A Right Mistake

by: mj0621

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Chapter Seven: The Secret is Out

My life these days are anything but simple... that doesn't mean I'm not happy. For example, it's like the burden I carry on my shoulders are gone every time I'm with this very special person in my life. One thing still haunts me... Where is this really heading?

Stella's POV:

My mind keeps skipping from reality to my inner thoughts. It can't be helped... Damn it, I thought this 'situation' would not overtake me but it seems I'm wrong. I always wonder what's gonna happen later... or tonight... or when I meet him. It's driving me nuts. Have... to... concentrate... work... Mac might sense and lecture me later... Unwant- inappropriate pictures come into mind... no. Ugh. (Not that I mind those thoughts but this is not the time for that.)

As far as I remember, I'm with Mac and Jane in the DNA lab...

A rapping on the glass wall interrupted Jane's talk about the findings of my evidence (I admit, I only heard some of the things she said). We all turned to see Don, Sheldon and Danny (Wait, is he limping?) who were calling Mac's attention. Mac motioned the trio to move along then turned to me (ok, maybe Jane too...) to say, "Keep me posted."

I nodded (then he left) and turned to Jane to continue listening (really!) but it looks like her eyes were still preoccupied checking something out... (You know what I mean)

I couldn't help but to feel a tad jealous... I don't know why... Do I have the right to be? I mean I'm not really...-


"Oh... huh?"

She raised her brow in question, "I said here's your DNA results and the fiber Lindsay found was cotton which had a drop of blood on it so I..."

I couldn't resist... pondering again...

How is Mac handling this 'arrangement'? I don't even know where I stand in his life anymore! This is driving me insane...

I mumbled okay to Jane and took the printed findings. I'll just read them in the break room.


As I paced towards my destination, Jodie ( the chief's latest secretary I think) , called me.

"Detective Bonasera, ...uh... if you see Detective Taylor, could you please tell him the chief needs to talk to him? I can't seem to find him."

I smile but was quickly replaced with a small frown. Would everyone always ask me about Mac's whereabouts if they know we're... attached?

"No problem. I think I know where he is."

"Thank you very much.", then she scurried off with those folders she was carrying (I didn't even notice that earlier... what's happening to me?)


I saw Mac in his office with the guys. I sighed in relief (good thing I looked at the right place) and knocked on the door then entered.

"Excuse me, uh..."

They all turned in my direction (like those rehearsed scenes in the movies) with different reactions... Oh boy... What did I do?

"...the chief wants to see you Mac."

Mac just closed his eyes and took a deep breath in response to what I have said... or did?

Is this a bad time? I'm confused. What's happening?

I altered my eyes to the guys for explanation but I just saw a silent squirming Danny and a wincing Sheldon... I shifted my attention to Don who had this very disturbing grin.

"There's our gal! Congratulations Mrs. Taylor!"

His words literally echoed in my brain (and in the lab). I slightly dropped my jaws... speechless... They...know?! Who? Why? How-?

There were a lot of questions running through my head right now. One thing's for sure...

The secret is out...

I shook my head and looked behind me. All people who were in a hearing distance stared and started chatting. I swear I heard Adam scream 'Who won the pot of gold?!'.

I turn back to the tall detective with a glare. He was still smiling and said, "Say something you lucky woman!"

Gossip. This is what it'll be... Office gossip a.k.a. topic of the week (or month... year.. who knows?!). I just wanted to melt. I want to melt then and there. Can I just vanish into thin air? Can science just give me an exception? I feel my cheeks burning and oh god, I gotta say something...


Mac cleared his throat to shift all eyes on him. I could never be thankful enough.

"Hawkes, have Danny's ankle checked and don't forget to pass by Adam's results. We need to get this guy. I'll page you as soon as I finish talking to the chief."

I huffed, "Wait, how did-"

"They had a bet.", Mac said simply.

I was speechless, "About...?" Did Danny win?"

Danny's eyes were wide, "Me? Naw."

Mac shook his head, "Lindsay didn't tell him but I'm not sure if Trisha told Don."

Sheldon held up his hand, "Wait... the girls knew before we did?"

The guys started pouting and protesting I had to tell them that, "They knew about it just this morning. I didn't tell them, they found out."

Don frowned, "Trish didn't tell me anything. I have skills you know... being the detective? You know... detects?"

Mac glared at them, "Are you going or do you want to stay?"

Danny felt his frustration, "No need telling twice boss. We're gone." Then he limped out, dragging Sheldon with him.

Just as before Don was about to follow them, I closed the door barricading his path and smirked at Mac.

"Where are you going Don?"

He gulped. He know he's in trouble. "To... help them?"

Mac stood up and walked beside me. My body shivered as I felt his hand brush with mine.

"Before that... a word of advice..."

Don smiled shyly, "Uhuh..."

"Next time, don't get too excited."

"Got it." He nodded and smiled in relief. Mac gave him a pat, "Now go help find our killer."

With that, he left in a hurry.

I scowled at Mac. "You were too soft on him."

He shrugged, "Yes, I was."

I gave him a grin, "Getting soft detective?" We chuckled. Mine was more of a nervous laugh. Our proximity is making me ache for his touch. His gorgeous blue-grey eyes stared at me as if saying something I can't understand. His breath tickling my neck making me numb. I cleared my throat before we... I forget where we are.

"You're in trouble," I joked, " the principal wants to see you."

He gave me this smile that made my insides mush, "I know. Maybe I'll get detention."

"What did you do anyway?"

His face turned serious, "I'm not sure... "I'll know soon enough and if I can, I'll let you know."

He gave out a deep breath and closed his eyes. I want to touch and comfort him... make him relax and forget all of his problems. I wanna tell him I'm here and I can be his rock if he needs it. His soft voice wakes me from my trance.

"See you after shift?"

I had to giggle at that, "Of course."

He checked his collar and straighten his coat before nodding. "Later then."

I don't know if I was dreaming (again) but I felt his hand hold mine... for a second then went out of the office, eyes following him down the hallway.

I shrugged and decided to reread the printed results and see Lindsay about our case.


Hours later when shift ended, I started refreshing myself and changed my soaked blouse in the locker room. A knock on the door and a poke on my waist (which definitely made me squeal a bit) was the way Lindsay and Trisha decided to greet me.

"Hey Mrs. T."

I roll my eyes as the tech then looked expectantly at Lindsay. It seemed she wanted to say something but she doesn't have the courage to. She remained silent today and didn't ask anything not pertaining the case we had... which I'm grateful for. She definitely knows when and where to talk. I admire her for that and she wholly earned my trust now. I nodded to show Lindsay I'm waiting for her to talk.

"What is it Linds?"

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, "Stell, I was wondering... Where are you sta-"

Convenient as ever, the guys barged in and started cheering as they saw us. Trisha looked like she was about to pull her hair out. "Geez!"

Lindsay smiled at me and whispered, "I'll ask next time... if you don't mind."

"Sure." was the only thing I said (...can say because the guys were interrupting us).

"Montana, want to grab dinner? My treat!" Danny chirped beside her. Trisha giggled as she hugged the half clothed blue eyed detective behind me mumbling, "You owe me pizza Don."

I studied them... it's cute watching the 'kids' grow. I decided to go out of the room when Lindsay was lecturing Danny about using his ankle as a leverage to ask her out whilst Sheldon laughed at him.

My brain asked for coffee so I went to the break room and filled my mug. I sniffed and gulped some of the dark liquid when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I dropped my mug but the hand from behind caught it.

"Sorry. Did I scare you?"

I turned and slapped his shoulder. "Don't do that!"

He smiled and placed my mug on the sink. "You're quite cranky when you didn't have your caffeine fix."

I scowled, "Who you calling cranky?" I grabbed my mug and started washing it but he grabbed it and washed it for me.

"Come on home, I'll fix us something to eat."

Mac Taylor's gonna cook for me? That's something to look forward to.


The journey to his apartment was relaxing. I didn't mind that we didn't have any small talk (it's really not necessary), it's quite obvious that he's got something on his mind. Maybe it's got something to do with the 'chat' he had with the chief. Oh god... is something wrong? What happened?

He was opening the door when he saw my face so he spoke, "Don't worry about me."

I just gave him a nod then went in before him. He took my coat along with his and hung it in the closet.

"So, what are you in the mood for?" he asked while offering me a bottle of beer (which I took, seeing that he has his own bottle).

That... is a dangerous question to ask me right now. I mentally slapped my self for thinking such thoughts. I leaned on the kitchen counter avoiding his eyes.

I gulped some of my drink and put it on the counter behind me, "Uh..."

I heard him settle his drink down by the sink, walk towards me and before I got a chance to move, there he is... standing right in front of me, hands in either of my side, resting on the counter.

"Look, don't think too much. You're losing your focus here.", he winked, "You might not enjoy my meal."

I looked down and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just thinking about... what you and the chief talked about. Is there anything that I should be worried about?"

He carefully pondered what to say before replying, "Well, somebody sent him a text message about our little 'situation'. News travels as fast as the innovations in technology I guess."

I looked up a little relieved, "What did he say?"

"He asked when and what happened. I delicately explained the necessary details about our situation to him."

"And he said...?"


I tried to move purposely to try increase the space between us but he didn't budge. His eyes pinned me in more ways than one and I... am losing my balance.

"He did talk about the case that happened in your apartment. He got concerned and think it's one of the most wanted gangs' doing. The other supervisors agreed to combine any possible connection we have in any case and get the people who did it. They believe the motive was more than just a robbery. I promise I'll do what I can to solve this case."

My worries faded when I saw that he really meant what he said. I gave in to the temptation and held his face, stroking his cheek with my thumb.

"Thank you... for everything. Really I..."

He tilted my chin using his right hand and replied, "You don't have to worry about that... or anything. I'm here for you always. If you need something -"

I pressed my fingers on his lips and smiled, "I appreciate it."

His left arm circled on my waist and pulled me against his body. He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine...

As if electrocuted, he pulled back and cleared his throat.

No...wait... Is he worrying about being reckless? I don't mind...

He started mumbling as he took steps away from me, "I'm sorry... uh... so what do you want -"

I grabbed his hand and snuggled close, "I want you."

I saw his eyes go darker and dilate. He turned and pressed me against the wall, kissing me senselessly.

Alcohol and desire (though it's more than the second word) flowed through my veins and hot passion can be felt in the air. He placed butterfly kisses from my lips to my jaw... my neck, making me gasp and grasp his shirt. He paused to toy with the hem of my shirt whispering in my ear, "I want you too..."

He took off my blouse while I unbuttoned his shirt then started kissing his bare strong hard chest. He placed both of his hands on my hips and hoisted me up... I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my hands on his shoulders.

"Mac... shirt off... now.", I moaned against his lips.

He pulled and shrugged the clothing off without removing his lips from mine. Our tongues danced and our bodies craved for more. He nuzzled my neck as I suck his earlobe making him shiver and groan.

My heartbeat races when he sucked on my collarbone, marking me as if claiming me... I don't mind... I want to be his... and him to be mine... even if just tonight...

I tunneled my fingers in his hair and kissed him sultrily. His hands started roaming on my back, trying to remove another piece of clothing from me.

We were losing it... The heat was unbearable... we needed to take this some place else...

"Mac... bedro-"

A ringing sound catches my attention... I forgot about the noise when Mac nipped my neck. He caught my lips and nipped it as well. His hand traveled down to my behind making me arch my back to him. I heard him groan, "More..."

I want more too...

He was about to carry me to his bedroom when the sound came again. I remembered what I was going to tell him.

"Mac, someone's by the door."

He scowled at the untimely interruption and rested his forehead on mine, sighing.

"I wished it wasn't my door that was ringing."

I kissed him one more time before he puts me down on my feet. Handing him his discarded shirt, and him, mine, I helped him button his shirt on while he stared at me.

"Something on me?", I asked.

He grinned and huskily replied, "I wish I was."

Blushing, I playfully slapped his chest and wore my blouse.

As we walk towards the door, he said to me, "I swear if this isn't about work I'm gonna make him suffer."

"Be nice.", I said as I checked how I look for the last time and straighted his shirt once more.

I opened the door and standing in front of us were Danny, Don, Sheldon, Trisha and Lindsay (who looked worried).

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Taylor! We just came to drag you out to celebrate your wedding!"

Mac raised his eyebrows while I feigned to be serious.

"What if I said no?"

Danny grinned, "Don't worry Mac. It's on the unofficial best man.", pointing his thumb to himself.

Sheldon snickered behind Don, "Were we interrupting something?"

I saw Lindsay wince beside a giggling Trisha (which she nudged a moment later) mouthing sorry to me. I nodded in her direction and smiled. Mac glared at Sheldon and Don.

"Our dinner."

Don winked at Danny who had his mouth covered by his right hand. "Rrriiight."

Sheldon asked, "So? You guys coming? Some drinks and a meal on Messer here. Come on you guys, let's make Danny bankrupt."

I looked at Mac who was waiting for my answer, "Okay. Then let's go. I'm hungry... Thanks for the offer Danny."

"No prob."

My body's hungry for something else but food has to do. Mac grabbed our coats (helping me on mine) and closed the door. I could feel the gang's eyes on us... their watching us... with a smirk.


The gang and I seated at a circular table and ordered some drinks. Of course, the guys had to push Mac into sitting beside me... being married and all (but Mac didn't seem to mind at all which was a bit worrying...). Danny didn't seem to mind to pay for tonight, he just looked pleased that one country girl came (but her attention was more on me and her best friend. I feel a little sorry for the guy). As I muse about my current situation (and forcely forget what almost happened), I didn't think the topic I was dreading was coming.

After a few laughs and chats about cases, Trisha asked, "So... care to explain what really happened to you guys in Vegas? And I don't mean the drunken quadruplet here." (pointing at Don, Sheldon, Danny and Lindsay) "I mean, the wedding."

Oh boy... this is it.

I checked with Mac if it's okay and he confirmed. Looks like I'm the one who's gonna talk...

"Uh, okay, just don't blame me for the lack of details because even at this moment, we really don't remember it all."

Don smiled, "Come on! The suspense is killin' me."

Mac gave him a friendly stare and let me continue, "It started with a 'celebration' like this, I'm not sure who started it but... anyway, affter that I ... we have no idea what happen. All we know is they (I pointed at the four people in question) were present in the ceremony. The next morning, we opened our eyes to see the rings in our fingers."

Trisha smiled in content while the four of them had their jaws open... Okay, what's wrong?

"No way!"

Danny's eyes were wide and exclaimed, "I can't believe that!"

I joked, "Really? You and Don cried during the ceremony you know?"

"I didn't cry!", Don defensed.

"So did I!"


"So tell me what happened then. I'm sure Mac here is interested to know too."

They gulped and looked at each other then at Sheldon and Lindsay asking for back up. Neither came.

"I... really don't remember anything... I was drunk...", Danny started.

"Same here."

These two are really something. Fine, if you don't wanna speak, I'll have to do something to make you. As for Lindsay, I'll have to talk to her when I get the chance. A song played and Danny's eyes lit up.

"Hey Montana, let's dance."

Lindsay stared at him, "You limp Danny."

He's just avoiding the awkward-scary moment...

"So what? It's a slow dance."

Trisha nudged her and she reluctantly stood up giving her a death glare before following a smiling Danny to the dancefloor. Don gave Trisha puppy eyes, begging her to pull him out of this one. She avoided his eyes and smirked at me. Finally, someone who'll help me... us. Sheldon cleared his throat and said, "I'm gonna get us another round of drinks and food, wanna come Don? Can't carry it all."

Don thankfully smiled, "Yeah."

And then there were three. Trisha was watching Lindsay dance with Danny (sending those secret messages I think)...-

Mac slowly wrapped his arm on my waist and I contained my sigh (or gasp.. at this situation, I wouldn't really know). I looked at him as he did to me-

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you two are flirting.", Trisha's voice came in the background.

I blushed but Mac didn't pull his hand away. "Good thing you know us, right Trisha?"

She decided to study us both and grinned. "You two look so sweet... and happy."

The two guys came in with drinks and some food, smiling.

"What did we miss?"

Trisha shrugged, "Just some mushy stuff between them."

"What mushy stuff?"

Danny and Lindsay came (him looking rather dismayed), "What mushy stuff...?"

Trisha sighed, "Nothing."

Danny grinned, "So Mac, tell me... what are the benefits of having her in your arms every night then have to work with her in the mornin'?"

He thoughtfully answered, "I have a prevailing to see her in another way."

"What's that?"

He replied, "Her non-cop side."

I don't know how to react to that... I have mixed feelings right now and I'm not sure which is which... Is that touched I feel or confused? Or both?

Sheldon inquired, "So you'll stay married?"

"We don't know yet."

"Have to see how it works eh?"

I nodded.

Lindsay thought aloud, "I know alcohol can make you do stupid but this isn't stupid."

Don mumbled before drinking, "If you know you're capable of dong something stupid, why drink?"

We all looked at the liquid in front of us and shook our heads.

"That's the most meaningful thing you said tonight Don.", Danny laughed.

"Don't push it Danno, or you'll regret saying that."

Sheldon took his glass, "Before we end this night, a toast to the new married couple."

Everyone followed suit, "To Mac and Stella."

"To Mac and Stella."


We came home four hours before shift starts, I groaned while dropping on the bed (with just a robe and a gown beneath it), "Damn it."


He sat beside me and started unbuttoning his top. As much as I'm enjoying my view, I want to sleep so bad. I feel very dizzy...

"Yeah. And I have to work hours from now."

He smiled as he lay down beside me, "Then sleep or you might be late."

I grinned, "Or else my cranky boss'll lecture me about being late."

He shook his head chuckling and turned to face me.

"Cranky eh?"

He wrapped his arms around me whispering, "Good night Stell."

I snuggled close to him and sighed in content to his warm body.

"Good night Mac."

A lot has happened and things have been said this day that needs to be pondered deeply. I would (now) if I could but my brain refuses to- I don't blame it. Looks like tomorrow's going to be a very busy day. Tonight... I'm satisfied to be in his arms. I never thought I'd have this much fun in a day. And to think that's just the beginning...



I would like to say thanks for your previews reviews (they really give me inspiration) and now, I would like to read more from you! What do you guys think? I know what I did to Mac and Stell was mean but I'll make up for it next chapter (grins). mj(wgf)