They both go over to her and Dean says back with a smile "I thought classic rock was your favorite"

"Nope" Abby says with a bigger smile then Dean, "I lied" She then turns to Sam, and says "Well, are you just going to sit there, or are you going to hug me?"

Sam gets up and gives Abby the biggest hug that he has ever given her.

Dean is about to get up to hug her too, when they hear something at the door.

"Now I know you boys said you didn't want any, but you have to eat something so…" John says as he is walking through the door. He sees Abby and drops everything.

"Dad" Abby barley whispers. "When did you get here?"

"About… about an hour ago" John kind of squeaks when he says it. "How… how are you?" he asks.

"I'm good…why do you ask?" Abby asks kind of slowly.

This gets both Dean and Sam's attention. "You don't know?" Dean asks.

"Well, I remember going on the hunt for the spirit, going into the one classroom with all the empty cabinets, and then seeing the ceiling, then both your faces, then black." Abby tells the boys and use her arms to exaggerate.

"O, well, you were knocked out. You fell into a coma, we didn't know if you were going to make it" Sam says with a sad voice.

"So, that's why I am lying in a hospital room." Abby puts it all together.

"Does your head hurt?" John asks.

"A little, and so do my ribs." She says while fidgeting.

The doctor comes in, stops and looks at Abby with a surprised look on his face. "You're awake?"

"Yeah, you can't keep a Winchester down for long" Abbey says, hoping that they used their real last name.

"No, you can't" John says with pride in his voice.

The End.