Dean is 26. Sam is 24. Abby is 15. Abby was 6 months when Mary died. Dean was 11. Sam was 9. This story is all flashbacks about Abby (their sister) and how Sam and Dean feel about her.

Sam and Dean are waiting by Abby's bedside. They are a little beat up from the last hunt. But Lauren took the worst of it. A spirit was invading an empty school. Abby, Sam, and Dean went to destroy it. They were having a hard time doing so. They finally destroyed it but not before it got to Abby first. She flew through a wall and was not breathing when Sam and Dean reached her. They took her to the hospital and barley saved her life. Now they are waiting by her bed, waiting to see if she makes it. If she even wakes up.

Dean remembers the last big time that he was in the hospital for Abby.


Dean, 11, Sam, 9, are waiting in the waiting room to see what younger sibling they get to take home. Their dad comes out and goes up to the boys.

"Is it a boy?" Sam asks really fast while he stands up.

"No, I always get my way and I want it to be a girl, cause when she is older, I am going to kick anyone's butt who even tries to hurt her" Dean says in protest.

"Well why don't you boys come in and see for yourself" John says not wanting a fight.

Sam and Dean run to the room that they saw their dad come out of and they saw their mom laying on a bed with a baby in her arms. The baby blanket is pink. "Yes!" Dean yells.

"Shhh" both Mary and John say.

"Yes!" Dean says quieter. "I told you I always get my way" He brags to Sam.

"I don't care, now I am going to bigger then someone. She has to listen to me." Sam brags back as he points to himself.

"Now boys don't fight, and go see your sister" John says and the boys go on each side of the bed.

Mary shows the baby to Sam first and then Dean. "What's her name?" Sam asks.

"We don't know" Mary says. "We were hoping that you two could help us with that"

"Ok, I like the name Haley" Sam says.

"I don't" Dean says and scrunches up his nose.

"Well, what do you like" Sam says in a snotty way.

"I like Abby" Dean says.

"I like Abby too" Mary says.

"Me too" John agrees.

All three of them look at Sam and finally he agrees too.

Mary looks down at the baby in her arms "Abby Marie Winchester. Welcome to the family"

Flashback Ends

Dean smiles when he remembers that he was the one to name the most important woman in his life. But then he looks down, only to see that same person fighting to stay alive.