My Life with a Human Ice Cube

Hello I am Amaterasu Haruno this is my first fanfic so don't blame me if this is pretty lame. Over the pass few months I have been reading fanfics some of them inspired me to write one of my own. This Fanfic will be SasuSaku. Enjoy!




"yelling or screaming"


Normal point of view

Sakura's inner self

Beep beep beep beep beep beep…..

'one of these days you are going to die alarm clock…one of these days'


"THAT'S IT YOU ASKED FOR IT!" said a 17 year old girl while throwing an alarm clock out the window.

"Sakura, dear it's unhealthy to yell so loud in the morning" Sakura's mom said.

"It's not my fault that stupid alarm rang at 5 in the morning!" Sakura replied.

Her mom said nothing and just walking out of the room.

"Oh yes I forgot Sakura it's the first day of school" said Sakura's mom.

"Yeah what ever" Sakura said and just went back to sleep. 1 hour later the alarm clock rang again.

'if u value your life alarm clock then I suggest you shut up'

Go get the shot gun Sakura go get the shot gun!

'I'll let it live today anyways its 6 o'clock I should be waking up anyway"

Whatever just let me sleep

Sakura got out of her bed, brushed her teeth, washed her face and got changed. She was wearing a black micro mini skirt with a pink leather belt that has s big sliver S on it and a pink tank top. It may sound simple but over all she looked real nice.

"Sakura, dear you like wonderful" Sakura's mom complimented

"no really am I suppose to look like an old hag" Sakura replied


Sakura's dad just sighed and her mom just rolled her eyes. 'teenagers these days" Sakura's mom thought.

Sakura drank a glass of milk, grabbed her school bag, said bye to her parents and left.

On her way to school her cell phone rang and she answered it


"Hey Saki"

"Ino I told you a million times not to call me that"

"What ever that name suits you anyways"

"whatever why did you even call me?"

"I wanted to talk"

"We can talk when we get to school"

"ok but I have to tell you something when we get there"

Sakura hung up and continue walking to school. Then Suddenly a beautiful black car passed by driving 20 miles per hour. Then the driver of the car threw something out of the car and hit Sakura's head. It was a popsicle stick.

"HEY NO LITTERING!" Sakura yelled.

"I don't really care about the law" Sasuke replied coolly.

'who the hell does she think she is' Sasuke though 'she does look kind of cute maybe I could try to get her phone number'

Sakura just rolled her eyes and crossed the street.


Finally chapter one done! It took me 1 hour to finish 1 chapter. I know it's kinda short but I'll try to back the next chapter longer and try to update faster!

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