... that was until he met her father.

"You really are dense. I slept over Ryou's house." Joey whacked Tristan upside the head which made the other boy mumble and rub his noggin. Joey closed his eyes again and sighed deeply.

Tristan leaned against the wall next to Joey once again. "Then why didn't he come with you?"

The brown eyed boy shrugged. "He had things to do." Joey looked up at the clock above them and groaned. It was that late already? It only seemed like he was at the arcade for a couple hours instead of until six. "I should be getting home. Don't want dad to get worried." He pushed off the wall shoving his hands in is pockets. "Tell everyone else I said bye." Joey waved and walked out of the arcade.


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