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SR Lois begins drifting away from Richard when she and Clark are sent to investigate another one of Luther's plots. She starts questioning all of her thoughts, could she really be falling for Clark Kent? She's put to the test when Luthor's men attack and try to kill him, she saves Clark's life by taking the bullets. Now Clark sits helplessly with guilt watching his loved ones suffer for his life.

Anyway on with story!

Chapter 1: Blue eyes

Lois Lane stared down blankly at the yellow pasta curled around her fork. While her physical self sat at the dinner table, with warm presence of her family around her, Lois's mind was lost somewhere in the mist of thought.

This is how she had carried on for the past few weeks, like a zombie around the newsroom. Completely absorbed in her daydreams and reflections. Even in the comforts of her own home and family, she remained adrift in her sea of questions and contemplations. With her mind occupied in dream land, her family and co-workers took absolutely no notice to her strange behaviour, which was one of the many gifts of the talented Lois Lane. To fool the world when she was at her worst into thinking she was perhaps at the top of her game. Not only was it her famed ability, but her duty as a valuable reporter to the Daily Planet, and a much needed wife and mother at home.

And who did she blame for her programmed, robot like state? The same person that remained constantly on her mind 24 hours a day...

"Superman!" The excited little voice echoed through her mind, snapping her out of her trance. "He's on T.V again"

"When is he not?" Lois muttered quietly under her breath. The television across from the dinning room blared on about Superman's latest victory against the forces of evil….in other words, there was another bank robbery.

"Anyway, Lois," Richard continued the conversation he'd been yakking on about for the past twenty minutes. Lois of course not having the slightest idea what he was talking about, only gave a few brief nods and sighs of response. "I realize these past couple of weeks have been a lot for you to deal with, now that Superman has…returned." He cleared his throat. Lois at least somewhat paying attention this time. "I have to say, I'm really…impressed. You've dealt with this very well, and that got me thinking, maybe you're really…over him"

She shifted her eyes towards him. He clearly did not have the skill of mind reading, thank god actually. Or their relationship probably would have ended before it even began.

Lois sighed regretfully, "Yeah, maybe you're right, Richard. Maybe I've finally realized that that part of my life is over." Another lie to add to the list.

"Well now, since that's settled, perhaps you might have thought about…setting a date."

She dropped her utensil and looked up across the candle lit dinner table at her…fiancé. She could hardly even choke out the word anymore.

"Richard I…" She glanced over at the tiny midget staring up into his loving mother's gaze. She did not want to do this now, especially not in front of Jason. "I don't think…why do we…" She knew she couldn't even get near the sensitive topic of marriage without Richard going out into a rage. But thankfully this time, he put a halt in the conversation before she could respond.

"Never mind, Lois." He said in a deep, disappointed voice.

"It's not that I don't want too, Richard. It's that I'm-"

"Still waiting for Superman to sweep you off your feet?" He excused himself from the table in a huff, not bothering to even give Jason a blink.

"Mommy," Jason said so innocently and full of concern. "Is Daddy… jealous of Superman? Because I like Superman, but I'll always love my Daddy."

Lois couldn't help but smile warmly at her son. He was so kind hearted, and he always somehow found a way to blame himself for their bickering.

"Don't worry munch-kin." She rubbed her hand through his fair hair. "Daddy knows you'll always love him."

"Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!" The sound of the morning alarm clock rang painfully in Clark Kent's overly sensitive ears, just as he had pulled over the covers attempting to crawl into bed.

The red digital lettering of 7:00am flashed on the screen as Clark sighed. It had been a long and busy night, and he was so looking forward to some mental rest and recuperation. Two burglaries, a fire, a flood and even a kidnapping. Now, just as he was about to retire from the long night, he was called upon once again to battle the forces of the evil newsroom reporters of the Planet.

A hero's work is never done.

"Oh g-good morning, Lois." Clark stuttered when he stumbled into Lois Lane, tripping over the scattered papers of the hectic newsroom.

"Good morning, Clark," Lois couldn't help but permit herself a small chuckle at Clark's infamous clumsiness.

"KENT! LANE! OFFICE! NOW!" Perry White was man of little, but very loud words.

"Does he really have to blare across the room this early?" Lois yawned to herself. "We better find out what he wants..." Clark timidly treaded softly after Lois into Perry's solitude of an office.

"I'll get straight to the point," Perry began his typical lecture on their new project "Two words: Lex Luthor..."

Lois let out an ear disturbing groan.

"Problem, Miss Lane?" Perry raised his eyebrows at her lack of manners.

"Well, considering the fact he just tried to drown my entire family a few weeks ago, I'm just not exactly hyped up to hop aboard this story as fast as I got on that retched boat."

"A terrible mistake that was, Lois. But a story is a story. Clark, you're on board aren't you?"

"Uh-sure, whatever you need me for, Mr. White." Poor Clark wasn't in any place to argue.
Partly because he was the one who gave the information to Perry that Luthor had escaped from the island he was confined to. And partly because he owed Perry about ten stories from the past few weeks of ditching his day job for his usual night part time.

Lois sighed; she might as well see what Perry had to say. "What is it that you want me to do?"

"Lex Luthor, has left the island. He's supposed to be cooking up some ultimate revenge plan for Superman downtown in an abandoned warehouse."

"And you want us to…stop him?" Lois gave Perry an awkward look.

"I want you to go down there and expose him! Get any information you can on the warehouse and the current whereabouts of Luthor!"

"This sounds more like a job for Sup-" She cut herself off. "The police."

"Think of it this way, Lois. If we can expose Luthor and chase him out of Metropolis, the entire staff of the Planet will be a hero in the public's eye! We'll have Luthor running so fast out of town before you can even say Superman."

"Where did you get all this info anyway, Perry?"

"Anonymous tip."

Clark grunted and looked away shamefully. That 'anonymous tip' had actually come from Clark on a nearby payphone. His plan was to do just as Perry had said. Clark had hoped Perry would pick him for the job to get Luthor and his team out of Metropolis, without having to go all Super on them. What would he have looked like if Luthor hadn't been in the warehouse after all and he just blew a building to pieces for no reason? The investigating was for the reporter in him. And he was desperately trying to avoid any reason to have confrontation with Luthor in such a public and open manner. Though he hadn't meant to drag poor Lois into his guilty plan. "Mr. White if Lois d-doesn't want to join me, I'd be more than able to do this alone-"

"Nonsense, Kent! You and Lois are the best two reporters we've got. And a brave soldier like you has to have back-up in case you get yourself caught up in a mess. Besides, you two are team, always have been! You and Lois used to-"

"Alright," Lois surrendered. She didn't need to go strolling down memory lane. "I'll get you the story," she turned her attention to the shy reporter in the corner "With Clark."

Perry beamed with pride "Excellent, another story I can add for the'Adventures of Lois and Clark! file."

"We're in over our heads, Kent." Lois pounded on sharp, wooden, creaky door. "It's locked, how are we supposed to even get in?"

"Well, let me have try at it." She didn't particularly want to waste time with Clark trying to break into the abandoned shack they'd been assigned to investigate. What were the chances a little guy like Clark Kent could open a tightly bolted-"Ops." Clark flinched as the door fell down at their feet with a thud. Lois stood wide eyed at Clark.

"Have you been working out or something, Kent?" She was amazed at Clark's sudden ability of strength.

"Uh well, the door was probably worn down the t-termites and your kicking..."

Lois took out a tissue from her purse and wiped off Clark's glasses from the dust that flew up into his face. She couldn't help but be entranced by his bright, sky blue eyes.
"Thank…thank you, Lois. Shall we go in?" His eyes danced around nervously trying to doge her intense gaze.

"Oh-right." Back to the job and out of her fantasies.

She stepped carefully over the piles of termites and crawling inside the pitch black room.

"Gosh, it's awfully dark in here," Clark observed.

"Of course. It's the perfect atmosphere for an evil psycho-path." Her voice echoed, bouncing off the concrete walls. She sighed, "Come on, Clark. There's nothing here. Let's just…Clark?"

"Huh?" He seemed to be staring upward, literally scanning for something on the floor above them.

"Are you listening? Let's go."

"Wait, Lois. I think I hear something..."

She waited a moment and listened for herself what Clark was babbling on about. "I don't hear anything, Clark." She reported, losing her patience.

"Upstairs. I'll go check it out, you can stand watch." He moved swiftly past her and up the creaky stairs at the back of the tiny, isolated, bare room.

Lois Lane stand watch? Since when had Clark Kent gone all macho, protective over her?

"I don't think so." She followed after him. If there was a story here, she was going to get it with Clark.

She must have climbed four flights of stairs before Clark halted suddenly.

"Shh," He whispered gently to her as he pointed to the door next to them. She heard two very low, mumbled voices. Men's voices by the tone of them, but she could hardly catch every other word. How in the world could Clark have heard them four floors below?

"The little one----Lex needs----" It was no good for Lois, the sentences were too scrambled for her to make out. Clark seemed to be having no trouble though. He pressed himself right up against the door as his face flooded with fear.

"Clark?" She mouthed silently. "What is it?"

"Lex does work here…" He answered. "His men anyway..."

She attempted to listen in again. "Lo---ne. We get them and -----man will have no----Lex's orders. He knows where they live"

She had never seen Clark so terrified in her life. What could he hear that was so terrible?

He abruptly did something much unexpected, "We have to go, right now." He took her hand gently and dragged her behind him sprinting down the steps, no longer caring about the importance of stealth.

"Clark," She had to contain herself from shouting. "Wait, stop. I haven't even got a story yet-"

"BANG!" Lois covered her ears. What was that? A gun shot?

"They know that we're here. Lois, run please go!" He begged. There was just enough light to see his blue eyes. Clearly he knew something she didn't, and against all of her reporter's instincts, for the first time in her life, she obeyed Clark.


Lois raced down the stirs alone, but the light was just too insignificant for her to take any notice of the missing step that had rotten away.

She groaned as she fell flat of her face on the landing of the second flight of stairs. This was not a good day for heals. Her ankle twisted backwards as she cried out in pain.

"BANG! BANG!" The gunshots were getting closer. The cursing and shouting of voices became louder. Whatever Clark had attempted to do to distract them, had failed.

Adrenaline had taken over her body at this point, forcing herself to try and slide down the stairs on her hands and knees.

Footsteps rushed after her, she wanted to call out for help, his help.

She wailed as one of the men had grabbed her wavy, brown hair forcing her to stop progressing towards the door.

"Tie her up in the car," One of the deep, growling voices had instructed to the other.

Lois tried to glance up at the appearances of her captors, but they were both dressed in night black clothing, blending in with the rest of the darkness. The only identification she got from either one of men was the green, glowing meteorite rocks they wore as rings on their fingers. All hope of Superman coming to her rescue drained out of her, as she gazed up in sadness at the Kryptonite.

"Clark!" She shouted desperately as she struggled and squirmed at the man trying to tie her hands together.


The firm grasp on her hair had suddenly been let go. Lois peered up the stairs. There was Clark, who had apparently hurled the man into the cement wall. He got up dizzily and dazed, but concentrated on Clark and struck a soft punch. It brought Clark down to the floor instantly. He whammed a few more kicks into Clark's side before she could watch no longer. She stopped squirming and let both men bind her wrists. She couldn't bear to let Clark take any more pain. He was just too innocent for that. She went along easily with what they wanted her to do. Maybe if they let them take her without any problems, Clark would get away to find help. They brought her to her feet and she was forced to limp across the floor losing both of her shoes.

"Clark!" She cried out again. Hoping that would get him on his feet and to the police.
She let out a small sob of helplessness when one of the men struck her across the face. They forced her head down and inside a rusty blue car parked outside the warehouse, light from the afternoon sun flooded her eyes as they adjusted from the dark.

She sat quietly with her thoughts for a few moments, everything had happened so quickly. One minute she had been staring into Clark Kent's magical eyes, the next, the thought was passing through her mind that he might actually be…

No, not Clark. She couldn't think that way, not now. He was fine and she needed to concentrate on getting herself out of the car. For her fiancé, for Jason…and if there was any hope in helping him, Clark.

She didn't have any explanation in her mind for what these men wanted with her. Perhaps just as a nosy reporter that had heard too much and needed to be dealt with accordingly. Or maybe, what panicked Clark in the warehouse had something to do with her. After all she and Luthor did have history. Thoughts of panic whizzed through her mind. If they could catch her with such ease, their next target would be Jason. She knew that this time she would have to save herself. Even if Superman did come to her rescue again, the glowing green Kryptonite rings they wore wouldn't even let him get near the car.

Tears of shock and fear pricked at her eyes, but she could show no sign of weakness now. Her blurred vision showed her the picture of the warehouse slowly moving further and further away. The two men jet into high gear and sped down the street. She wriggled her fingers, the only free parts of her hands.


The tires of the car came to a complete break. She felt her entire body jerking backwards and her head smashed off the back window. She held a tight grasp on her consciousness to make out what had stopped the zooming vehicle in its tracks.

"What the hell!?" The driver shouted in frustration as he opened the car door. And just as he did, he and the door flew off backwards and landed onto a parked car nearby. Setting off the security alarm.

A hint of joy spread into her heart, The siren…the police…

Her thought process was very mild from the jolt, making her weak and drowsy.


Two warm arms of salvation wrapped around her body, lifting her safely out of the car.
Her eyes fluttered open in a foggy haze, "Clark?" She muttered softly as she gazed up…into those familiar, kind and comforting...blue eyes.

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