Hi Everyone, just wanted to say it's finally up ! Woohoo ! I know I've been promising forever to have this posted, so to all you guys who have been patient, here it is just for you. Just to tell you a little about this story. This took off as just a pre-log for the story that follows this, but in the end it took over and gathered a life of its own and became a mini story by itself.

It's set after Devil's Trap and it's the total work of my over stretched brain. Now after reading the spoilers that have come out for S2, it is now an AU story, but the boys are still themselves. I'm just borrowing them and their essences for a little while.

Oh and of course a big thank you to Kellie, Kim and Paula ! Love you ladies ! Also, it's dedicated to all those crazy people who listen to me and my theories over at a certain site !


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Chapter One- Awakening

His eyes opened slowly. The light, fuzzy and white as he waited for his eyes to refocus to the brightness of his surroundings. His eyes never focused; they just felt heavy and useless. Predictably, they closed again.

Upon waking again, he forced himself to stay awake, and took a small breath. His body reacted to his command as if he'd asked it to run a marathon without any training. It shook violently upon taking the breath.

Why on earth was he feeling like this...?

This time, he opened his eyes and forced them to stay open. Once the blue spots had stopped dancing in front of him, he groaned inwardly upon seeing where he was.

A hospital.

..Looks, like Sammy's got me locked up in here...Dean thought as he shifted his weight uncomfortably in the bed.

It was now, that the elder hunter looked around the hospital room he was in, and noticed he was by himself. The room was averagely sized and there was a worn leather chair against the wall, and a vase filled with dying daisies; but other than that, the room was empty.

Dean Winchester closed his eyes and tried to piece together what he remembered from the night before. He remembered his father had been possessed by the demon. He remembered his father trying to kill him. He also remembered exactly what his father had said to him; something he wished he had not remembered.

He vividly remembered lying on the floor begging his younger brother not to kill their only parent. He agonisingly remembered his father shouting at his little brother to kill him while he had the chance. Most importantly, Dean remembered that his little brother had not killed their father; that alone proved to Dean then and there that Sam had finally made a choice.

His family was more important than any demon and finally Sammy understood that for himself.

..Where was Sam..? Dean wondered as he looked around the empty room. Not that he'd admit it, but Dean wanted to see his little brother, his father also, after all, the old man had been shot, but it was the lack of not seeing Sam that bothered him the most.

Sam had been fine during the confrontation with the demon, other than an emotional battering Sam had got away lightly.

Dean's eyes slowly scanned the room, and a strange feeling settled in his stomach, there was no sign in the room Dean lay in, that Sam had even been there. No empty food containers, no drink cups, no water, nothing.

Dean however, ignored the warning knot in his stomach and allowed his to eyes close again; all in all, Dean Winchester was happy.

His greatest fear was facing the demon and losing his family and while they had faced the demon, they'd got away; all of them. Sure they lost the demon, but that no longer bothered Dean, he knew they would find it again, and kill it. But for now, the elder hunter, the glue of the family, that worked relentlessly to keep his father and brother around him, had what he wanted; his family back.

John Winchester had even admitted that they were stronger as a family, and Dean couldn't have agreed more. Maybe now, they could actually work at being a family.

Sam had changed also, Dean would bet his life on it, but he was sure Sam's out look on hunting had changed. Well, he hoped so anyway. He hoped that Sam would actually see that hunting for Sam Winchester wasn't just something you did to get rid of annoying spirits, which pissed off people, or backed up your older brother because he told you to.

He hoped that Sam would see that this, the whole hunting game, was who they were. It was what they would do. It would be what they died doing. Sure there was the real world, with their real problems, but could the Winchester's actually live in the real world and deal with the real problems..? Dean wasn't sure, but he was sure as hell willing to find out with his family around him.

Dean wanted this demon dead. He wasn't stupid. He remembered as clear as day what the demon had said to Sam. His little brother was part of his plans.

..Ain't no way in hell, he's getting near Sam...Dean growled to himself…… Over my dead body...

Speaking of body, Dean wondered why his hurt so much. It was only then the hunter studied himself. He glanced down at his wrists and saw that while they lie by his sides, one of them was bandaged with an IV tube attached within the bandage. That would explain why there was a pulsating tension in that arm, the damn IV line and needle jammed in his vein. Gingerly he raised the bandaged hand to the other and twisted his ID bracelet around his wrist. Dean found a small smile flicker on his face as he read the name he'd been registered under.

Dean Turner.

Turner had been his mother's maiden name. No doubt then to who had filled in his details; only his father would have done that. For starters, he knew Sam wouldn't put him under that name, and two, there were no credit cards out under the name of Dean Turner.

Dean grinned to himself, so daddy dearest was still pulling his credit card scams.

…….Right on dad...

Dean then lifted the sky blue sheet that covered him, and made a face when he saw he was wearing a yellow hospital gown. Geeze, couldn't his brother or father have at least bought him some pyjamas, man did they forget that these god damn awful things opened right down the back..?

Peeved that neither Sam nor his dad had brought him any clothes, he was startled when the door to his room opened quietly. A nurse walked in.

Hello...Dean thought his mouth dropping open slightly, Man, now I wonder if she's an angel of mercy, Dean thought the grin once again appearing on his face.

His angel of mercy took another step forward, as she did, she took Dean Winchester's breath away. God she was stunning.

"Hey, it's nice to see you awake..." The twenty-something year old nurse said as she studied Dean's face, "I knew you'd have gorgeous eyes, once you kept them open long enough for me to look at them..."

Dean opened his mouth to say something, but nothing but a dry choke filtered out.

The nurse seeing the young man's panicked face gently ushered him to quieten and took a jug of water from behind the dying daisies and gently held Dean's head while he took shaky sips. Dean looked at her, gratefully.

"Thanks..." Dean whispered. Why was it hurting to talk ? In fact why was it hurting to do pretty much anything ?

"Oh you're welcome..." The nurse said with a grin, "I'm gonna call your doctor and tell him you're awake, he'll be really pleased to hear the news..."

"Do you have a name..?" Dean asked as he gave the young nurse his most irresistible smile.

"Kimberly..." The nurse said with a beautiful smile, "Now just relax, your injuries are doing ok, with a bit of luck, and you didn't hear this from me..."

"Go on..?" Dean said eagerly as he tried to get his elbows to push himself into a sitting position; which failed miserably. Defeated in front of the pretty nurse, Dean lay still.

"You could go home in a couple days..." Kimberly said with a grin, "You could see what the big wide world has been up to..!"

"Any idea where my brother is...?" Dean said with a tired look on his face, "I haven't seen him since I woke up. Guys like a super nerd, always got to keep track of the little man in case he's found some sort of gadget to play with..."

"Your, your brother...?" Kimberly stammered as she stared at Dean as if he'd just arrived from the planet Pluto.

"Yeah, my brother, Sam..." Dean said studying the young nurse's reaction.

"Tall, geeky, mop of a hair, barely an ass..." Dean said with a grin, when a notion struck him. Maybe Sam had said that he was Dean's cousin, or friend, anything but his brother.

Dean's hazel green eyes never left the dark haired nurse for a second, however he was no longer staring at her in lust, it now more lost than anything.

"I need to speak to him..." Dean said in a steady voice, wondering if the nurse had misunderstood him. "Is there a phone around here, I could always just call him on his cell..."

"Dean..." Kimberly said in a gentle tone as he reached above Dean's head and pressed the call button, "What exactly do you remember about the night you were brought in here..?"

"Not a lot, why...?" Dean asked as he looked at her worried face, his own body beginning to worry. He had known something was wrong from before, and had chosen to ignore it.

"Where's Sam...?"

"Do you remember anything about a car crash...?" Kimberly asked as he stared numbly at Dean's face.

"What car crash..?" Dean demanded, as he forced himself hurriedly into a sitting position, any pain he had previously felt being suppressed by the charge of horrified emotions that surged around his confused body. "When was there a car crash..?"

Dean looked around and feeling his world cave in around him. The empty room screamed loneliness as he realised that the reason why he was on his own in there, was because nobody else was around to be in it.

"Where's my brother...?" Dean managed to choke out, "What car crash, where's my dad...?"

"You were at the back, and you were hit side on by a semi..." Kimberly explained, "Your dad's fine Dean, he was discharged from hospital a week ago..."

"What..?" Dean shrieked out, as he begun to push the sheet off his body, "Where is he then...?"

"Dean, calm down..." Kimberly said trying to reassure the panicked patient in front of her.

"And Sam, is he ok...?" Dean whispered as he felt the little blood he had in his face drain away. His heart plunged to the bottom on his feet. "Where's Sam..?" Dean asked again staring at the nurse, "Please tell me where my brother is..."

"Sam's not very well Dean..." Kimberly admitted, as she sat beside the elder hunter, "I go and see him everyday, you know, just to come down and tell you about him..."

"What do you mean he's not well...?" Dean said feeling frightened tears welling up in his eyes, "Where is he...?" Dean demanded.

"He's in ICU..." Kimberly explained, "Dean, I am so sorry..."

"What's happened to him..?" Dean said his voice shaking, but desperately tried to save face in front of the pretty young nurse. "Please..."

"He took a massive blow to the head Dean; the doctors think he whacked it on the side window..." Kimberly explained watching Dean crumble in front of her.

Gone was the cheeky, cocky patient she'd seen when she'd walked in, now in front of her was a broken man.

"Oh god..." Dean said feeling the tears burn away, which he angrily blinked away.

"He suffered a blood clot, it burst and it caused a haemorrhage. They operated on him..." Kimberly explained, "But he hasn't regained consciousness since..."

"What does that mean though, that he'll never come around..?" Dean asked his stomach churning inside of him.

"We don't know, Dean, he's in a coma..." Kimberly explained, "But he's a tough kid though, he's hanging in there..."

Dean let the tears fall, he couldn't hold them back any more as two tears rolled aimlessly down his face.

"And my dad..?" Dean asked his back turned to the nurse. He no longer cared that she could see him completely naked, all be it with three string straps strung along his back.

"I haven't seen him since he got discharged..." Kimberly admitted, as she studied Dean worriedly. "I'm gonna see where your doctor is Dean..."

Dean never answered; in fact he didn't even hear the pretty nurse leave his room. All he could think about were two sentences circling inside of his head, threatening to devour him emotionally;

Sam was fighting for his life in a coma.

Their father had abandoned them again.

Oh crap don't you feel for poor Dean, To wake up alone…..poor boy. I know it was a little short but there's more to it and this is just the first chapter; think of it as me just giving out little torturous taster ! Stick with it I promise you you'll be in for a ride, oh and if you feel like reviewing then please do, it's always welcomed :o)