" I have an ambition that I have no intention of leaving just as a dream... " -- Sasuke from naruto -

Rose paced her room, an all too familiar room. Somehow it seemed like it was just yesterday that her and Kat were in here thinking of a way to escape the same artistic walls. She chuckled to herself. yes, she had lost one too many people in her life, that including her family and her two best friends. Rose wondered how Kat and Morgan would fair if fate ever let them meet. At once she knew that it probably wouldn't go over very well, but deep down she wished that maybe if they did meet, things would change. Smiling lightly to herself she plopped down on the bed, and she still wasn't used to this kind of power, I mean, she did toss Dracula across the room like he was a rag doll that didn't seem to talk back to you.

It was so lonely for her, just like before when she started out with this crazy adventure of hers, not with Dracula, but with the murder of her family. It had been ages ago and since then if her family could see her face to face they wouldn't recognize her. Rose had changed from that happy little girl to an angry avenger, someone who would stop at nothing. She sighed at the thought that over the years...she was just as bad as a vampire, as vicious and as bloodthirsty, Rose didn't want to admit it.

She sighed heavily once again, her hand around her lower torso, tapping at her clothes, feeling every inch of her fingers lightly tap her. Rose glanced up at the ceiling, little golden cherubs with small white clouds dancing around their feet, she knew it was just a simple cover up for all things cruel in this world. Nothing was as effortless. As she closed her eyes, she heard a sharp clicking sound. Even though her eyes were still closed, she could sense a presence that felt hatred toward her. Looking up, there was the bride, clinging to the ceiling angrily like a slightly frightened cat, only upside down.

"You..." she hissed as she came colliding down to the floor, her gracefulness vanishing before Rose's very eyes.

"Are you threatened by me?" Rose inquired, eyes closed.

Cassandra growled and her voice cracked as she spoke, "Don't mock me with your eyes still closed. Why would I be threatened by you? The master would never..."

She was cut off by, "You're lying right through your fangs you know? Master this, master that...Don't you ever tire of it? I mean...when have you ever taken control?" Rose said as she slowly rose from the bed, an unearthly color coming to her eyes making Cassandra shiver.

"The master is kind to me...he would never..."

"He would throw you away like a piece of trash. He'll keep you only for his needs, but then he could always get another one to fill in your place while you watch him give all his attention to her. Your master has nothing to give you...you have something to give him, he just won't admit it."

"Lies! All lies! You're just like him, you know that. Wanting revenge and killing others. I was the only one to never really want to kill someone. You're right he might have gotten others and given them more attention at times, but what do you expect from a man? You're a monster, a true bloody monster!"

"Then what does that make you? A coward, a freak, a monster yourself? Certainly not a human. You think that your as saintly as God himself by not wanting to kill others...you're a vampire one in the same."

"Look at you! You're one of us, you should be holding your tongue if you think that you're still human."

"I AM! I might be one of you and have the same things and powers as you do, but I am still a human, deep down in my soul I know I am, if not for you killing her I wouldn't be like you." Rose became utterly, to the highest maximum of pure angry hatred.

Cassandra backed away slowly, her undead heart beating for the first time in centuries in fear at what was before her. Cassandra knew drastic measures were to be taken, but she knew the master would be very unhappy with her, but she had to do it. She lunged at Rose, who grabbed her hand, slowly making her kneel on the floor.

"Do you really wish for me to kill you?"

"I won't let you get away with this. Dracula will kill you, even if you are stronger than I, it isn't enough," Cassandra sadly laughed.

"I tell you a little secret of mine, if you already hadn't figured it out," Rose whispered in her ear smirking, "I've been planning to kill every single last one of you bastards. Did you honestly think that once I was a vampire, I would become your ally? Fool..death will come to you more painful then you think."

With that Cassandra gasped as indescribable pain filled her body, she couldn't explain it. Rose hadn't moved her face or an inch since she had just spoken. The brie knew it was all over, she felt that her master would suffer a fate worse than hers.


Once again Dracula found himself in a pile of unwanted papers. He had thought it over of getting a secretary or something to take care of all that crap. As he sat there, fiddling with his fingers, Dracula couldn't help but feel something totally wrong. It felt like fire melting him to the core, painfully might I add, and he couldn't bare it. Grasping his side, he tried not to fall forward in agony, and slowly the pain was moving up to his head, to his brain cells.


After it slowly began to subside, he quickly jumped up and tried to make his way toward the door. Why do I feel so helpless? What's happening? Why don't I know?!

"Well, Dracula...Is...Something the matter?"

He knew that voice all too well. Turning to his left, there she stood. Rose was sitting in HIS chair, he couldn't believe it. "What are you doing...sitting in my chair at this hour?" Rose lightly laughed to herself, a smirk playing upon her lips, and Dracula couldn't resist the urge to kiss those fiery crimson lips. He couldn't stop breathing heavily, he couldn't stand it, the feeling of oxygen coursing through his body, it had been centuries since he needed to do that.

"You killed her didn't you? Why...? I took you in my home...and you do this to me?"

"Did you honestly think that I would come here and give my allegiance to you?" she scoffed and then continued, "You're an even bigger idiot than I thought." Dracula gritted his teeth and to no avail as to trying to make her stop smirking, all she did was slowly walk up to him, the same smirk plastered on her face.

"Oh Dracula, darling, did you really think I would give myself to you? The one who ruined every single minute of my life, though you weren't in it in the beginning. I feel pity for you, to actually think you could actually love someone."

Dracula stood there dumbfounded, his eyes twinkling into the darkness as the fire behind him slowly smothered under Rose's gaze. He couldn't believe that she knew, all this time...she knew exactly how he felt, and it broke him into pieces inside. That was what really got him pissed, making him dive right for her neck.

As his nails dug into her neck, blood slowly pouring out, Dracula hissed, "How dare you even think like that you putrid..."

Before he could finish, she had thrown him against the wall again, but this time his arm was ripped from it's sockets. he stared at her in rage and shock. She had done something no one had ever done as she said, "I've been waiting for this moment...so long has it taken me to finally get my revenge. It's finally come to this...and I plan to destroy you. I don't care if I die in the process, I'm taking you to hell with me!"

Dracula let it come to him, the pain, the death, the heart ache. What really got to him was to finally know what she wanted in life, what she always wanted. He could see himself in her at so many times when they met, and he always felt like they were one in the same. Tow people just meant to be, and he tried to win her over, tried so damn hard in his own way. But in the end it doesn't even matter to him anymore, he lost her once she said revenge because he knew that when he wanted revenge against his own best friend, nothing ever seemed to fill him again. Death finally consumed him...as his heart slowly broke into tiny pieces when he saw her walk away as he died, feeling that same fire he felt centuries ago.

Le Fin...

or is it?????

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