The six are like my idols, what I could aspire to be: strong and perfect and driven. My body freezes on its own inadequacy; it's almost like stage fright.

But, when I play the fool, when I immerse myself into carnivals and clowns, I have my own place. I bring sounds and flashing colored lights to this dream of eternal winter. I shatter the silence we all share. They hate me for it, they love me for it.

I don't do it for them though. I do it for you, with your eyes deeper than the sea and no one can see themselves in your eyes. They go swirling, swirling down into the blue, blue, blue, drowning on the tide that comes rolling, rolling in.

I know no luxury of knowing what your eyes read.

I know a million ways to run away from you; to retreat, but I can't pick out what you're feeling from your eyes, because all I find is the endless sea, oblivion: cold and terrible. I can't run away again, not from you. Not from you.

Though, I know it's never been love in your eyes. You've never given your love to me.

I know, I know…I know…

That's why…when you say you're leaving, I tell you to go. It's not out of spite; I just know what's right.

So, my bad luck blue eyes? Goodbye.

I know it was never love in your eyes, but sometimes my memory only sees what it wants to believe. Our time, that was in-between days and nights, when you were mine…I touched you and you were like ice and your eyes…it didn't feel real, but it was.

Thinking about it, about you, wanting you back; it's such a simple suicide; poisoning myself on you. This is my second chance, my chance to let you go, to stop thinking I love you, leave temptation, and find my heart, it's floating, waiting for me.

I don't want to try. I don't want to run away from you.

You'd never understand. You've never loved. I know you never loved.

But maybe you can understand that…I need your helping hand.

You always were bad luck, blue eyes. Goodbye.

You tell me I have no heart and you still believe it as I die. What? Do you think you've seen it all? Is that a fact? You make me laugh.

You don't understand…you've never loved without a heart.

And, you know, I don't trust anyone who doesn't take his own advice.

So, here's my last dance, for you, the boy with the eyes like the sea and the sky. This thing you've become…he's bad luck too.

I can tell you all the things that have never been in your eyes.

You were the thirteenth, and now you'll be the last.

Bad luck blue eyes, here's my final goodbye.

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