Presequel to Not Wanted. This new story is called Defeat. My sister came up with it and so I'm sticking with it. If this gets a little messed up I'm sorry my nephew is sitting in my lap and can't keep his hands off the keyboard lol.

So what this sequel is going to be about is Jessica and Jeff still wrestling with their 3 year old twins who love to start trouble. Alright this sequel is just sounding stupid. But trust me it's really good and probably will be really funny because I'm hyper right now and that means funny stuff. YAY GO JOLT!

Okay so here's the little short prequel.


"Now I can finally see if the baby is yours or Randy's," Rachel said as she sat in the doctor's office.

"You know it's mine. He look's like me not Randy," Dave replied placing a supportive hand on her shoulder.

"True but we could be wrong,"

"Let's hope not,"

Just as the doctor came in Jessica came running in out of breath. She looked at Dave and Rachel and thought he already said the father. The red head turned angry.

"I can't believe the baby is Randy's! He doesn't deserve to be a father!" Jessica yelled.

"We don't know yet," Rachel said laughing at her friend.

"Oh, my bad," she sat down as the doctor looked at the piece of paper in his hand then back at Charlie in his mother's lap.

"Dave you are the father," the doctor said. Rachel burst in tears at how happy she was for having Dave as the father.

"Told you so," Dave said and pulled her in a passionate kiss. Charlie just looked at his parents having no idea what was going on for only being 3 weeks old.

"Congrats you guys. I'm so happy for you," Jessica said and hugged the two.

Flashback end.

Three years later.

Just as the sun reached the red head's window the bedroom door burst open and you could hear two kids giggling. Jeff groaned and put his head under his pillow knowing exactly what was going to happen very soon. The kids jumped up on the bed and started jumping up down.

"Mom, dad wake up!" the girl said jumping up and down.

"Yeah, wake up!" the boy yelled.

"Go back to bed," Jeff said under the pillow.

"No!" this time the girl sat on her mom's butt and started jumping up and down.

"Ellie get off me," Jessica said and started wiggling her butt so she would get off.


"Please?" she turned her head just a bit.


"I'm awake now can you get up?"

"Yes," Ellie jumped off the bed as her twin brother worked on their dad. Jessica pulled on her black silk robe and stood up watching as her kids tried to wake Jeff up.

"Daddy, please get up," Ellie begged.

"Tell David to stop jumping and I will," Jeff replied.

David jumped off his dad and watched as he got up. He smiled down at the little boy and pulled on his Slipknot sweatshirt. His hair was a mess and needed to be brushed. It looked like a cat got in a fight with it. Just as he went to kiss his wife morning the not so small Rocky came in the room barking. She smiled at her owners and started chasing the little ones around as they giggled.

"I really do hate getting up this early," Jeff said looking at the clock as it read 7:05 am.

"Wouldn't we get used to it since it happens every morning?" Jessica said as she headed down stairs to make some coffee.

"No, we love sleep to much,"


Alright I'm ending it there because I might accidentally type up what I have planned for the next chapter. Oh and the first chapter is really juicy and there is a little drama. Dun dun duuuunnnnn. So look out for the sequel Defeat. It will be up tomorrow. Or maybe today.