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Codename: Gang Next Door

Operation: Beginning

Chapter One: Intro of Leader and Hi Ho Diggity

(Noname City- Nearburg)

It all started on a normal peaceful day in Noname City, where Copafire, has been living at all his life. Little did anyone in the city know that Copafire had amazing abilities. This one day he was walking along the streets of Noname City, and then out of the ordinary, he found himself face to face with a dog. Copafire then thought, "This is no ordinary dog." He had just bumped into Cliff of the Greaser Dogs. Cliff said, "You going to wish you hadn't done that," with his fists cracking as if he was going to fight and he was. It was then that Copafire knew if he was going to get out of this he would have to show off his power.

Copafire then jumped up and used an energy beam on Cliff and Cliff was knocked into the wall with great force. Lube tried to hit Copafire, but fell short and fell into a sewer drain. Shriek jumped higher than Copafire and was going for a high kick, but Copafire grabbed her foot that was inches from his face and threw Shriek into Cliff who finally had gotten up and pushed him back down. Cliff got up and ran screaming "We will get Catbutt next time!" Copafire thought to himself of who this Catbutt is. He turned around and found an unusual looking creature, a Cat and a Dog attached together. They were cowering in fear from the Greasers.

After coming out of hiding, Copafire then introduced himself and CatDog did the same. CatDog told Copafire that they were lost and had no place to go. So Copafire thought for a minute, but then out of nowhere a portal appeared in front of CatDog and Copafire and warped them to…

Where did the portal come from and Where did CatDog and Copafire go?

All questions will be answered in the next chapter, so stay tuned…

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