Author's Notes

Hello, everyone! Did you all think I'd died? Man, I did for a while. Anyway, this is my latest story. It's actually one that has been evolving in my mind for some time. I originally posted it on my profile page as "Inconveniently in Love with You", but changed my mind as the story developed. So here it is. And yes, it is yet another Inuyasha/Kagome romance, though I hope to have plenty of mystery, drama, and suspense as well. I'm always looking to try and explore new ways of writing stories, so I hope this one turns out alright. I hope to have another chapter posted within the week. Blessings!


Title: Strictly Off the Record

Author: dolphingirl0113

Chapter I

Rating: PG-13 (for language and at times implied sexual situations)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.


The little bell hanging from the door chimed daintily, announcing the arrival of another customer for the quaint little bookstore sandwiched between two other trendy boutiques along the infamous fifth avenue in New York City. It wasn't a large store as booksellers went, but it was still large enough to have two levels, the second floor visible from the first when one gazed up an antique spiral staircase carved out of carefully polished wood stained a deep red, and the setup was beautifully old-fashioned with books lining the walls tucked away in shelves that matched the wood of the staircase, ladders swinging along the bookcases to provide help for customers to reach the higher shelves on both floors.

Windows lined the entire front of the store, outlined by antique white-velvet drapes pulled back and clasped by golden ropes tied into perfect bows, and just to the left of the door sat a heavy and ornately carved desk stained to match the rest of the store, the modern cash register, credit card machine, and filing cabinets seeming slightly out of place on top of it.

Sitting behind the desk in an equally antique chair, her legs crossed, was a young woman with long brown hair twisted atop her head before falling freely down her back in a thick mass of loose curls. Flipping through a magazine, she flicked her gaze toward the door as she heard the bell, and her glossy lips twitched into a slight smile while her eyes, which were subtly tinged with pink eye shadow, sparkled.

The customer, a handsome man with broad shoulders and jet-black hair that was clasped as usual into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck, turned and grinned back at the woman in response. "Hey Sango! I didn't know you'd be working here today!"

The woman returned her magazine to where it belonged on the stand next to the checkout counter as she replied. "I never work here, Miroku; I just like to waste my life away helping Kagome when I'm not running my own business."

He chuckled and sauntered up to the counter in a way that always caused Sango's heart to pound, though she hid it well enough with a haughty stare that said she would not be like every other woman he knew and fall for his deep, violet eyes and sexy physique.

"So where is Kagome?" Miroku finally asked as he reached the checkout counter and placed a hand on the hard wooden surface.

"In the back unloading the latest shipment for the store, why?"

"I have the magazines she ordered."

Sango gave him a withering stare. "And do you make personal deliveries to all of Reality Check's other subscribers as well, or are we just special?"

He winked. "You know why I come by every week."

She blushed. "And the answer's still no, Miroku."

"We'll see about that, dear Sango. We'll see."

It was a dance they'd been doing for the last two years, ever since Sango and her best friend Kagome had met Miroku, a writer for Reality Check magazine, while jogging through Central Park. It hadn't been the most graceful introduction, with Kagome tripping over Miroku's foot where he was eating lunch on a park bench only to have him unceremoniously plant his hand on her lower backside without permission...but once everything was sorted out (including Sango apologizing after she gave Miroku a swift kick to his groin in defense of her friend) they had become fast friends, and ever since the man rarely missed coming by each week to drop off the new issue of the magazine personally.

In that time both women had figured out that Miroku, while harmless, had a weakness for beautiful women, and a wandering hand that all too often found itself on offended parts of the female anatomy. It had been harmless enough until Miroku had turned his flirtatious eye on Sango, because the woman had found to her utter horror that she responded by becoming very attracted to him as well. So now each time he came to the store it was a battle of wits as she tried to keep her true feelings masked, knowing she'd rather die than tell him how she felt.

But it was certainly difficult when he looked at her like that...

"Hey Miroku! When did you get here?"

Sango breathed a heavy sigh of relief when the man in question looked away and instead focused those dangerously beautiful eyes of his on Kagome, her best friend and the owner of the bookstore. Unlike her, Kagome was not attracted to Miroku, and as such had no qualms about responding flatly to any of his flirtatious suggestions.

"Just a few minutes ago." He smiled warmly. "I have your weekly box of Reality Check, hot off the press, just the way you like it."

Kagome chuckled at his choice of words before shaking her head and moving forward to collect the large cardboard box sitting at his feet. "I assume this is it?"

"Of course."

Laughing, she hefted the box into her arms and grunted under its weight. "It's what I love about Fridays," she commented to Sango. "All the deliveries." The brunette just chuckled in response and moved around the counter.

"Let me take it for you, Kagome. You've been lugging boxes around all morning and are going to ruin your new white blouse."

Glancing down (or at least attempting with the box practically wedged against her nose), Kagome laughed again before shrugging and setting the box on the counter for Sango to retrieve. "It's already ruined anyway, but thanks, Sango. My arms could use a break."

"No problem." She smiled and efficiently cut open the lid with a box cutter, whipping out one bound stack of magazines before taking the rest in her arms. "You may as well put those out now and get rid of last week's issue."

"Right." Kagome reached down and plucked the two remaining issues from their place in front of the checkout counter before replacing them with the new issue for the week to come. Waving the two old magazines at Miroku, she grinned. "Congratulations, Miroku; once again your magazine sold almost all of its issues, and beat the competition by a mile." She indicated the other magazines on display, many of which she knew had their last bound stack still hidden in the back. It was amazing to her how popular Reality Check was, considering it had reached the top of the food chain almost four years ago and had not moved ever since. That was unheard of in the media business, where the news, fashion, and popularity were ever-changing.

Miroku grinned like a boy who knew the secrets of the universe. "Did you expect anything else?" He challenged.

Kagome shrugged. "I didn't give it much thought either way. I prefer books to magazines any day, but selling the magazines is an easy way to appease some of my sponsors."

"You mean you never read my magazine?"

Kagome laughed. "It's not just your magazine, Miroku."

He pouted. "I'm a crucial component of its success, Kagome."

"You're the Entertainment Critic."

"And people rely heavily on my reviews to decide which movie, opera, ballet, or Broadway show to see."

She just laughed again and shook her head, her long ebony hair falling over her shoulders as she leaned forward to snatch up a folded section of the newspaper hidden behind the counter. "Speaking of your magazine, Miroku, I noticed that Reality Check received some publicity in the New York Times last week." Kagome efficiently unfolded the newspaper and indicated an article circled in red ink. "Explain this to me. I'm curious to know how accurate the reporter was in his story."

Miroku grimaced and looked away without even glancing at the article in question, already knowing which one it was. "It's true, unfortunately. All of it."

Kagome blinked and turned to look at the article herself. "Really?" She hadn't been expecting that answer. She'd figured there would have maybe been a shred of truth in an otherwise overdone usual. "So how is your boss handling it then?"

"Sesshoumaru's just taking it all in stride, like he does everything." Miroku shrugged. "Though I'm sure behind those cold eyes of his he's livid. Actually, I know he's livid. He's been scowling nonstop for the past two weeks, and since it happened he hasn't let his brother anywhere near an important story."

Kagome whistled in appreciation of that statement. "That's certainly saying something. Inuyasha is just about the best reporter in the country, if not one of the best in the world. It hurts not just him but the magazine as well if he's not allowed to write his usual stories."

"Yeah, but it had to be done. Inuyasha's my best friend, but even I realize the horrendous mistake he made." Without thinking, Miroku took the Times' article in his hand and skimmed the headline.


Inuyasha Yamamoto, recently named one of the 50 most eligible bachelors in the United States and one of the youngest stars in the world of cutting-edge journalism, was recently found guilty of handing in false information for his latest story meant to expose secrets of the senate in D.C. Until recently it has been a highly anticipated story that was already pursued by network television to be turned into a documentary.

But the first piece of the story, which was published just two weeks ago in Reality Check magazine, was quickly attacked by the senators in question for producing false information, and their accusations were upheld in court as truth after Yamamoto admitted to failing to check his sources on some of his facts. "It's the first time I trusted a middleman to do some of my research," he stated as he left the courthouse, "And I won't make that mistake again."

Though that should have been the end of it, just two days after his court appearance, it came to light that Yamamoto had been spending much of his time for the last few months with a prostitute who shall remain anonymous. Questions have thus been raised about his competency as a journalist, and has also cast an unfavorable light for the first time on Reality Check magazine.

"Inuyasha was foolish in his choices, and shall be dealt with accordingly," Sesshoumaru Yamamoto, older half-brother and owner of the magazine, stated when questioned. "I want it understood that the actions of one foolish young man does not change Reality Check's views on integrity and honesty." When asked if he would be discreet in his handling of the situation due to his relationship with Yamamoto, Sesshoumaru merely had this to say: "If anything the punishment will be more severe. Inuyasha will be lucky to write for Reality Check magazine again any time in the near future."

As of yet no further information has come to light, and Yamamoto's fate remains as of yet unclear and undecided. Sesshoumaru made no statement about plans to fire his younger brother, but did make it clear that there would be repercussions for his actions.

And as for Yamamoto himself, he appears untroubled by the potential ruin of his once-bright future as a reporter. "I apologize to those who were injured in my failure to check my sources, but I will not apologize for the company I kept. That is my business, and mine alone."

Shaking his head, Miroku folded up the newspaper once more, feeling a wince on his face on behalf of his unrepentant friend. Of course, he knew that Inuyasha had not been with the prostitute for anything other than information on a private matter he was reluctant to tell the general public about...but even so, it didn't look good for anyone, let alone someone as high profile as Inuyasha, to be found slumming around on the streets and in dirty hotel rooms with prostitutes twice his age.

"You're awfully quiet," Kagome finally stated after returning from guiding one of her customers over to the romance section of the store on the second floor.

Miroku just shook his head and put the article back on the counter before standing up. "I guess I should be grateful that at least Reality Check is still selling like it always has in spite of everything."

Kagome laughed and crossed her arms over her chest, leaning against the side of the ornate counter as she tossed her long ebony ponytail over her shoulder. She was a beautiful woman...stunning, really. A pale, heart-shaped face framed by a wealth of dark hair and accented by large, round, innocently fascinating cobalt blue eyes. And her figure wasn't too bad either, currently displayed in a pair of black slacks and a white blouse that accented her trim waist.

In any other life, Miroku knew, he would have been pursuing Kagome all over the world for her beauty and charm. But there was just something about her that had caused him to actually want her as a friend, and not just a conquest. She was too good for him, and anyway, Sango was the one he had any interest for.

"I should think scandal would sell more magazines, not less," Kagome's voice broke through his thoughts. "That's what the public enjoys reading, after all; anything to make their own lives seem a little less boring and a little more important."

"When did you become such a cynic?"

She shrugged. "I haven't. I'm just stating a fact. And I can be as big a gossip as anybody if given the chance, so in all honesty I'm not passing judgment either."

Miroku smiled at his friend and moved away from the counter. "Well, I'd better be going. Things to do, after all."

He embraced her affectionately, though Kagome grabbed his hand before it could wander as she hugged him back. "Don't work too hard, Miroku."

"And don't be such a stranger," Sango called as she appeared once more. "You didn't come by at all last week."

Grinning rakishly, his violet eyes flashing possessively as he looked her up and down, Miroku took a step toward the brunette. "I didn't know you missed me that much, my dear Sango."

Instantly realizing her mistake, Sango backtracked and retreated safely behind the desk before Miroku could pull her into his arms. Every time he did that she forgot who she was and why exactly she refused to get involved with him. "I never said that," she replied defiantly, though her legs were trembling from the way he was looking at her.

He chuckled and turned to leave, the bell chiming again as he disappeared once more back onto the crowded streets of New York City.


"You want me to do what?"

"I think it's rather simple, Inuyasha. All you have to do is..." Sesshoumaru fell silent and glared in disapproval as his no good half-brother slammed a copy of Reality Check magazine onto his mahogany desk, rattling his numerous paperweights and leaving Natalie Portman to smile up at them both from a severely wrinkled front cover. The expensive (and expansive) office fell eerily quiet after that for several moments, in which time Sesshoumaru feigned laziness as he leaned back and folded his arms over his muscular chest while observing the man before him.

After a time he felt like speaking again. "Are you finished having your tantrum, little brother?"

Inuyasha winced at the word 'little' and actually allowed a growl to escape in response, not giving a damn who might hear and ask questions later. "Find some other fool to do this stupid project, Sesshoumaru, because I'm not doing it!"

"The fool I've chosen is you, Inuyasha, whether you like it or not."

"I'm not a columnist, damn it!" Inuyasha began to pace, gesturing rudely every so often in his brother's direction. "I'm a news reporter...a journalist with integrity. I don't just sit on my ass all day and wonder out loud about the problems of the world before writing it down in some cute little article that gets printed in the corner of some newspaper once a week."

Sesshoumaru quirked an eyebrow at that. "Need I remind you that Reality Check is one of the most-read magazines in America, and not just some newspaper Inuyasha? And I would never publish your name alongside some cute little article anyway. No one would buy it...unless it was in a dog magazine You do have a certain canine appeal."

"Don't pull that smart-ass crap with me, Sesshoumaru."

"I'm merely stating a fact."

Inuyasha decided to let the obvious attack on his dog ears go for more pressing matters. "So why me?"

"Because you are on probation of sorts, and need to prove yourself to be responsible again before I'll let you back out to cover some of the more critical stories." Seeing that he wasn't getting his point across, Sesshoumaru pulled the ultimate trump card. "And considering what you did, Inuyasha, you're lucky I didn't just fire you weeks ago." His golden eyes narrowed. "You owe me."

At that Inuyasha froze and clenched his fists tight enough to draw blood, wincing at the reference to his mistake and knowing his brother was right (though he'd never admit to that out loud). Actually, simply calling it a mistake was the biggest understatement of the year. It had been a genuinely fucked up oversight on his part, albeit the first one he'd made since...

He shook his head. He didn't want to go there.

Never having been one to take anything lying down, Inuyasha still managed to glare even though his temper subsided a little. "I think you're enjoying this a little too much."

Sesshoumaru eyed him in an offhanded manner. "Oh, you mean the fact that I finally have something to keep your arrogant butt in line for more than a few days?" His smirk held no ounce of brotherly affection. "You bet your life I'm enjoying this."

"Yeah, well fuck you then!"

"No thanks, Inuyasha; I already have a wife." Glancing up, he added, "And you'd better leave her out of this."

Inuyasha felt the wind leave his sails as Sesshoumaru yet again read the next insult on the tip of his tongue. It was one of the downsides of having known each other for the last five hundred years...they knew each other a little too well. Or, at least, Sesshoumaru knew Inuyasha too well.

Inuyasha had decided his brother was an enigma he'd never quite figure out completely.

Keh. Not that he wanted to.

"So who am I supposed to be 'dating', anyway?" The question sounded ludicrous, especially to the overly sensitive ears of a man who'd sworn off serious relationships forever after a bad experience left him more than had left him devastated.

Still, as Sesshoumaru had so tactfully reminded him, Inuyasha didn't have much of a choice. He was in the dog house (though his canine attributes were grateful that was only in the figurative sense) and would have to do some serious slave work before he was back on steady ground again.

"That is yet to be determined." Sesshoumaru became all business once more, his eyes clearing of their personal anger to be replaced by the steely glint that had pulled him to the top of the American media empire as manager of the hottest new magazine to sweep the states: Reality Check magazine.

It was a unique idea he and his first wife had planned together almost sixty years ago when journalism was just beginning to earn its place in the world; a magazine that combined serious journalism on up-to-the-moment issues with the usual fanciful commentaries and columns that provided juicy gossip and scandal on celebrities. As a result the pool of readers was massive, and the magazine held a pristine reputation for honesty and integrity that drew some of the wealthiest citizens of the United States into its shadow.

Or at least it had...until Inuyasha successfully threw a large black spot on the magazine's perfect record, hence the reason he now stood before his brother with no way out except over the undesirable mountain that had been placed before him.

"So you want me to go out and find some chick, is that it?"

"Not exactly." Sesshoumaru pushed a button that caused a buzz on the other side of a pair of large double mahogany doors, and in another moment one of them opened to reveal Inuyasha's long-time friend Miroku strolling into the business giant's office as though he owned the world.

"You rang?" Miroku inquired casually, the only human Inuyasha knew who wasn't intimidated by his brother.

But before Sesshoumaru could respond Inuyasha beat him to it. "What are you doing here Miroku? Do you have something to do with this?" He cracked his knuckles in a less-than-subtle hint that if that were the case he would not be happy.


"Miroku will be selecting your...lets call her a conquest...for you Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru leaned back once more in his high-backed black leather chair He's perfect for the job for two reasons: one, he has plenty of female friends to choose from, and two, he knows your character better than you do and will thus be equipped to choose the perfect woman for the assignment."

"What do you mean by the perfect woman, Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha wanted to throw himself out the window. This job was getting worse all the time!

"I mean the woman who will actually resist your pathetic attempts at charm and make you work hard to gain her affection." He smirked, and this time there was genuine laughter in his eyes, though it was subtle. "I want you to be with a woman who isn't going to fall all over herself simply because you're a famous journalist and could give her a big break in the business."

"Keh!" Inuyasha folded his arms in a way that mirrored his brother before snorting indignantly. "There is no such woman! They all want easy fame and fortune deep down, and you know it."

Miroku blinked. "Well that's rather cynical of you, Inuyasha. I know plenty of nice women."

"And how would you know, Miroku? It's not like you're loaded with cash!"

"Gee, thanks, old friend." The dark-haired man rolled his eyes, though he'd known Inuyasha far too long to be offended any more by his curt remarks. Even if they did sting occasionally, they were never untrue.

Sesshoumaru continued as if neither of the men had spoken. "I have given Miroku two days to find you a woman to pursue, and then you devote all of your time to courting her, Inuyasha. Your first column will be due next Thursday to go into the magazine for Friday."

"Are you kidding me?"

"As you have pointed out several times, I have no sense of humor, little brother." He narrowed his eyes. "And the final requirement is that you will publish this column under a false name."

"What? So I don't even get credit for this?"

"Plus you will not mention the woman's name in the article either, for various reasons, not the least of them being legal repercussions if you openly violate her privacy."

Inuyasha felt like pouting for the first time in decades. He could hardly believe his rotten luck. Not only had his name and the name of his family's newspaper been forever smudged, but he would now have to write a stupid column about love and relationships (two things he wanted absolutely nothing to do with!)...and he wouldn't even get credit for it!

His life officially sucked...big time.

Training his harsh amber eyes (which had been fawned over by many women after he was named one of America's top fifty hottest bachelors) on Miroku, Inuyasha wondered how guilty he'd feel later if he strangled his best friend. Sighing, he decided it wasn't worth the energy, and instead narrowed his gaze dangerously. "You'd better pick someone who's at least tolerable."

Miroku threw his head back and laughed. "My friend, I don't think any woman would be tolerable to you since you drive them all crazy within a few days. Besides, the whole point of this assignment is to find someone who will make life miserable for you."

"Great, then I'll make it easy for you. Just find the first high-maintenance woman on the street. Better yet, just find any woman on the street. Women always drive me crazy."

Sesshoumaru, who had remained silent in his chair, took the opportunity to add his opinion. "As if I would make this easy for you, little brother. This is as much a punishment for you as it is a benefit for the magazine, and if Miroku simply chose one of those shallow women for the job, you would be able to write her off and do your job without any attachment." He narrowed his eyes and growled in warning when Inuyasha whirled around to add his opinion, noting the way his brother habitually went silent in response to let him finish. "I've instructed Miroku to find a woman who is intelligent and quick with her words, and also someone who won't let you get the better of her. Remember...this is supposed to be hard for you."

Inuyasha growled. "I really hate you right now."

"And that is old news, Inuyasha."



While the two brothers continued to glare, Miroku stood off to one side, his brain already flipping through the face of every woman he'd ever met long enough to become acquainted with (and he wasn't ashamed to admit that the list was surprisingly long). Unfortunately, most of them wouldn't last two days with Inuyasha's foul temper and cynicism, and while Sesshoumaru wanted everything to be challenging, since it would be a secret from the woman in question there would have to be at least enough attraction on both sides to keep the woman interested long enough to write the column.

But who could possibly keep up with Inuyasha?

One by one the women on his list were mentally scratched off. They were too delicate, too fragile, too shallow, too deep, too beautiful, not smart enough, not quick-witted enough...the list went on.

Something vibrated in his left pocket, and Miroku pulled out his cell phone while the brothers continued fighting in the background (or at least Inuyasha yelled while Sesshoumaru listened in stony silence). He couldn't answer it, but saw, with some surprise, that it was Kagome on the other end. She'd only ever called him on a Friday because of a mix-up with her was something wrong?

Who knew? He'd have to call her back later and find out. Or maybe he could use it as an excuse to swing back by the little bookstore and see if Sango was still there.

But for now he simply tucked the phone back into his pocket once it stopped vibrating. He had other problems, like finding a poor, unsuspecting conquest for Inuyasha to court and then put into a weekly column for the whole nation to see.

And then, suddenly, as though struck by lightening Miroku felt his entire body go rigid and his brain freeze as visions of Kagome's long ebony hair and deep cobalt-blue eyes danced in his head. He recalled all of the fierce arguments the two of them had shared, and the way he had, on more than one occasion, told her she was like a female version of Inuyasha with her frightening temper.

That was it!

Kagome Higurashi was perfect!

Not only would she be able to keep pace with Inuyasha in wits and arguments, she was also interested in writing, so they would at least have something to talk about for the first few weeks. And besides all of that, Kagome was anything but shallow or narrow-minded and thus would not judge Inuyasha for what he was, but rather, Miroku knew the woman would reserve judgement for who he was.

Thrilled and proud of himself, Miroku burst out in congratulatory laughter, causing the brothers before him to stop what they were doing and turn to look at him, Inuyasha with a fierce glare while Sesshoumaru just looked bored.

"What the hell is so funny, Miroku?"

Ignoring his friend, Miroku instead looked at Sesshoumaru. "Sir, I think I have the perfect candidate for Inuyasha's assignment."

The demon arched an eyebrow slightly. "So quickly?"

"Believe me, she's perfect."

"Very well. In the area of women I would certainly place more trust in you than most." It wasn't meant to be a condescending remark, so Miroku took no offense to the statement on his personal life.

"Now hold on a damn minute! Don't I get a say in any of this?" Inuyasha railed. "Don't I get to at least meet the woman before we decide?"

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. "No. And if you want your old career back when this is over, then I suggest you stop arguing with me, Inuyasha."

"You really are a bastard."

"As are you. And you will meet this woman tomorrow. I expect your first column on my desk next Thursday." And with that Sesshoumaru dismissed both men before him without even so much as a glace as he turned his chair around to face out the windows overlooking New York City.

With a growl and a string of curses, Inuyasha spun on his heel and stormed out while Miroku didn't even try to keep up behind him. He already had other things on his mind as he pulled out his cell phone while also stepping into his own small office space where he would have some privacy. Hitting the redial button, he sat down in his chair and leaned back while he waited for an answer.

"Higurashi Book Store, Kagome speaking, and how may I help you?" a female's voice chimed on the other end.

Miroku grinned. "Kagome, it's me."

"Miroku!" Her voice immediately took on a hostile tone. "For your information, half the magazines in that box got wet and were ruined! You'd better be back with more, free of charge, by the end of the day, do you hear me?"

"Sure." He didn't care about magazines at that moment. He already had visions of Inuyasha and Kagome together dancing around in his brain.

"Are you even listening to me? You sound distracted."

Perceptive as always, he thought with a smirk. Inuyasha didn't stand a chance. This woman would be able to read him like an open book within a week. "I'm fine...but I have a surprise for you."

"Oh?" Curious by nature, Kagome's voice held a certain twist of sudden excitement.

"How would you like to meet the man you said earlier today is one of the greatest reporters in the world today?"

There was a long pause on the other end, and Miroku heard Kagome helping some new customer in the direction of the travel section, but then she was back on the phone the moment they'd gone. "Are you serious?" She hissed in excitement. "Inuyasha? Here? Tomorrow?"

Miroku laughed. "Yeah...well due to current events he's a little free on time and I thought I'd bring him by at some point."

"That would be so cool, Miroku! I would love you forever!"

"Could you by any chance channel that grateful energy in Sango's direction?"

Kagome's beautiful laughter floated through the receiver. "Miroku, you know she's crazy about you. She's just stubborn."

"And I'm not exactly patient, Kagome."

"We'll keep working on it, I promise."

"I'll hold you to that."

She laughed again. "Well I'd better get back to work. Two more shipments still have to arrive today, and the store is filling up."

"Alright. I'll try and come by later today with new magazines."

"Thanks, Miroku. Sorry for biting your head off. It's just been one of those days."

He grinned, though she couldn't see it, his eyes softening affectionately. "Kagome, you're always biting my head off. Around you I figure I'm learning what it would have been like to have a nagging younger sister."

"I don't nag."

"I'll talk to you later."

She sighed. "Fine. Bye, Miroku." And with a final click, she was gone and he was once more in his office alone, his brain going crazy making plans for his best friend to meet one of the most important women in his life. He probably should have felt guilty about what he was about to do to Kagome...but he didn't. Frankly, the one he felt guilty for was Inuyasha.

Miroku laughed heartily.

He'd asked himself earlier what woman on earth could possibly keep up with Inuyasha...but now he was realizing the real question was probably going to be: how on earth could Inuyasha possibly keep up with Kagome?

It would certainly be fun finding the answer.