Chapter 24

Last Time:

"Heck yeah! People need to know that Michael Jackson the second is here!" Naruto yelled and had a good guy pose on.

The Cafeteria was suddenly quiet. All eyes were on Naruto.

Naruto looked around and started to get nervous "did I do anything wrong?"


Shikamaru and Neji sighed, 'Some people just never learn' Shikamaru thought.

"You retard" Neji mumbled loud enough so Naruto could hear.

"HEY YOU ASSHOLE I AIN'T NO RETARD!" Naruto yelled while pointing at Neji.

"Well I ain't no asshole either you retard!" Neji said calmly.

Just then Sasuke came in the Cafeteria, but seeing that Naruto and Neji were having a little fight be just stood behind Naruto…although Naruto didn't notice that someone was behind him.

Naruto not knowing what to say after Neji's comeback, he sort of changed the subject "Hey you know who's a retard, Sasuke for dumping Sakura and going for that Daughter of a bastard Tsukimi" (A/N: hahahahah daughter of a bastard….lol…ok on with the story)

Neji and Shikamaru didn't say anything but just gave him a serious look.

Naruto gulped and asked "He's behind me right?"

Shikamaru and Neji nodded slowly. Naruto slowly turned around to see a very angry Sasuke.

"Want to come with me to get some Pepsi?" Shikamaru asked Neji, whom nodded, and they slowly stepped away.

"Uhhh…Sasuke I didn't really mean that he-he…" Naruto said nervously.

Sasuke's face got red like a tomatoe (A/N: SPEAKING OF TOMATOES!! Did you know that a tomato is a fruit?? And they have a good source of vitamin A… LOL…ok on with the story)

Sasuke clutched his fist and then…


He walked away leaving poor Naruto on the ground…with a bruise the size of a tennis ball.

Then Shikimaru and Neji came back (A/N: with the pepsi in their hands)

"That gotta hurt" Shikamaru said while pulled out a pertament marker from his pocket.

Then the wrote 'Dunce' on the tennis ball on Naruto's head. Neji chuckled then left Naruto a sea of people.

With Sakura:

(A/N: the background music is "Bouvelard of Broken Dreams. By green day...srry if I spelled it wrong)

She looked at her watched it read '12:30', Sakura sighed and said to herself "I guess no pizza for me today".

How could you be thinking about pizza when we just KISSED Sasuke?

'it wasn't a kiss it was just an acidental touch using our lips'

Also known as a kiss

'shut up'

"YO SAKI!!!" Sakura heard a voice call her.

(end of the song)

She turned around only to see Ino trying to catch up to her. She smiled and waved at her.

"Where where you Sakura? Me, Hinata and TenTen where like worried about you! Did anything happen?" Ino asked worriedly.

"Oh nothing just uhhhh...I'm not really hungry...YEAH! I'm not really hungry it's not like anything weird happened" Sakura said

Except for us kissing Sasuke

Ino raised en eyebrow and said "Sakura I'm not buying it, tell me what happened?".

Sakura sighed and then said "Well remember when Sasuke said that he hated me?" (A/N: That was in her...NIGHTMARE DUN DUN!)

Ino gave a puzzeled face then said "What are you talking about Sakura? Sasuke wouldn't say that to you"

"Yeah he did you were even there remember Ino?: Sakura replied.

"Sakura, I'm sure Sasuke didn't say that" Ino said.


Ino backed up a bit and thought 'Sakura I am sure he didn't say was a nightmare...and your diease...oh no Sakura...'

Ino putted on a worried expression, and said "Sakura...he didn't say that I'm sure...let's change the subject".

"Sakura your ass is wet" Ino said.

Sakura's face turned red as a tomatoe, and said "HOLY SHIT MY ASS IS WET!" then she ran striaght to her locker, grab an extra pair of jeans and ran striaght to the washroom. Followed by Ino.

When she got in there was a sea of snobby girls.

Then a girl walked up to her and said "So you are Sakura? I've heard about you, the one who stole Sasuke's first kiss"

With Sasuke:

Sasuke was just wandering around the school lost in his thoughts

'What did I do that upsetted her so much' Sasuke thought to himself.

Well you broke up with her, that's what you did

'But who knows what will happen to Sakura if I didn't! Tsukimi threaten to hurt her'

Yeah but if you loved her then you would protect her

Sasuke stopped in his tracks, his innerself was right, then does he really love Sakura? Does he even deserve to have Sakura as his?


The bell rang which means it was ENGLISH CLASS!!

Sasuke stopped talking to himself and went striaght to english class.

At English class:

Kurenai was checking to see if everyone was here, she looked at her class, There were 4 rows, all three rows were filled. But the last row was had two empty seats.

Kurenai glared that the 2 seats and though 'Sakura, and Ino where are you guys?'

Then suddenly Ino came bursting through the door.

Kurenai glared at Ino and said "And you excuse is...?"

"Ummm...errr...I...uhhh...lost my earring..and umm now I found it hehe" Ino stammered.

Kurenai rasied an eyebrow and then said "Okay, whatever take a seat"

Ino started to walk to one of the seats in the 4th row until Kurenai asked her "Do you know where Sakura is? She is 15 minutes late"

Ino froze and suddenly she remembered


The girl aimed her 3 inched butterfly knife at Sakura's face, she dogded it, but it slide right across the left side of her face leaving a tiny cut on her face.

Sakura glared at the girl and said "What the hell was that for Carley"

The blond haired girl looked at her and said "No girl will ever get away that easliy againsted me, especially if they kissed Sasuke".

Sakura looked at Ino and said "I will be fine, go to class first I can handle this".


"No but's Ino now go, this is between me and her" Sakura said while pushing Ino out the door.

End of Flashback

"Umm...errr, I have no idea" Ino replied then walked to her seat.

Then suddenly Sakura busted through the door.

"Uhhh...sorry Kurenai, I was just...ummm...dealing with some issues" Sakura said and she went to her seat, which is aparently next to Sasuke's.

Kurenai was handing out rubrics for an assignment, but the she realized that she short by 10.

"I'm going to be in the photocopying room, Sasuke I am putting you incharge when I'm gone" Kurenai said and then went out the door.

Sasuke turned to Sakura and then said "Sakura..."

She turned around to see him staring at her and said "Do you need something?"

He wiped the blood on Sakura's face (A/N: casued by the butterfly knife, LOL)

"Who did this to you?"



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