Blue and Steve meet Link! (Blue and Steve are characters from Nick Jr.'s show, "Blue's Clues).

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the characters in this fanfic.

On a warm, sunny day, Blue and Steve were playing 'Blues Clues' to figure out what snack Blue wanted to have for lunch. They already had celery and peanut butter as two clues and they needed one more.

Blue barked at Steve and skiddooed into a video game they were playing.

"Blue skiddooed! Let's go too!" said Steve as he said "Blue skiddooo, we can toooooooo!"

Both of them ended up in Hyrule Field, just about a mile away from Hyrule Castle Town.

"Blue, I don't know where we are," said Steve.

Blue barked back, in response to what Steve said.

"You mean we skiddooed into our video game?"

Blue nodded.

"Wow!" said Steve. "Let's see if we can find our last clue to figure out what Blue wants to eat for a snack!"

Steve and his dog Blue went to Hyrule Castle Town to find their third clue. They happened to go into a produce market nearby....where Link was doing some grocery shopping. They accidentally bumped into him.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir," said Steve.

"Hey, that's all right," said Link.

"We're playing a game," said Steve. "It's called 'Blues' Clues.'"

"Ooookay," said Link. "Well, can you take it outside? This is a grocery store."

"Well, um, we're looking for something in the grocery store," said Steve. "This is my dog, Blue. And we're playing this game to figure out what Blue wants for a snack. If something has Blue's pawprint on it, it's a clue!"

"Dog food aisle is just down that way and to the right. I think you'll find what Blue's looking for," said Link. "Now if you will excuse me, I need to finish my grocery shopping."

"No, no, wait!" said Steve. "We would like to know if you'd help us."

" want me play this game with you and help you out? Well, all right, but promise to let me finish my grocery shopping afterward?"

"We promise," said Steve.

After searching in the produce aisle, Steve found a clue!

"We found a clue!" said Steve, pointing to a carrot with Blue's pawprint on it.

"Now since that dog touched that carrot, I don't think anyone's gonna want to eat it," said Link.

"We gotta write this clue down in our handy....dandy.....NOTEBOOK!" Steve pulls out his handy-dandy notebook and draws a carrot in it with his crayon.

"That is so juvenile," said Link. "Why don't you use a pencil instead of a crayon?"

"Thank you so much, sir," said Steve. "We really should be on our way now. We need to go to our thinking chair and figure out what Blue wants for her snack."

"Ooooookay," said Link. "But like I said, the dog food aisle is nearby."

After skiddoooing out of their video game, Steve sat in his thinking chair.

what could Blue want for a snack with celery, peanut butter, and carrots. Well, maybe she could combine the three of those together. Maybe she could dip the carrots and celery into the peanut butter! Is that what you want for a snack, Blue?"

Blue barks and nods her head.

"We just figured out Blues' Clues!" Steve gets up and does a dance and sings.

While eating their snack outside, Steve said to Blue.

"You know, Blue," said Steve. "That man in the grocery store was not very nice."

Blue barked and nodded in agreement.