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"Trust me. There's no need to fear. Everyone's here. Waiting for you to finally be one of us."

Three Days Grace "Let You Down."

Hands shaking Sakura pressed a cloth hesitantly to the back of her sensei's head, there wasn't a lot of blood, but there was enough to be worried. Her eyes shifted to Tenten who was wiping the blood from Kikai's face. It had been two hours and still nothing, this was beginning to scare her.


Groaning he attempted to sit up, then he saw someone on the ground, someone almost transparent. Shaking the person looked over at him scowling.


Staring at him she was gripping her stomach and wincing in pain. Kakashi blinked in realization, so she was the one he had rammed into then went through. Maybe she was the presence he was feeling too. Kikai stumbled up and ran toward a door "leave me alone!"

Kakashi jumped up and ran after her "hey wait!" The setting around the area blurred "Kikai! Wait!"

Bursting back into….the hallway…and Kikai was gone. Shit then there was a slight clicking of shoes turning around.


The running girl ran quickly through him damn that's creepy. Turning around he saw this version was oh say four maybe five years ago. Noticing a pack on her back he followed quickly. Leaving the building rain fell around them, there were loud sounds of a fight. Dropping the pack the younger Kikai ran in that direction. Almost running through her as she froze, looking over her he saw the royal guards wrestling with a young man dressed in a robe.. "…YUTORI!!" Jumping a bit as the girl in front of him screamed, then his stomach dropped, so that was Yutori.

A few guards turned toward them "Lady Kikai just walk away.."

Seeming to ignoring the words the younger version ran at them, one of the guards grabbed smacking her across her face. "DON'T TOUCH HER YOU BASTARD!!"

Forgetting about Yutori, Kakashi rose his gaze and noted Yutori's pale blonde hair and Konoha forehead protector.

Yutori tried to pull away "Yutori!" her voice cried out again. Tears mixed on her face with them rain, one of the guards help her tight. But they both pulled against the guards reaching out for each other, for a moment their hands touched but were quickly torn apart.


Kakashi turned his gaze from this pitiful display, no wonder she was so hesitant toward him, so bitter.

"Come down...You may be full of fear. But you'll be safe here."

"Kikai," Kakashi looked up in shock as the calmer male voice broke through the rain, then he realized there was no rain. They were also inside a building…. damn this was confusing.. Then he recognized the room as the chamber he was in earlier. This time it was merely Kikai seated in front of her father.

"Father," her voice help no compassion or even the slightest bit of respect.

"That foreign shinobi….has been executed."

Her face was vapid and bitter, " I see." Standing up she moved toward the door "please excuse me…I have my lessons."

Shuddering at the hostility in the room he felt someone behind him, "Get out."

"I'm always following you right" Kakashi replied as the area around him blurred to a dull gray tone.

"Get out!" He felt a shove at his back and fell forward through the wall. For a moment he thought he saw Kikai and Tenten sitting in front of him, but the image was lost almost instantly…..Now where was he?

"Let me go."

Freezing Kakashi didn't want to look up, he knew what memory this was. "No." Looking up he saw the image of himself and Kikai. A tight knot sank in his stomach as he watched himself reach up and wrap a hand around her neck. "Why do you hide everything, it's annoying, if you're in so much pain…. I could end it all right now.." Kikai's hand shot up, trying to pull his hand off. "I could say it was an assassin.."

She's trying to distract me backing away from this memory

"You see what you did?"

The area around him blurred again, but this time it dripped as blood to the ground. This time he turned around quickly, Kikai glared at him. Something felt different this time.

"Bastard get out!"

Narrowing his eyes at her, he stood a step closer she didn't even flinch. "Another distraction."

Her eyes narrowed at him "what are you talking about?"

Taking a few steps closer "I think I'm beginning to figure this out," reaching out to touch her. His arm went right through 'her.' "Just another distraction, I think that if I touch the real Kikai, it can get us both out of here."

The clone narrowed her eyes and disappeared, "just try and find me!"

"I will let you down. I'll let you down."

Eyes looking around, the memory was back, he could feel them behind him. Where is she? Eyes settling on the tree and the two figures he walked over to them. That's rather unoriginal Kikai…

"Ka-." He watched himself cut her off. Taking a deep breath he touched his other self and felt like he was doused with cold water, he seemed to be engulfed bu the other form.

Opening his eye's it was like reliving it, looking straight into scared, pale brown eyes. The emotion changed to surprise as he pulling down his mask, "found you…" he whispered and kissed her hard, pushing her against the tree. Then it went black, opening one eye hesitantly did it work-..shit.

Kikai was sitting against a wall, after a moment he realized it was the room she stayed in after her father's death.



"How much would you do for me?"

"Anything," he answered without thinking.

"Would you please kill me?"

Freezing his skin crawled, "almost anything," he changed.

Standing up he walked over to her, kneeling down beside her, "why not?"

"Then we'd both die."

"Why…why can't you just leave me alone?!"

"Stupidity probably."

A bitter laugh, "hah probably."

"Come back with me?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"You always have a choice."

"When you finally trust me. Finally believe in me."

"Hah…..you know my father left me a letter…..in it he said… 'Listen to your heart, follow where your soul says you should go, not where rules say you should.' Geeze isn't he an inconsistent guy.."


"Why what?"

"Why are you giving up now?"

"Because I don't think I can do it, I don't think I can kill my uncle, I don't think I can take anyone else betraying me."

Reaching out toward her, "please come back with me.." he stated ignoring her stab at him.

"Well you obviously are determined but there's something I have to tell you…"



There was an obvious change in the atmosphere and Kikai fell forward, Kakashi caught her quickly. His face harder; he stared forward at the wall in front of him.


"Kakashi-sensei what just happened?"

Her last words rung in his head, and he ran it over and over in his mind.

"Are you two alright?"

"I never really believed you could save me, I've just been waiting for you to betray me and let me down. I hate you."

"Never want to come down (Down, let you down) I will let you down."