Artemis Fowl and the Ebony Key

By PinkAngel30

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Chapter 1: The Key

It was a chilly September evening and nothing was stirring that could have disturbed the deadly silence of the little town. Then there was a crunch and a shadow stepped forward out of a cluster of trees that surrounded the town. The shadow walked forward, moving swiftly along the road towards a little cottage hidden in the darkness. No lights were shinning through the small windows of the cottage, no on was awake. The stone walls of the cottage loomed through the dark. A mist had fallen that had not been there a second ago, which made the darkness even more dense than it had been and more ominous. That didn't seem to bother the shadow though, it continued along the path until it reached the door and then it knocked three times on the front door. A light flickered on in one of the upstairs rooms and it was accompanied by the sound of feet as some one came down the stairs. The front door opened and in the doorframe stood an elderly man in his late sixties, wearing a set of blue and white striped pyjamas.

The old man rubbed his eyes then looked up into the face of his visitor and almost collapsed in shock. His visitor strode past him into his house without an invitation and closed the door. The person walked into the living room and pulled off the cloak it was wearing. The person gazed around the room for a few moments, taking in its odd appearance. The walls were covered in shelves and cupboards, which were full with odd artefacts like skulls and weird mystical objects and talismans. His visitor turned and gave the old man a small smile. The visitor was a woman who could not have been older than nineteen. She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair that was streaked with purple, golden-brown eyes and rosy cheeks. Her ears were pierced and hanging from them were skulls and she had black lipstick and eye shadow on which gave her an odd look. The make-up did not go well with her natural looks but she was still pretty. Underneath the cloak she had been wearing was a black T-shirt with white writing, which read Darkness Rules the World and black denim trousers.

'What are you doing here?' the old man asked her rather rudely in barely more than a whisper.

'Can't I come and visit my grandfather once in a while?' said the woman with a smirk.

The old man laughed. 'That would be the last reason you would be here. You know you are not welcome here Alicia, leave now and do not return. You have shamed the family's honour. Get out.' As the old man said those words, the woman screeched with fury.

'How dare you speak that name in my presence, that is not me anymore, my name is now Althuna Cutriana and you should do well to remember it else I will have to make you remember it,' she roared at the old man who cowered as her voice rang out around the room.

'It will never matter to me who you are now, but who you were, and that was Alicia Thomson. Now why are you really here?' said the woman's grandfather stubbornly.

'Fine,' she hissed. 'Where is the key?'

'What key?' asked the man innocently.

'What key?' she mimicked, 'Do not play games with me. I do not have the time or the patience. The Ebony Key, as you very well know.' She spat at him when he continued to look puzzlingly at her.

'I do not know of any Ebony Key but if I do, I will let you know.' The man said which only infuriated the woman more. She leapt at him. Grabbing him by the throat, she lifted him off his feet. He began to splutter as his oxygen ran out and she leered at him. She seemed to gain satisfaction as he choked in her grasp and his eyes rolled back into his head.

'I will ask you one more time. Where is the Ebony Key?' she hissed in his ear.

'I - don't - know,' he gasped. She bared her teeth and flung him away from her. He landed in a heap on the floor ten feet from her and as he made to get up, she walked over to him and punched him in the face.

'I have lost my patience with you,' she screeched as he spat blood on the floor. 'Now I will not spare your life. Either you will die quickly and not as painfully or you will die slowly and with a lot of pain, depending on whether you tell me what I want to know. Now, for the final time, where is the Ebony Key?'

'I won't tell you anything!' he replied as her face changed colour to beetroot red. He stood up straight and faced her, waiting for the impending pain. It came in a blast of red sparks. Althuna had closed her eyes and when she opened them again, her pupils had turned blood red. She clenched her fists as red sparks played about her fingers and aimed her palms at the old man's chest. The sparks shot at the man and hit him squarely in the chest. As they hit him, his body started to convulse as if he had been hit by electricity. Her grandfather was thrown backwards and he crashed into one of the walls. He groaned with pain as he fell face forward onto the carpet and moved no more.

'Pity, you could have joined me rather than choose death, ah well, it's your loss,' Althuna said with a small smirk. She didn't show any signs of remorse that she had just murdered her grandfather. She turned her back on his body and started raiding the draws and cupboards, looking for the Ebony Key. Soon the room was littered with things that she had pulled out of draws and cupboards like some of the artefacts the man had collected. The collection of skulls he had were now laying smashed on the floor and talismans were left abandoned on the carpet. She stopped rummaging through his things, turned and started to walk up the stairs. As she reached the landing, a door opened to her right and an old woman stepped out.

'Who was that de…?' The lady broke off as she realised that Althuna was not her husband. 'Where is my husband?'

'He's taking a nap,' said Althuna with a malicious grin. The woman considered what Althuna had said for a moment and looked up into Althuna's eyes, which were still a blood red colour. The old woman then rushed back into the room she had come out of and tried to shut the door behind her but she was not fast enough. Althuna grabbed the door and shoved it open as the old woman backed away from her. The woman started to scream but Althuna silenced her by blasting her into the wall with the same red sparks she had used on her grandfather. The old lady was dead even before she hit the floor.

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