Chapter 1: Prologue

Harry Potter age five, sat legs crossed, eyes closed, mentally going over everything so far.

He had since his early memories been able to do things others couldn't, he called it magic.

The Dursleys, his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, -Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley respectively- had always claimed it didn't exsist, but Harry knew better.

True he had always gotten tired after using magic, and it had taken immense concentration, however after five years of using it, it had gotten absurdly easy.

With a flick of a wrist, or a snap of a finger, he could turn on lights, turn off lights, light a fire, knock someone out, make things float, create 3D figures that looked real until you stuck your hand through them and anything else he could think of.

Harry was sure he could kill if he tried though he never did. Of course he kept it a secret, why at the very word 'magic' his relatives went insane, talking about freaks and him being freaky.

Harry paused in mid thought. He once again went over what he just thought about. His cousins called magic freaky, they called him a freak. Harry's eyes sprung open, 'Maybe they do know magic is real! Maybe that's why they hate me!'

Harry jumped up, and tried to open the cupboard, it was locked. 'No Problem' Harry thought, as he snapped his fingers and the door sprung open. He grinned, and strode out, going to the kitchen.

Once there he saw Aunt Petunia, "How did you get out boy! We locked you in there!" she screamed as she saw him.

Harry concentrated for a second and then he was reading her thoughts, 'He couldn't possibly..., maybe Dudley let him out by mistake, or Vernon. Theres no way- "I just wanted to get out and it opened Aunt Petunia." He cut off his aunt's thoughts and then continued, waiting with baited breath to see the effect of his next words, "Just like magic" 'HE FOUND OUT! OH MY GOD! HE DID IT QUICK LOCK HIM UP AGAIN, VERNON WILL BEAT HIM WHEN HE GETS HOME!' and as Petunia grabbed a frying pan and started towards him, Harry said the first words that came to his mind. "Stop! If you don't I'll turn you into a frog!"

His words worked and Petunia froze.

"Sit down" he said coldly, she did. Harry stood looking into her eyes, entering her mind, he dredged up every memory she had that had to do with magic.

Her knowledge astounded him. It was amazing how a bookworm could be so stupid. She had sneaked into her sister Lily's, room and read every book she had, absolutely fascinated with magic and completely jealous.

After learning about his parents, and his own history of the Boy-Who-Lived, which was the last thing she knew about, Harry turned and ran out the house. Running away, never to return again by choice.

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